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8 serious hollywood scenes that look hilarious with no cgi

while the rest of us were making dick jokes out of gunfights and zoning laws, more creative gamers were doing some truly amazing things.

8 serious hollywood scenes that look hilarious with no cgi

sometimes, the most genius criminal plots are foiled by coincidence, bad luck, or plain old slapstick hijinks.

8 serious hollywood scenes that look hilarious with no cgi

sometimes, the implied consequences of a failed plan are so awful that you're left wondering why anyone would have tried to pull the plan off in the first place.

luigi gets a bulge (and other news that’s weird af)

people, companies, and even governments have blindly followed google maps to disastrous destinations.

luigi gets a bulge (and other news that’s weird af)

by jm mcnab•april 24, 2018 as a decade's worth of storytelling culminates with avengers: infinity war, it sure is tempting to take a look back at all the movies that led here.

6 perfect crimes that got foiled by stupid accidents

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the time the nazis tried to invent their own 'jurassic park'

it goes without saying that the nazis had a lot of weird failed schemes that were meant to help their plans for world domination. but not all of these plans involved military prowess or human genetics. one of them didn't even involve humans at all. a pair of german zoologists were tasked with recreating two long-extinct mega-animals.the brothers lutz and heinz heck went to work in extensively breeding animals in an attempt to bring back the aurochs and tarpan, two super-sized, super-aggressive ancestors of modern cattle and horses, respectively. why? to recreate the glory of the storied ancient germanic forests for future ultimate hunting sessions. so yes, they wanted to bring the animals back so people could kill them again.heinrich harderreminder: nazis are dicks.↓continue reading bel...

how violent video games might be screwing with your brain

↓continue reading belowadvertisementof course i don't think video games invented short tempers or intolerance, and who knows what kind of person i'd be if i was born into a different era. my belief is only that game mechanics make these traits worse in people who are already susceptible ... which i now believe is a huge fucking chunk of the population.look at it like gambling. some people's brains react strongly to risk-taking, and those people are the ones who get addicted to gambling, which makes them even more addicted to risk-taking. they're only a minority, but we still study the effects and warn people.for someone like me, who had anger management problems as a kid (and is from a family of males who all have them), games hit me in a different way from the start -- that's why t...

luigi gets a bulge (and other news that’s weird af)

politicians cherry-pick amendments to quote, but they consistently leave out the wildest, juiciest, and downright crazy parts that could change the country as we know it in a heartbeat.

the queen has her own private (creepy) pet cemetery

the history of the royal family is soaked in blood, although that's to be expected when their ancestor preferred beheadings to pre-nups and they've found themselves embroiled in so many soap opera-esque shenanigans that cersei lannister is, like, "tone that drama down, gurl."national media museumputting the 'queen' into 'yass queen' since 1952what doesn't get mentioned, however, is the private cemetery that the queen keeps specially for her most faithful subjects: her dogs. it's located in a secluded corner of her estate at sandringham, norfolk, and contains the remains of nearly thirty dogs, which prompts the question of what's weirder: that she's had so many dogs during her lifetime that she needs a literal graveyard to hold them all, or that she has so much spare land that s...

check out this crazy hell-themed nightclub from the 1890s

when you hear the word "nightclub," what do you immediately think of? "crowded?" "loud?" an excuse to not hang out with the person who just suggested that? sure, many nightclubs look like google image results for "default hip club," but that wasn't always the case throughout history. back in the late 1890s, a handful of french nightclubs took on themes that were more in line with john milton than lil jon.via io9paradise lost ... its dignity.a series of "heaven" and "hell"-themed clubs sprung up in turn-of-the-century paris. with names like cabaret du neant (the cabaret of nothingness), these clubs served drinks named after diseases, coffins for people to set their drinks upon, and various funeral and skeleton-themed rooms. at another club called cabaret de l'enfer (the cabare...

the crazy coincidence that saved video games forever

that's basically what nintendo did. if toy stores didn't want to sell a video game system, they wouldn't call it a video game -- they'd call it a "toy" or a "fun box with a wide-penised sex envelope." obviously, they were still video games, but when nobody's buying rocks, you sell "coyote bashers." it was a lot like calling charles manson a famous songwriter -- technically accurate, but still a tricky way to get a wild gunman into your home, which would be an awesome joke if anyone remembered that was a nintendo entertainment system launch title.↓continue reading belowadvertisementbut nintendo didn't merely stop saying "video games." they did everything they could to differentiate themselves from atari in the minds of retailers. atari 2600 cartridges stuck out from the body...

luigi gets a bulge (and other news that’s weird af)

hundreds of years ago, some native american tribes actually held a deep respect for people who identified themselves as outside the gender binary -- or as they were called, 'two-spirits.'

luigi gets a bulge (and other news that’s weird af)

regardless of your politics, you've got to give the nra some credit for their skill at hiding horrifying stories that would kill any other organization.

8 serious hollywood scenes that look hilarious with no cgi

it's hard to top the boneheaded antics of the trump administration when it comes to immigration, but britain is certainly trying its best right now.

luigi gets a bulge (and other news that’s weird af)

by jm mcnab•april 19, 2018 actors, like all human beings, sometimes make terrible, below-30-percent-on-rotten-tomatoes decisions.

8 serious hollywood scenes that look hilarious with no cgi

without the cgi, though ...a lot of the white walkers' undead wights are guys in skull masks with pajamas underneath, like some kind of death eater slumber party.hbohboplot twist: they're all kevin bacon.↓continue reading belowadvertisementsure, a lot of these special effects we've looked at involve actors in colored tights, but the fact that the tights are underneath tattered clothes and skull faces is just plain silly.hboabove: when your mom insists you put on a sweater under your goth how differently this wight attack plays out when jon snow and his buddies are battling a thrifty cosplayer:hbohbohbohboless "epic fantasy battle," more "st. patrick's day party at castle grayskull."you (yes, you) should follow jm ontwitter, or check out the podcastrewatchability.get...

deadpool's first appearance shows how much he has changed

there's a thought experiment called the ship of theseus. it asks that, if you replace every plank of a ship, can it still be called the same ship? likewise, if you have a superhero with regeneration powers who's had every part of his body shattered, exploded and/or ripped off, is he still the same superhero? probably not, and that's a good thing.rob liefeldin the upcoming deadpool 2, the merc with the mouth is squaring off against his longtime "it's complicated" opponent cable. this brings deadpool back to his roots, as the character first appeared fighting cable in the new mutants #98 in 1991 -- meaning deadpool's now roughly twice as old as his sense of humor. likely to celebrate this full circle, heritage auctions is selling the first ever page of deadpool squaring off against ca...

how marvel could improve the ‘spider-man: homecoming' sequel

you might not have noticed considering the hypestorm for infinity war, but marvel has already released a surprising amount of details about the as-yet-untitled sequel to spider-man homecoming -- it drops in july 2019, opens up the next phase of movies, and, thanks to a recent interview with kevin feige, is about to start shooting in london.assuming that this isn't a fake-out to cover up spidey's death in infinity war, this is great news because it finally allows marvel to introduce the greatest character in all their canon: captain britain.marvel comics↓continue reading belowadvertisementcaptain britain first appeared in 1976, with an origin story that reads like a mash-up of captain america, doctor strange, spider-man, and the santa clause. whilst interning at a shady energy research ...

5 common sayings that mean the opposite of what you think

↓continue reading belowadvertisementalternatively, "the luck of the irish" may be a backhanded compliment which means that any and all success achieved by irish men and women must be attributable to luck. because who could possibly believe that those potato-farming, whiskey-drinking, marshmallow-cereal-hoarding bastards could accomplish anything on their own merit?"seamus started a rewarding career as an investment banker. must be the luck of the irish, because those pricks can't count to 20 without taking off their shoes."2 "a foregone conclusion" is something that already happened, not something that willused primarily for things like climate change and celebrity breakups, a "foregone conclusion" is something that has to happen someday."my cousin franklin is so hilarious, he...