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british comedian stephen fry reveals prostate cancer diagnosis

fry is recovering from surgery and says he seems to be cancer-free.         

8 pop culture moments from 2008 you won't believe happened 10 years ago

britney spears' comeback and the first movie in the 'twilight' saga are turning 10 years old in 2018.         

mary j. blige, miguel, sufjan stevens, common among oscars music performers

the original singers of the year's five oscar-nominated songs will reprise their performances live on the oscar stage.         

james woods: i was 'blacklisted' like brendan fraser but for my conservative politics

woods, who believes brendan fraser's story of career derailment after an alleged groping, claims same man blacklisted him because he's a conservative.         

guess co-founder steps aside over kate upton sexual misconduct investigation

guess inc. says that co-founder paul marciano will give up his day-to-day responsibilities at the clothing company until a sexual misconduct investigation is completed.         

miranda lambert shines like brightest star in mainstream country universe at phoenix concert

miranda lambert has been among the more inspired mainstream country artists of her generation for a while now. this tour finds her pulling ahead.         

chadwick boseman buys a showing of 'black panther' for underprivileged youth

actor chadwick boseman bought tickets for family and underprivileged kids in anderson, s.c. to see 'black panther' over the weekend.         

'heartbroken' kesha postpones concert dates due to a torn acl

kesha told her fans on twitter tuesday she would undergo surgery to repair her knee.         

oprah, spielberg, katzenberg match clooneys' $500k donation to parkland gun control march

george and amal clooney announced they'll be marching in support of student survivors from stoneman douglas. other celebs are stepping up, too.         

country radio host bobby bones to join new 'american idol' as mentor

the country radio host will serve as a mentor on the 'american idol' reboot.         

wendy williams ordered to take three weeks off for treatment of graves' disease

the talk-show host said wednesday that doctors have ordered her to take three weeks off to get thyroid hormone and medication levels straightened out.         

'jeopardy!' host alex trebek to moderate pennsylvania governor's debate

trebek will keynote pennsylvania chamber of business and industry's annual dinner in october, which is scheduled to include the 45-minute debate.         

meryl streep: weinstein's use of my words is 'pathetic and exploitive'

the actress was not happy that harvey weinstein included her quotes in a legal filing.         

celebrities, politicians saddened by death of billy graham

the beloved pastor billy graham died at age 99 on feb. 21, 2018.         

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oprah responds to trump's '60 minutes' tweet: 'i don't like giving negativity power'

in order to make sure there were no biases as the president claimed, winfrey told ellen that she went back and reviewed the tapes.         

jennifer lawrence slams 'utterly ridiculous' controversy surrounding her versace dress

"everything you see me wear is my choice," jennifer lawrence said in a facebook post wednesday. "and if i want to be cold, that's my choice, too!"         

kylie jenner sends snap stock tumbling with a tweet

the reality tv star has power in her tweets.