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did arizonans see 116 percent increase in 'obamacare' premiums?

president trump in september called out sens. john mccain and chuck schumer on twitter for defying an effort to repeal the aca. he cited rising costs.       

fact check: gov. doug ducey right about 200% rise in illegal border crossings in past year

gov. ducey has ordered 440 national guard troops to the u.s.-mexico border. he said a big increase in crossings is partly why. is he right?        

are arizona charter school students outperforming the state average?

the arizona charter schools association claims students in charter schools outperform their peers in other schools. are they right?       

how many ms-13 gang members are in the united states?

arizona congresswoman martha mcsally said 10,000 ms-13 members are in the u.s., pointing to fbi figures. is that right? we fact check.        

did phoenix divert as much waste from landfills as mayor greg stanton said?

phoenix aims to recycle 40 percent of its waste by 2020. mayor greg stanton says in fiscal 2016-17, the city diverted 30 percent of its waste.       

7 times we caught politicos playing loose with the truth, in honor of fact-checking day

public officials told some whoppers. see what we found regarding the issues of school funding, abortion, marijuana and discrimination.        

fact check: how does phoenix union rank against other districts on graduation rates?

fliers sent to phoenix residents say phoenix union high school district has among the highest graduation rates for urban school districts.       

arming a 74-year-old against the news that isn't true (and being grateful she asks)

some people don't ask if the news is real. maybe because what we imagine must be false, like a porn star suing the president, turns out to be true.        

how many people attended trump's phoenix rally?

breaking down the plausibility of president donald trump's claim that 15,000 people turned out.       

fact check: did daca keep some americans from getting jobs?

attorney general jeff sessions said people in the deferred action for childhood arrivals program took jobs from hundreds of thousands of americans.       

it's true: arizona has the most female legislators

arizona has the highest percentage -- 40 percent -- of female legislators in the nation. it's a historical high for the state.       

rep. paul gosar misstates crime statistics about 'daca-aged' immigrants

"u.s. rep. paul gosar of arizona confused two different sets of numbers," wrote the author of the report cited by the republican congressman.        

has arizona really increased spending on teacher salaries by nearly 10 percent?

gov. doug ducey said investment in teacher salaries has increased 9 percent since 2015. is he right? az fact check takes a look.        

spain built border fences. how did it affect the number of migrants entering the country?

arizona rep. paul gosar has pointed to spain's border fence as an example of why barriers work. is he right? az fact check takes a look.        

has arizona really increased spending on teacher salaries by nearly 10 percent?

gov. doug ducey said investment in teacher salaries has increased 9 percent since 2015. is he right? az fact check takes a look.        

would legalizing marijuana bring money to arizona schools?

arizona gov. doug ducey claims that legalizing marijuana would cost the state more than it would generate in taxes.       

fact check: did sb 1070 reduce crime in arizona?

rep. sonny borrelli says crime fell by 78 percent after the passage of senate bill 1070.       

are somali refugees fleeing arizona?

a story shared widely on social media claimed somali refugees are leaving phoenix. is that true?       

did obama's director of national intelligence say there is no evidence of trump-russian collusion?

representative andy biggs claims james clapper testified there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign. is he right?       

fact check: sheriff penzone says closure of tent city saves $4.5m – is he right?

maricopa county sheriff paul penzone has said shutting down the controversial jail will save the county millions. is he right?