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fact check: barto's aca funding claim not supported

az fact check analyzes a statement by state sen. nancy barto that taxpayers are subsidizing elective abortions.       

will school-voucher expansion save arizona money, enhance accountability?

the main proponent of arizona's school-voucher expansion says it will save the state money and add accountability to the program. is she right?       

gov. ducey says arizona put more money in k-12 education than other states. is he right?

az fact check looks into arizona gov. doug ducey's claim about how much the state spends on education relative to other states.        

are somali refugees fleeing arizona?

a story shared widely on social media claimed somali refugees are leaving phoenix. is that true?       

did obama's director of national intelligence say there is no evidence of trump-russian collusion?

representative andy biggs claims james clapper testified there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign. is he right?       

fact check: sheriff penzone says closure of tent city saves $4.5m – is he right?

maricopa county sheriff paul penzone has said shutting down the controversial jail will save the county millions. is he right?       

ducey says 91 percent of bills he signed passed with bipartisan support. is he right?

arizona gov. doug ducey says 91 percent of the bills he signed in 2017 were passed with bipartisan support. is he right?       

how much of planned parenthood's services are related to abortions?

while the organization cites a "3 percent" figure that is misleading, abortion is not the planned parenthood's main function.       

did phoenix divert as much waste from landfills as mayor greg stanton said?

phoenix aims to recycle 40 percent of its waste by 2020. mayor greg stanton says in fiscal 2016-17, the city diverted 30 percent of its waste.        

are arizona charter school students outperforming the state average?

the arizona charter schools association claims students in charter schools outperform their peers in other schools. are they right?        

did arizonans see 116 percent increase in 'obamacare' premiums?

president trump in september called out sens. john mccain and chuck schumer on twitter for defying an effort to repeal the aca. he cited rising costs.        

u.s. senate candidate kelli ward claims she shrunk government — is that accurate?

the u.s. senate candidate and former state lawmaker claims she authored a series of bills that shrunk government and reduced regulations.        

is discrimination against whites a problem in arizona? state senator says yes

“i don’t see it (discrimination) as a problem as big as, honestly, i think reverse discrimination is a problem," sen. david farnsworth, r-mesa, said.        

fact check: did betsy devos invest $220k in arizona legislative races?

the arizona education association sent out a tweet saying devos had donated $220,000 to arizona's legislative elections.       

fact check: do new york, new jersey natives dominate supreme court?

sen. jeff flake is correct about how many current supreme court justices were born in new york or new jersey.       

fact check: has arizona had the most female governors?

gov. doug ducey said arizona has had the most female governors of any state in the country. he's right.       

fact check: insufficient data for gov. doug ducey's mvd wait-time claim

gov. doug ducey stated that wait times at arizona mvd locations have dropped by an average of 20 minutes.       

fact check: is minimum-wage hike causing business closures in flagstaff?

rep. bob thorpe said businesses in flagstaff are closing and workers are losing their jobs because of proposition 414.       

fact check: did thomas jefferson want a constitutional budget amendment?

arizona house speaker j.d. mesnard quotes jefferson in a statement on a bill calling for a constitutional convention.       

fact check: sen. jeff flake on solar power

is sen. jeff flake correct in saying that batteries for solar energy aren't developed enough to supply base load power?