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was the white house lit in rainbow colors on thursday night, jan. 19, president barack obama's last night in office?.(p o: chuck kennedy/obama white house archives)

the media: internet.

who said it: meme widely circulated on twitter.

the claim: the white house was lit in rainbow colors as a nod to lgbtq rights on obama's last night as president.

the forum: twitter.

what we're looking at: whether the white house was lit in rainbow colors on thursday night.

analysis: the night before the inauguration of president donald trump, president barack obama sent out a series of tweets, chronicling his greatest accomplishments while in office. among them was a p o of the white house lit in the iconic rainbow of the gay pride flag in june 2015, following the supreme court ruling in favor of same- marriage.

  brandon's tweet quickly gained popularity and others posted their own versions of his tweet.

the p o is an official white house picture taken after the historic supreme court ruling. according to the obama white house archives, it was taken by white house p og her chuck kennedy on june 26, 2015. the p o appears in the archive's june 2015 gallery.

brandon told the republic friday afternoon that when he e across the tweet from the obama white house he umed it was a current picture and was moved by what he saw as a defiant gesture toward trump.

"i saw the tweet last night and i sorta misunderstood,” brandon said. “obviously it was a pretty strange and emotional night for a lot of folks.”

when he found he had erred, he tweeted that it had been a misunderstanding. he said didn't delete the original tweet because he didn't want to pretend it hadn't happened.

 “but i still think posting that on the white house timeline as one of their last tweets was a bit defiant anyway,” brandon said.

bottom line: twitter got it wrong. the white house was not lit in rainbow colors for the last night of the obama presidency.

rating: zero stars: false.

sources: ivan brandon's tweets; obama white house archived tweet; the obama white house archives.

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