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take one of these valley rescue pets home this week

each week the republic highlights some of the adoptable animals in the valley. this week includes a playful pup and two kitties who are best buddies.         

bike-sharing companies see rapid growth, but abandoned bikes pose concerns

dockless bikes do not require a station like those used by the grid bike-share program, which allows customers to leave them wherever they please.         

phoenix religious groups woo millennials with beer, art and social events

from art to beer, groups are finding ways to bring faith into social events.         

man suspected of defrauding more than 1,000 walmarts is arrested in yuma

a man suspected of defrauding more than 1,000 walmarts across the u.s. for $1.3 million was arrested in yuma.         

yay! phoenix area gets rain after nearly 100 days

light showers started to fall in the valley on friday and continued into saturday, with parts of the state getting as much as 1.2 inches         

phoenix area gets first rainfall since march

light showers started to fall across arizona friday, the first time in 85 years it has rained on this date         

state parks, under public pressure, rehires fired employee being treated for cancer

arizona state parks, following outcry, rehired sue hartin, who is battling cancer, after "additional information" became available, officials said.         

take one of these valley rescue pets home this week

each week the republic highlights some of the adoptable animals in the valley. this week includes         

see what arizona's universities are building with millions in new money from the state

arizona's universities will get the first installment of a 25-year bonding plan from the state, amounting to $27 million this fiscal year.         

what to know about arizona's "stupid motorist law"

the monsoon season is here and drivers need to be aware of a law that might cost them a hefty fine.         

what mcso wants you to know about monsoon flooding

in preparation for monsoon season, mcso trains on how to rescue people in trouble from floods.         

one less golf course in glendale?

with the city of glendale losing thousands of dollars on funding golf courses, can some be shut down or closed?         

arizona weather photos, june 2018


ramadan service held at glendale christian church brings community together

sid shahid, vice president of the board of the islamic center of peoria, called the partnership of both faith communities a "beautiful thing."         

2 men arrested in fatal hit-and-run at 19th avenue and glendale in phoenix

aaron pacheco and isaac antone were arrested in connection with a hit-and-run that killed a pedestrian near 19th and glendale avenues june 9.         

how to subscribe to azcentral's youtube channel

subscribing to's youtube channel is easy. you should do it!         

surprise police investigate stabbing near bullard avenue and cactus road

one person was stabbed during a "disturbance" friday morning, police said.         

muslim community finds place to celebrate ramadan at glendale christian church

a christian church provides muslim families a place to pray during ramadan. next year, the families hope to open the islamic center of peoria.         

on father's day, dads don't need (or want) you to go through the motions

if we're just going through the motions to buy another tie, do we need a father's day at all?         

hottest state in the u.s. this summer? it's not arizona. here's why

with weeks of triple-digit temperatures in phoenix, you'd think arizona is the hottest state in the nation. you'd be wrong.