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montini: ducey’s strategy: pass his plan, then shame teachers

the governor essentially outlined his game plan for preventing a lengthy walkout by teachers. it involves shaming them.         

díaz: as arizona teacher strike looms, gop suddenly cares about poor students?

if republicans are truly concerned about the fate of poor students during a teacher strike, they could do a few things to make their lives better.         

jimmy fallon, stephen colbert, seth meyers, james corden, trevor noah on bromancing macron in best of late night

president trump and french president emmanuel macron share a 'special relationship.' see it, then vote for your favorite joke!         

roberts: #redfored teachers' strike is a socialist plot? oh, come on...

as arizona teachers prepare to strike, a state legislator warns that a socialist plot is afoot.         

letter: the major question no one could answer at arizona's 'die-in'

i asked both sides - teens and nra members - whether they felt safe.         

díaz: don't shrug off joe arpaio's senate bid. he raised just enough cash to be dangerous

disgraced former sheriff joe arpaio isn't raking in the cash he used to, but he raised enough to show he still has supporters.         

debate: debbie lesko won congressional district 8. what does that mean?

republican debbie lesko won the special election, but it wasn't the runaway victory it would have been in the past. is this a sign of things to come?         

our view: this is the only way out of an arizona teacher strike

the solution to a costly teacher walkout is simple: ask voters to raise the sales tax by 1 percent, and do it quickly - either in 2018 or spring 2019.         

roberts: debbie lesko wins cd8 but blue wave washes through the arizona desert

republican debbie lesko eked out a win in arizona's most conservative district. if you are a republican politcian, you aren't sleeping well tonight.         

lawmaker: #redfored leaders are not as nonpartisan as they claim

#redfored leaders noah karvelis and derek harris claim to be grassroots and nonpartisan. but a look at their recent past reveals the truth.         

montini: 6 lessons taught by striking redfored teachers

pay attention boys and girls. there will be a test later. not in school. in life.         

roberts: arizona legislator threatens to sue over teachers' strike. but sue who?

arizona house majority whip kelly townsend is threatening to sue over the #redfored teachers' strike. the question is, sue who?         

gabriel: it's not ok for trump to attack syria without congress

trump's strikes on syria can trigger long conflict in the middle east. congress must speak up.         

gabriel: if arizona teachers strike now, it's a war against parents, not politicians

#redfored refused to take 'yes' for an answer on higher pay, and now they're playing politics with kids, parents and teachers as pawns.         

roberts: did kelli ward buy sebastian gorka's endorsement?

when kelli ward was touting her endorsement from sebastian gorka she forgot to mention one little thing...         

montini: vote for debbie lesko or you're a 'parasite'

republican rep. david schweikert called those who don't support congressional candidate debbie lesko 'the parasite class.'         

roberts: can debbie lesko deliver a big win in congressional district 8?

a close race in arizona's congressional district 8 on tuesday would signal that democrats will be a force in the fall elections.         

your turn: the arts generate more cash than the super bowl for arizona. why don't we support them?

arts and culture boost arizona's economy, yet many organizations are struggling to survive. it's time for a public investment.         

kwok: even if she loses, hiral tipirneni (and democrats) win

congressional district 8 looks to be a competitive race that republican debbie lesko will win. that alone may be worth celebrating for democrats.         

lawmaker: why i'm proposing a temporary 1-cent sales tax for arizona schools

with a two-thirds vote, my colleagues in the arizona legislature can create a temporary penny tax increase solely for education.