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roberts: sean miller could score $10 million payout? is this a joke?

if university of arizona's sean miller is fired for cheating, he could walk away with $10 million. wait .. what?         

your turn: here's another way to prevent the next school shooting

gun control and mental health are getting lots of attention, but there's another problem contributing to school shootings: disengaged youth.         

your turn: want to stop prison recidivism? give inmates second chances

arizona must do more to treat inmates with addictions and get them help when their sentences start, not when they're about to be released.         

your turn: arizona has about 3 years to stop prison recidivism

arizona inmates serve, on average, three years - and in many cases, we don't even have that long to reduce their likelihood of returning to prison.         

allhands: how to make lucky charms a bowl of pure happiness

a unicorn isn't the only marshmallow lucky charms should add to its cereal lineup, columnist joanna allhands says.         

montini: donald 'bone spurs' trump attacks former pow john mccain – again

you'd think donald trump, a guy who took five deferments, would know better than attack a pow like john mccain. nope.         

roberts: steve montenegro's e-pal wasn't a victim - until now

steve montenegro's e-ffair with a legislative staffer wasn't a #metoo moment and the staffer wasn't a victim -- until now.         

montini: steve montenegro proclaims innocence by … admitting guilt?

the more arizona congressional candidate steve montenegro says his relationship with a staffer was not inappropriate, the more inappropriate it seems.         

díaz: sal diciccio makes politics messy, but that's why phoenix needs him

sal diciccio uses tactics i don't always like, but his conservative voice on the phoenix city council is definitely needed.         

robb: bump stock ban was a stunt, but this mental-health gun bill makes sense

yes, it was introduced by democrats. but an arizona bill that would make it easier to keep guns away from the mentally ill deserves debate.         

valdez: does marijuana help ptsd? make it easier to do the research

does marijuana help control ptsd and epilepsy? federal policy and a schedule 1 drug classification make it nearly impossible to do the research.         

gabriel: like high electric bills? then pass this solar energy mandate

nextgen america is pushing a constitutional amendment in arizona based on the idea that there are 'good' and 'evil' energy sources. don't buy it.         

montini: montenegro proclaims innocence by…admitting guilt?

the more the congressional candidate says his relationship with a staffer was not inappropriate, the more inappropriate it seems.         

allhands: what's the best way to build in a historic district?

what's so wrong with a new house that doesn't look like everything else in a historic neighborhood? columnist joanna allhands breaks down the building controversy.         

montini: republicans block gun law votes on day 4 shooting victims are buried in florida

the arizona legislature is completely under the thumb of the gun lobby.         

allhands: buckeye closure gives target shooters a do-over (so don't mess it up)

blm closed public land near buckeye to make repairs, and target shooters should be on notice: you've got one last chance to do right there.         

montini: asinine right-wing pundit mocks school shooting survivors

it doesn’t matter what they say. it doesn’t matter what they do. you don’t ridicule, or show contempt, or disparage, or taunt the victims of trauma.         

roberts: are steve montenegro and debbie lesko the best arizona's cd 8 can offer?

steve montengetro is playing footsie with the staff. debbie lesko is playing fast and loose with campaign finance laws. arizona's cd 8 deserves better.         

allhands: the lunacy of an assault weapons ban

joanna allhands: let's compare two similar rifles - one that's considered an "assault weapon" and one that's not.         

roberts: jan brewer calls out steve montenegro but stands by donald trump?

former gov. jan brewer is calling out steve montenegro but she's long turned a blind eye to far worse accusations about donald trump.