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school vouchers take from the poor and give to the rich, says columnist e.j. montini.

expanding school vouchers

expanding school vouchers: sb 1431 would expand the state's empowerment scholarship accounts program, a voucher-type system that allows eligible students to take 90 percent of the per-pupil funding schools receive to use toward private-school tuition. all arizona public-school students would be eligible for so-called vouchers by 2020. the bill mandates students who are esa recipients be tested for academic achievement.(p o: mark henle/the republic)

i am disappointed in debbie lesko, in that it took her longer than i anticipated for a republican in the legislature to introduce the empowerment voucher ("arizona school-voucher expansion afoot despite $102k of misspent funds in 6 months").

last year the republicans were smart enough to take it off the table when it be e apparent voters would vote down proposition 123 if the vouchers were left in place. lesko and company seem not to care about how the voters feel about properly funding education.

to say a $5,000 voucher is going to fund sending my children to private school is misleading. if a private school costs $15,000 a year, where am i going to get the remaining $10,000 to pay? obviously, if one can afford the tuition, then there probably is no need for them to get the money.

steve yarbrough saying he isn't too worried about the misuse of the $102,000 is amazing. i thought republicans were all about accountability?

for the teacher who spends their own money to purchase supplies for their cl room, that money is a lot. teachers are probably thinking of all the cl room supplies they could purchase with the $102,000.

vouchers are just one more way to degrade funding for our schools.

— jay edelson, phoenix


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