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meghan and cindy mccain share new photos of sen. john mccain

meghan mccain shared a photo of herself with her father, sen. john mccain, at their family cabin while cindy mccain shared a photo of them on instagram.         

trump open to changing gun background check system, aide says

the statement came less than a week after a student was charged with killing 17 people and injuring more than a dozen others at a high school in parkland, fla.         

cities battle at arizona capitol for right to regulate home-based businesses

house bill 2333 would prevent municipalities from prohibiting home-based businesses that otherwise conform to laws on parking, traffic and noise.         

lawmaker: lack of regulation for arizona tattoo industry is ‘shocking’

a bill would require all body-art businesses to take annual training and would allow inspection of premises and investigate complaints.         

bills take aim at arizona's booming drug rehab industry

arizona's rehab industry has boomed during the opioid epidemic, but so have practices such as patient brokering.         

more access sought for border patrol on federal land near border

congress debates the merits of a bill that would give border patrol unrestricted access to federal lands for enforcement purposes.         

'dreamer' at phoenix forum: 'we're not sure if there's a possibility of a better future for us'

state rep. césar chávez hosted a panel of community leaders to discuss the future of daca with 'dreamers' and their family.         

cindy mccain accepts award for sen. john mccain at munich security conference

sen. john mccain told munich security conference attendees to "never, ever stop fighting for all that is good, and just, and decent about our world.”         

arizona state parks has lost 93 employees under current boss; agency won't reveal why

arizona state parks says the attorney general's office told them to withhold records regarding massive turnover. ag says no such advice was given.         

can ice arrest undocumented immigrants living in sanctuary churches?

some people facing deportation take sanctuary in local churches. immigration and customs enforcement can still arrest them, but they typically do not.         

arizona lawmakers: break secrecy pacts that protect sexual predators

arizona state lawmakers want to stop serial sexual abusers who perpetually buy their victims' silence through confidentiality agreements.         

sen. rand paul on sen. john mccain: 'i wish him well and i hope he is able to return'

sen. rand paul said he hopes ailing sen. john mccain can return to the senate while standing beside kelli ward, who has said mccain should quit.         

meet the 13 russians charged in mueller probe

here's a rundown of the 13 individuals charged:         

5 things to know about state-employee pay raises and who gets them

it appears those who are close to gov. doug ducey or his political appointees have a much better shot of getting a big pay boost.         

special counsel indicts russian nationals for interfering with u.s. elections and political processes

robert mueller unveiled the latest round of charges the investigation of russian meddling in the 2016 election.         

after russian indictments, trump acknowledges russia’s election meddling but insists: ‘no collusion!’

the president insisted that the new indictments by the special counsel against russian nationals did not impact the presidential election results.         

'new yorker' says handwritten note by former playmate details affair with trump

karen mcdougal, who says she has been emboldened by the #metoo movement and declining health, confirmed the details to "the new yorker."         

va secretary david shulkin's chief of staff retiring amid travel report findings

vivieca wright simpson told colleagues friday morning that she is retiring after va investigators found she misled ethics officials.         

after firing auditors, state's revenue agency gave raises to select employees

while revenue lost $83 million after firing low-paid auditors, the state agency gave big raises to state employees who transferred in for jobs.         

what's next for 'dreamers' after senate immigration bills fail?

"dreamers" are left with dwindling options after the senate rejected various immigration proposals.