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coal won't face arizona sales taxes after gov. ducey signs bill

ducey's approval was done in hopes of attracting a buyer for the embattled navajo generating station and keeping the state's only coal mine open.         

debate over n-word erupts in arizona house as teacher walkout tension increases

arizona lawmakers debated the proper use of the n-word — in opinion columns, rap music and classrooms — in a heated debate on wednesday.         

after lackluster showing in election, worried arizona republicans search for leadership

"if you're running for office, you need to run scared," one former republican elected official said after debbie lesko's narrow special election win.         

debate: debbie lesko won congressional district 8. what does that mean?

republican debbie lesko won the special election, but it wasn't the runaway victory it would have been in the past. is this a sign of things to come?         

va nominee ronny jackson dished out opioids, wrecked vehicle while drunk, colleagues say

colleagues alleged jackson has an "explosive" temper, wrote himself prescriptions, and provided a "large supply" of percocet, an opioid medication, to a white house staffer.         

#redfored teacher walkout: what to expect over the next 24 hours

various events are planned over the next 24 hours in connection to the #redfored teacher walkout.         

supreme court shows support for president trump's immigration travel ban

a divided supreme court gave president trump's immigration travel ban a better reception than it's received in lower courts over the past 15 months.         

5 ways tempe voters could win clash over secretive election, 'dark money' spending

from the court room to the ballot box (again), tempe's fight to curb 'dark money' in elections may not be dead yet in arizona.         

donald trump's next move on north korea, iran, ronny jackson? 'we'll see'

for a self-professed man of action, president trump often casts his fate to whims of forces of beyond his control. in recent days, trump has relied on one of his most often-used verbal tics, using variations of the phrase "we'll see what happens" concerning charged issues such as north korea.         

nfl owners voiced concern about 'disastrous' donald trump on anthem issue, per recording

in a recording of a meeting between nfl owners and players, several top league figures expressed concern that donald trump was targeting the kneeling issue to score political points.         

va nominee ronny jackson in jeopardy as senate delays hearing amid 'serious allegations'

the senate delayed his hearing amid concerns about his record, and trump said he was leaving the decision up to jackson about whether to continue.         

republicans in congress return to baseball field nearly a year after gunman opened fire

republican lawmakers returned to a virginia baseball field wednesday nearly a year after a gunman critically wounded teammate rep. steve scalise and injured others.         

supreme court shows support for president trump's immigration travel ban

a divided supreme court gave president trump's immigration travel ban a better reception wednesday than it's received in lower courts over the past 15 months, raising the chances that it will uphold restrictions on travelers from five predominantly muslim countries.         

lawmaker: #redfored leaders are not as nonpartisan as they claim

#redfored leaders noah karvelis and derek harris claim to be grassroots and nonpartisan. but a look at their recent past reveals the truth.         

arizona finalizes 2017 school letter grades: did your school's grade change?

more than 300 arizona schools received an "a" grade in the state accountability system.         

voting delayed at four polling sites in congressional district 8 election

equipment snags caused voting to be paused at polling sites in glendale, peoria, sun city west and surprise in the congressional district 8 race.         

the big sell: how former businessman ducey is working to win support for teacher-pay plan

social media, tv ads and conference calls are part of gov. ducey's pitch to educators, lawmakers and the public to get his teacher-pay plan passed.         

another federal judge rules against trump move to end daca

a u.s. district court judge says the department of homeland security's decision to rescind the daca program "was unlawful and must be set aside."         

5 takeaways from debbie lesko's lackluster win in arizona's special election

the election is over and republican debbie lesko has won a vacant west valley congressional race in a district that has leaned right for decades.         

election results from arizona's 8th congressional district special election

debbie lesko beats hiral tipirneni in arizona's special house election to replace rep. trent franks.