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android p won't get a 'dark mode' after all

there was a short-lived hysteria friday when it seemed like google would grant a longstanding request to add built-in "dark mode" theming on stock android, similar to the tweak oneplus adds. unfortunately, the team updated its tracker to explain that there was a misunderstanding, and it's not coming. for users who prefer custom themes they'll still need to root and add third-party tools to do it, but that doesn't mean nothing is a post in the thread explains, what the android team will change in its "p" release is a new toggle that makes it easier for developers to test a night mode (twitter has one) in their apps. the function was already there, but now it's easier to access in settings, so more apps may take advantage and save a little eye strain or potentially even ...

amazon secures movie rights for alafair burke’s thriller ‘the wife’

according to deadline, amazon was one of five bidders for the novel, which is burke's 13th novel. she's also set to write the movie script in a deal that reportedly reached seven figures. burke is a graduate of stanford law, former prosecutor, a professor of criminal law and the daughter of crime novelist james lee burke. the wife came out last month, and revolves around a woman named angela powell who finds out that her high-profile celebrity husband has been accused of sexual assault by more than one woman. when one accuser disappears, powell must decide whether to stand by her man or take a closer look at the truth.

moleskine’s latest smart pen saves your writing to download later

this could actually be handy for writing in busy situations -- trains, outdoors, in low-light -- where pulling out your device to sync up is cumbersome. unlike the pen that comes with the smart writing set, the pen+ ellipse also has a little clip on the cap to slide on to your favorite notebook -- though, of course, you'll be using a $30 one from moleskine's smart writing set line, since those are the only ones with the aforementioned ncode smart paper. if you want to make it to the digital note-taking future, you'll have to pay to get there.and you'll literally have to check off terms and conditions boxes to use the system, if our hands-on with the smart planner notebook is any indication of the rest of the product line. but if you're a believer (with deep pockets) who doesn't mind ...

camsoda’s rubgrub is a pizza-ordering button for your vibrator

all you have to do is connect your rubgrub to your phone via bluetooth and plug in your payment and delivery information. domino's is the only option as of now, but camsoda says that it plans to add mexican and chinese food chain options in the future. you can snag the rubgrub alone for $20 or buy it with a nora for $120.while rubgrub was developed in collaboration with lovense, domino's appears to have had nothing to do with it. the company told fox news earlier this week, "this is news to us. we have not worked with this company, nor have we authorized them to use our name in conjunction with their 'toy.'"image: camsoda

nintendo now allows switch user reviews on game pages

the reviews aren't consistently available yet, but they're listed for at least some first- and third-party releases. we've spotted them on super mario odyssey, legend of zelda: breath of the wild, bayonetta 2 and xenoblade chronicles 2, among others.nintendo has offered game recommendations for wii games in the past, but this appears to kick things up a notch. they won't always be helpful -- people tend to leave product reviews when they're either ecstatic or furious, so you probably won't see many nuanced, moderate takes. nonetheless, it's nice to have an official user review option, whether you're determined to share your thoughts or just want an alternative to store pages and professional reviews.

twitch’s live game show ‘stream on’ premieres march 8th

with stream on, you'll get to see up-and-coming twitch partners judged on their ability to perform various essential skills for streaming, like motivating viewers with a call to action. you'll also be able to take part via a custom interactive overlay, which will let you vote on who to eliminate after each round. the 14 participants include competitive gamers, of course, but also chefs, musicians and other creative artists, including 88bitmusic, banzaibaby, ciracorellia. cookingforn00b, ferociouslysteph, glanfm, koibu, majintaj, suchikuchi, thabuttress, theonlyryann, thestaceyroy, wavy and xmiramira.this isn't the first original programming for the streaming platform, of course, with twitch weekly, freshstock and the mini-documentary ironsights already in place. the idea with the new ga...

facebook removes vr shooting demo from conservative conference

bullet train lead programmer nick whiting told engadget in 2015 that in this game, the player is " can't die. you can grab bullets out of the air and throw them back. you can throw guns at people, and then teleport back and shoot the guy next to them."while facebook has been criticized by conservatives over alleged bias, the demo, and its appearance at the conference is interesting. thinkprogress spoke to attendees who had seen "proof" that students from the school were crisis actors on facebook, while several conservative leaders including donald trump have blamed violent incidents on violent videogames.hugo barra:there is a standard set of experiences included in the oculus demos we feature at public events. a few of the action games can include violence. in light of the...

android's official augmented reality toolkit is available to the public

there is one catch, and it's a significant one: you need a compatible phone. the 13 devices that support arcore right now are common devices like google's pixel phones, samsung's galaxy s7/s8/note 8 lines, lg's v30, asus' zenfone ar and the oneplus 5, but you're out of luck if you have anything else. it will get better, though. google is teaming with these and other brands (including huawei, motorola, nokia, sony, vivo and zte) to bring arcore support to their upcoming handsets.on top of this, google is promising a few upgrades to lens... most notably, the chance that you can actually use it. the ar-based discovery feature will soon roll out to anyone using google photos in english, whether you're using android or ios. at the same time, you'll see lens appear in google assistant on...

android go phones will be available soon

over the last few months, google has been introducing lightweight "go" editions of its popular apps, such as gmail and google assistant. it's a concerted effort and catering to a traditionally underserved market in tech: those who have older phones and who have purchased newer, but cheaper, phones. it's especially important in developing areas, where people might not be able to afford the newest, most powerful phones. now google will give those users hardware that is dedicated to and optimized for android oreo (go edition).catch up on the latest news from mwc 2018 right here.

not even ibm is sure where its quantum computer experiments will lead

quantum computing -- with its ability to calculate and solve algorithms in parallel, at speeds far faster than conventional computers -- promises to revolutionize fields from chemistry and logistics to finance and physics. the thing is, while quantum computing is a technology for the world of tomorrow, it hasn't yet advanced far enough for anyone to know what that world will actually look like."people aren't going to just wake up in three or four years, and say, 'oh okay, now i'm ready to use quantum, what do i have to learn,'" bob sutor, vp of ibm q strategy and ecosystem at ibm research, told engadget.these systems rely on the "spooky" properties of quantum physics, as einstein put it, and their operation is radically different from how today's computers work. "what you're ba...

'ghostbusters world' ar game is coming to android and ios this year

sony's announcement comes just as google released more information on its own official augmented reality toolkit for android developers, arcore 1.0. similar to apple's own arkit, google's version provides a framework to allow app makers bring virtual objects into the real world via compatible phones. ghostbusters world will apparently get you out and about, battling and capturing hundreds of ghosts, pokemon go-style. the ghosts will come from all the different ghostbusters media, including films, tv shows theme parks and video games."the ghostbusters universe is rich in characters and ghostbusters world is the perfect medium to get to know these characters in a whole new dimension," said the original film's director, ivan reitman, in a statement.

no, postcards won’t solve our russian interference problem

@violetbluems. violet blue (, @violetblue) is a the author of the forthcoming book how to be a digital revolutionary. she is a freelance investigative reporter on hacking and cybercrime, as well as a noted columnist. she is an advisor to without my consent, and a member of the internet press guild. ms. blue has made regular appearances on cnn and the oprah winfrey show and is frequently interviewed, quoted, and featured in a variety of outlets including bbc, newsweek, and the wall street journal. she has authored and edited award-winning, best selling books in eight translations and was the san francisco chronicle's sex columnist. her conference appearances include etech, leweb, ccc, and the forbes brand leadership conference, plus two google tech talks. the london times ...

youtube reportedly plans to spend 'hundreds of millions' on red originals

while facebook and netflix are (reportedly) spending billions on new programming, youtube is said to be holding its investments at current levels. google's video wing is only spending "a few hundred million" on original shows for red this year according to bloomberg's sources. other details are scant, but unlike the competition, youtube also has a live tv service that's expanding in reach. google could just be taking a "wait and see" approach to its investments this year. there's also the chance that the reticence to invest stems from recent black eyes. its biggest stars have been in the headlines pretty frequently lately and not for flattering reasons.

the best smart speakers for music fans

how we testedfor the purposes of this story, we compared a single homepod ($350), two sonos one speakers ($350 total) paired in stereo and a single google home max ($399). while the prices are in the same range, you'll get different speaker components with each set. each sonos one includes a single tweeter and one mid-woofer to cover both mid-range frequencies and bass. the home max answers with two tweeters and two large 4.5-inch woofers. the homepod has perhaps the most unusual arrangement: seven total tweeters (each with its own amplifier), along with a single woofer that points straight compare the speakers, we set them up in the same room, made sure each was running the most current version of its software and, in the case of the sonos one, ran the trueplay tuning software, whi...

htc confirms layoffs as it combines vr and smartphone divisions

it's been an interesting few months for htc. google bought the team responsible for pixel phones last year for $1.1 billion. the president of htc's smartphone operations just resigned, claiming a "personal career plan" for the move. now, the remaining us workforce is facing layoffs. as first reported by digital trends this week, htc has confirmed that it will combine its smartphone and vr divisions, resulting in employee reductions.

1password now lets you see if your password has been leaked

to use the proof of concept feature now, sign into your account on and click open vault. click on an item in the vault, then shift-control-option-c or shift+ctrl+alt+c depending on your operating system. that unlocks the proof of concept and allows you to click the "check password" button next to your password. you can see in the video below what happens next. if your password matches one in pwned passwords, 1password will let you know. if it doesn't, 1password will tell that you're all good. we want to note that if your password matches one in the database, it doesn't necessarily mean it was part of a data breach. someone else could've been using your same password, but in either case, you should change it.the good thing about this feature is that it doesn't compromis...

dropbox's ipo filing reveals 500m users but a $1 billion deficit

per the filing itself, dropbox has over 500 million registered users but only 11 million of those are paying subscribers. some might sign up multiple times for multiple accounts, so the number of unique users is certainly lower. ultimately, the company admits in the document, "a majority of our registered users may never convert to a paid subscription to our platform."converting existing users to the paid tier is at the top of the company's list, but the filing admits that their revenue growth rate has declined and could keep slowing. the filing noted the company ended 2017 with a $1 billion deficit, though its rate of net losses had decreased from nearly $326 million in 2015 to almost $112 million in 2017. as the filing summarizes: "we have a history of net losses, we anticipate incre...

apple's airpower wireless charging mat could launch in march

it's not clear why apple needed the extra time to ready the airpower mat, but it might have something to do with the apple watch. although at least a few qi chargers will top up an apple watch, the wristwear wasn't really designed for it -- according to macotakara, the airpower mat has to use a "special wave" to detect the watch. combine that with the mat's signature (though not completely unique) multi-device charging and it's decidedly more complex than a typical qi pad.these are rumors, so you won't want to plan your shopping trips around them. it makes sense that apple would want to deliver airpower before the end of its current fiscal quarter, though. and let's face it, 6 months is a long time to wait for a wireless charging mat -- it's hard to imagine people being patient fo...

youtube finally notices infowars is peddling dangerous conspiracies

youtube's policies on harassment and cyberbullying say, "in cases where harassment crosses the line into a malicious attack, it can be reported and the content will be removed." and a youtube spokesperson told cnn, "last summer we updated the application of our harassment policy to include hoax videos that target the victims of these tragedies. any video flagged to us that violates this policy is reviewed and then removed."when you violate youtube's community guidelines, the offending content is taken down and you're issued a strike. youtube considers its first strike a warning and nothing much happens apart from an explanatory email and your video being taken down. however, a second strike within three months will get creators a two-week suspension from posting new content whereas ...

microsoft and xiaomi will pair up on ai-powered speakers and hardware

as part of the memorandum of understanding, xiaomi will harness microsoft's azure cloud platform to expand services for its users, including data storage and bandwidth. the american tech company will consult the chinese tech giant on joint marketing and channel support to get xiaomi's laptops into new international markets. and, of course, partnering will give microsoft access to xiaomi's users across the world.and that mi speaker? both companies will see how well it works when cortana is integrated with it as a first step toward greater collaboration on smart speaker products. as the verge points out, microsoft's sole entry in that market, the harmon kardon invoke, had a hard time prying market share away from digital assistant speakers by amazon and google.the last item both companie...