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adnoc stations in capital e-linked to civil defence

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adnoc stations in capital e-linked to civil defence

new system will allow quick response from civil defence teams in case of an emergency

abu dhabi: adnoc petrol stations in the capital have been installed with a new electronic system that directly links them with the abu dhabi civil defence. the new system has been put in place to allow civil defence teams to quickly respond to any emergency that may occur at the petrol stations such as fires.

“this project is the first of its kind in abu dhabi, and it sees a special system that allows the staff at the (adnoc) stations to directly report (to the civil defence) in case of a fire or any other emergency,” explained abdul jalil al ansari, director-general of the civil defence in abu dhabi.

“(once the emergency call is made) we can immediately determine the location and send out the civil defence teams, and inform the central operations room.

“the system of mechanism (in case of an emergency) starts with the use of the alarm on installed at the station to inform the operating room of a fire that has broken out … (after that) civil defence teams will be sent as quickly as possible,” he added.

the electronic system also allows the civil defence access to the petrol stations’ surveillance eras to get a live feed of what is happening.

“the system allows the civil defence to access the eras at the stations, which will allow us to follow what is happening, and to communicate directly with the public to provide them with the necessary instructions until the arrival of the civil defence teams.”

saeed mubarak al rashidi, acting chief executive officer of adnoc distribution, said the installation of the emergency system was part of the company’s goal to increase safety and security at its petrol stations.

“adnoc distribution is seeking to strengthen its strategic partnership with all government agencies in the state, especially with respect to the security and safety of its employees, customers and the environment.

“the company has taken it upon itself since its inception to prioritise the best procedures and practices in the areas of security, health, and the environment in all its operations and activities,” he added.