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french firm sells tableware for elderly, disabled

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french firm sells tableware for elderly, disabled

bendy spoons, non-slip plates and cups aim to help people who struggle with movement

dubai: if you struggle to grip a knife and fork at the dinner table due to old age or mobility issues, a french firm that specialises in medical condition-friendly tableware might have a solution.

saint romain, a seven-decade-old family-owned firm, sells a range of easy-to-use cutlery, jugs and gl es for movement-impaired customers to help them reclaim their dignity — and independence.

one of its products is a soft spoon that can easily be bent and reshaped to fit a shaky grip.

the firm also makes a range of non-slip plates and support brackets for cups and bowls. for bed-bound people, the firm sells a special cup moulded to fit the person’s nose. this way, the user can take a drink without having to tilt the head.

during his research, bruno berard, the brand’s designer, observed that some carers of disabled people had used makeshift adaptations using foam or tape.

“we are trying to come up with a product for the mealtime for people who might have some trouble with their grip and agility,” said berard, “a product that actually fits people’s needs, and adapts to people’s different abilities, instead of just bringing a standard product that might not be able to be used by these people.”