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wwe: i would like to lay my hands on randy orton, says aj styles

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wwe: i would like to lay my hands on randy orton, says aj styles

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rahul sadhu


updated: february 15, 2017 11:35 pm
wwe, wwe news, elimination chamber, wwe elimination chamber, wwe aj styles, aj styles, sports news aj styles was on the losing end at the elimination chamber as bray wyatt won. (source: wwe)

barely 24 hours after the elimination chamber match, which is considered as one of the most brutal matches in pro-wrestling, former wwe champion aj styles opened up about wrestling and his preferences in the ring. ever since his debut in last year’s royal rumble, styles has the habit of lighting up the wrestling ring every week with his eye-catching moves and show-stopping performances. this led him to the top spot as the most searched new superstar on google last year. however, if given a choice he would rather prefer to compete in one-on-one matches than be in the deadly chamber.

“but this is the great thing about wwe. it is like an open door. you get to do things that you didn’t expect even from yourself,” said styles in an interview with on tuesday. “though i am a bit sore i can say that it did bring out the best me and my ambition to reach to the top and sustain it has just begun,” he added.

when asked about any wrestlers that he would love to face whom he still hasn’t had a fight with, styles said, “there are many whom i am yet to compete with. there are some raw guys but one person i would like to lay my hands on is randy orton.”

despite his loss at the elimination chamber, styles is upbeat. “i am yet to receive my rematch clause for the wwe championship after my loss to john cena and that could very well happen against bray wyatt.”

bray wyatt who won the championship in the elimination chamber is now heading into wrestlemania as the wwe champion.

speaking on wrestlemania, styles said that what matters is being a part of the biggest show. “it doesn’t matter who the opponent is but what i am excited about is that i will be a competing there in front of more than 50,000 fans live and i can’t wait for it.”

rewinding on the year that went by aj styles said that it was a phenomenal ride. “but i was extremely nervous on my debut as well because i had no inclination as to how the fans would react. it was an emotional moment as well.” styles’s career has spanned for quite sometime now and he has competed in japan and the tna but one thing that has which has kept him going throughout his career is his mantra of all or nothing.

comparing the wwe with other arenas he said,”the exposure to the world is only with wwe. i would say the talent is second to none in here which is why i have had so many great matches.”

as far as a visit to india is concerned styles said it would be a great chance for him as he along with the wwe would love to put up a great show.