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funniest twitter reactions on budget 2017

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funniest twitter reactions on budget 2017

the budget 2017 was quite an event.
while the unfortunate demise of veteran parliamentarian e ahamed was deeply saddening, the budget was announced as per its scheduled time despite protests from the opposition. total expenditure of this year’s budget is 21 lakh 47 thousand crore rupees. rs 2.44 was trending as ‘the pradhan mantri mudra yojana’ lending target has been doubled at rs 2.44 lakh crore for 2017.

right from the somewhat shaky beginning to the announcement of target of agricultural loans to farmers being set at a record rs 10 lakh crore in 2017, we all were glued to our tv sets as it unfolded. you know who else was watching it closely? yes, twitterati.

our ‘twitter journos’ were closely watching and ready with their ammunition of ‘budget jokes’ and they began well before 11 am.

its india's great graduation day.

in next 3-5 hours, india will have millions of economists on twitter, fb, wa, roads, offices. #budget

— jay purohit (@purohitjay) february 1, 2017

it was a killer budget, quite literally.

and as always, somebody had to doze off.