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get gripped by hand drawn deck building in frost now on xbox one

neil363|3h ago|news|0|neil writes: "frost has been around on pc and mobile for some time, but now there's a new ice cold storm brewing - on xbox one." frostps4switchxbox onethexboxhub.comread full story >>

the mooseman review – bizarre and enthralling, but barely a game | cogconnected

mrbigcat|3h ago|review|0|cogconnected: the mooseman tells a bizarre and enthralling story with intriguing style, but it may have served better as an animated short-film than a game. pcps4the moosemanxbox onecogconnected.comread full story >>

the lost child review - bagogames

darkwatchman|3h ago|review|0|david from bagogames writes: the lost child is an interesting dungeon crawler that fails to capture what made el shaddai special. el shaddai: ascension of the metatron set itself apart through obtuse art direction. its unique aesthetic coupled with a memorable soundtrack combined to create an incredible experience. el shaddai had incredibly basic combat, but its visual and audio design made it feel so much grander. the lost child is set in the same universe, but with no unique vision, it feels like it’s riding on the coattails of its spiritual predecessor. ps vitaps4switchthe lost childbagogames.comread full story >>

laura bailey to voice mary jane in spider-man

jksimmons|3h ago|news|7|uncharted and final fantasy actor laura bailey will voice mary jane in spider-man ps4spider-man (2018)twitter.comread full story >>

media create sales: 7/9/18 – 7/15/18

geobros|3h ago|news|3|octopath traveler sold 110,111 copies at retail during its opening week in japan and was the highest selling new release of the week, the latest media create sales figures reveal. also new last week, the switch version of captain toad: treasure tracker launched at 41,852 retail sales, while the 3ds version launched at 14,558 sales. 3dscaptain toad treasure trackermary skelter 2octopath travelerps vitaps4switchxbox onegematsu.comread full story >>

20 cheap ps4 games to get you through the summer drought

aarogree|2h ago|opinion piece|1|we aren't getting a lot of new ps4 games this summer. lucky for us we've got plenty to choose from already, many of which are inexpensive. ps4twinfinite.netread full story >>

ea sports dropped the ball with fifa 18's world cup mode

tom_hopkins|2h ago|opinion piece|0|the world cup mode in fifa 18 could have been great, but ea sports dropped the ball. fifa 18pcps3ps4switchxbox 360xbox onetwinfinite.netread full story >>

blacksea odyssey review (the loot gaming)

tlg|1h ago|review|0|blacksea odyssey tries to get innovative by combining elements of rpg into the mix. developer team blacksea odyssey has ported their pc title to ps4; is it worth your time? blacksea odysseyps4thelootgaming.comread full story >>

west of loathing review | growngaming

johnsantina|1h ago|review|0|by ivars dzerkalis: the new south park game left you with a bad taste in your mouth? this might be the game for you. pcswitchwest of loathinggrowngaming.comread full story >>

8bit/digi review | darkness rises

stanr|1h ago|review|0|darkness rises has everything gamers have loved about the hack and slash in the palm of their hands. darkness risesipadiphone8bitdigi.comread full story >>

the arpg “tales of thorn: global” is to hold its first big event on july 22nd

tgg_overlord|4h ago|news|2|mobile game developer wanda cinemas games celebrates the successful launch of their adrenaline fueled roleplaying title, tales of thorn: global, with the introduction of the first in-game big event. players can join the big event until sunday (july 22th utc) for a chance to obtain unique items, score points and climb global leaderboards. androidipadiphonemobiletales of thorn: globalthegg.netread full story >>

epic programmer says next generation consoles will enable devs to cross the uncanny valley

alexious|4h ago|news|34|epic games cto said that next generation consoles will finally enable developers to cross the fabled 'uncanny valley' for humans modeling. developerkim librerinext-genpcps4xbox onewccftech.comread full story >>wccftech.comcredit url:

destiny 2 discounted to below $6 on ps4

gamergaming|3h ago|article|8|amazon has further discounted the physical version of destiny 2 on the playstation 4, dropping the game to just $5.99. destiny 2ps4gameidealist.comread full story >>

top 10 best ps4 games of q2 2018

tom_hopkins|3h ago|opinion piece|1|the year started strongly, but the second quarter has been the standout so far, especially for ps4. these are the ten best ps4 games of q2 2018. detroit: become humangod of warps4twinfinite.netread full story >>

amazon opens preorders for xbox one wireless controller sport white special edition

gamergaming|2h ago|news|3|amazon has opened preorders for the sport white special edition of the xbox one wireless controller. xbox onegameidealist.comread full story >>

47% off the legend of zelda encyclopedia deluxe edition

gamergaming|2h ago|article|0|amazon has heavily discounted the deluxe edition of the legend of zelda encyclopedia, dropping the bundle to just $42.22. switchgameidealist.comread full story >>

nintendo on the possibility of a demo for smash bros. ultimate and dlc

jamiereleases|2h ago|news|0|from nintendo everything: "at comic-con yesterday, ign spoke with nintendo’s bill trinen about super smash bros. ultimate. the two sides spoke about a number of topics, including the possibility of a demo down the road and dlc. when asked if we could see a demo similar to the likes of arms global testpunch or mario tennis aces, trinen stated: “very good question." super smash bros. ultimateswitchnintendoeverything.comread full story >>

miyazaki doesn't have preferences between new and existing ips, says sekiro will have supernatural

alexious|2h ago|news|5|hidetaka miyazaki revealed that he has no preference whatsoever between working on a game based on a new ip or a sequel based on existing ip. he also talked about sekiro being grounded in reality while still retaining some supernatural elements. developerhidetaka miyazakipcps4sekiro: shadows die twicexbox onewccftech.comread full story >>

nutaku enters esports with lewd gaming championship

otakuapologist|1h ago|news|1|with the rising popularity of esports, nutaku has created a gaming tournament dedicated solely for eroge, starting with players taking on one of their titles – finally making that most solitary of pursuits a competitive one. players will be tasked with playing nutaku’s “tits ‘n’ tanks”, an arcade-style title where players control tanks and must destroy those on the enemy team on a 3d battlefield; 64 contestants will be fighting for a $25,000 prize pool – sponsored by youporn, winners will also be awarded a yearly membership to the website. androiddo not use this tag (gaming)esportsgame publisherindustry personnutakutits ‘n’ tankshentaireviews.moeread full story >>

mxgp pro review (xbox one) - xboxaddict

blue_stripes|18m ago|review|0|xba says: first place winner or stuck in a rut? mxgp proxbox onexboxaddict.comread full story >>