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official release trailer and images for bullet witch

nxlgaming|34m ago|article|0|bullet witch releases today, and so adds another shootem up. which is always fun! here are a few images as well as the official launch trailer for bullet witch. have fun today guys, should be a fun game to just get away for an hour or two! for you that are interested in picking this up, here are some key features it has: this is my broomstick - alicia's gunrod can transform on the fly into four different weapons, each of which can be enchanted for extra punch and special perks. mow down enemies to charge her magic meter then can call down thunderbolts, tornadoes and even meteors to blast the rest of them to kingdom come. few gaming heroines have ever wielded as much raw power as alicia at her peak. the path of destruction - nothing is safe from alicia's wr...

legendary zapdos will be available once again for the pokemon go field research task

krushbait|33m ago|news|0|pokemon go fans who have been earning stamps for the pokemon go field research may be a little disappointed for the moltres rotation, however, niantic is preparing for the return of the flying/electric-type legendary zapdos on may 1st. androidipadiphonepokemon gogamenguides.comread full story >>

nintendo labo’s best accessories are only in japan

moonman|33m ago|news|1|polygon writes: "ladies and gentlemen, nintendo presents … masking tape." nintendo laboswitchpolygon.comread full story >>

it lurks below arrives to steam early access

wolfyseyes|33m ago|news|0|diablo alum david brevik announces the it lurks below early access launch of his solo-developed sandbox rpg to steam today. game publisherit lurks belowpcsteammmogames.comread full story >>

destiny 2 players are convinced sleeper simulant is returning with warmind

tomdcruise|33m ago|news|0|while destiny 2: warmind is certainly going to feature the expansion standards like new campaign missions, new strikes, and a new raid lair, players are always looking for new loot. destiny 2pcps4xbox onepolygon.comread full story >>

why you should play knack from your backlog

hardmankensington|32m ago|opinion piece|0|backlogcritic: "even though knack has some quite glaring faults, i still really enjoyed playing. it’s certainly not the best game out there, but it’s definitely not as bad as the internet makes out it to be. there were moments of sheer joy when knack is towering tall over enemies, and times where i felt like a child again." knackps4backlogcritic.comread full story >>

pc building simulator is a relaxed experience that teaches the basics

kimblejay|31m ago|opinion piece|0|pc building simulator presents us with the challenge of running our own pc repairs and upgrades shop. it's all relaxed fun and games, until you get a customer as awkward as rosaleen. pcpc building simulatorgamespew.comread full story >>

uayeb review | gamegrin | n4g

phobeb|16m ago|review|0|sean carey from gamegrin writes, "the videogame market is saturated with open world survival games, to the point where it’s hard to make a new title that is different and unique from the rest. uayeb does nothing new. in the ten hours that i managed to plod through, the only word that i could come up with to describe uayeb is “painful”. let me explain why." pcuayebgamegrin.comread full story >>

why assassins creed: black flag is still the best assassin's creed game

phobeb|15m ago|opinion piece|0|alex hamilton from gamegrin writes, "if you go back to 2007, it might have been difficult to see assassin’s creed becoming a generation-hopping, globally-popular franchise. when it was a new ip, fresh from the minds of patrice désilets and maxime béland at ubisoft montreal, it was received warmly, if not rapturously, by the games press. yet the studio knew it was onto something, and returned, two years later, with a sequel that blew its predecessor out of the water." assassin's creed iv: black flagpcgamegrin.comread full story >>

review - bullet witch (pc) | waytoomanygames

lptmg|15m ago|review|0|wtmg's leo faria: "i am not going to try to sugarcoat it: bullet witch isn't exactly a very good game, but i still managed to enjoy it a lot more than expected due to how cheesy and over-the-top it can be at times." bullet witchpcwaytoomany.gamesread full story >>

blade strangers gets dated, also comes to ps4 and pc - screens and trailer

rainofterror|2h ago|news|0|blade strangers is an online and offline brawler that features intuitive controls, high-quality visuals and stunning character animations. blade strangerspcps4switchworthplaying.comread full story >>

17% off far cry 5 on ps4 and xbox one

gamergaming|2h ago|article|0|amazon has discounted the recently released far cry 5 to $49.99. far cry 5ps4xbox onegameidealist.comread full story >>

ps5 progress may be boosted with top news from chip manufacturer

jonnyvito|1h ago|rumor|21|seems like full production of the ps5 might not be too far away.  the taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company has started 'high volume' production of chips. game product manufacturersony interactive entertainmentpsu.comread full story >>

sonic mania plus release date announced for ps4, xbox one and nintendo switch

finite|1h ago|news|3|the call has gone out to all sonic fans, as sega announce sonic mania plus the definitive edition will be coming to europe and north america for nintendo switch, xbox one and playstation 4, july 17, 2018. pcps4sonic mania plusswitchxbox full story >> sources (2)'sonic mania plus' receives july launch dategeeknifty.comsactogamerfans can pre-order the definitive sonic mania experiencesknr.netchristopher

nintendo’s switch can be hacked to run custom apps and games

tomdcruise|1h ago|news|0|nintendo’s switch was hacked to run linux in february, and now it’s clear that hackers could go further and run homebrew apps and games on the device. eurogamer reports that two exploits have been detailed this week that allow hackers to exploit a hardware flaw in nvidia’s tegra x1 (that powers the switch) and gain access to the switch’s operating system. game developergame publishernintendoswitchtheverge.comread full story >>

xbox one april update begins rolling out today

thegadgetgod|1h ago|news|0|april is here, and it comes with a feature-packed update to xbox one that will start rolling out to xbox one owners around the world over the next few days. xbox onemajornelson.comread full story >>

bullet witch review pc - cram-gaming

bunt-custardly|1h ago|review|0|cg writes: i have fond memories of the original xbox 360 bullet witch game coming from developers cavia and releasing in 2007. if my memory serves me correctly it was a no-nonsense third person shooter with a feisty female lead fighting off hordes of demons. interestingly marvelous inc has decided to unleash the game on pc now in 2018 at a reduced price and including all the costume and dlc extra missions. i think it’s safe to say this move is geared towards a niche audience as the original game didn’t spawn a sequel and to be frank was a fairly average affair. bullet witchpccramgaming.comread full story >>

deep rock galactic content roadmap outlined for xbox one and pc

vasto|1h ago|article|0|catch an exclusive look at what's coming soon to deep rock galactic for xbox one and pc – alongside the changes so far. deep rock galacticpcxbox onewindowscentral.comread full story >>

god of war review - analog stick gaming

analogstickgaming|42m ago|review|0|"back in the summer of 2013, santa monica studios creative director, cory barlog, had the insurmountable task of starting work on the latest iteration of the beloved god of war series. this was a franchise that helped define the playstation 2, some 15 years ago. when this newest version was first shown off at e3 in 2016, it once again showed that the series lead, kratos, would once again be prepared to spill blood; but in a whole new land, with new challenges that would await him. this latest god of war brings with it not just a new setting, but entirely new gameplay mechanics and combat systems that are fresh and new to the series, yet, despite these considerable changes, god of war feels comfortably familiar, and incredibly satisfying. this is not only...

nintendo e3 2018 rumor: booth to be 'super smash bros.' and 'pokemon' themed

moonman|31m ago|rumor|2|newsweek writes: "a new rumor suggests that nintendo’s e3 2018 booth will be themed after “super smash bros.” and “pokémon.” it also confirms some returning characters for the new “smash bros.” game for switch." 3dscommercee3 2018switchwii unewsweek.comread full story >>