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tiles review - lifeisxbox | n4g

daejim|1h ago|review|0|lifeisxbox writes: it isn’t the typical game you would expect on the xbox console but it is fun to play between other big console games. creating your own levels and sharing it with the world is great and really gives the game lots of replay value. a surprisingly small but fun thing to play. oh, and be sure to play my created lifeisxbox level! pctilesxbox onelifeisxbox.euread full story >>

crossing souls review: a retro-adventure that embraces the past but doesn't learn from it | pc world

fergushalliday|1h ago|review|0|inspired by classic 80s films like the goonies and set in 1986 california, crossing souls follows a group of ragtag group of five friends who discover a mysterious crystal that allows to travel between the world of the living and the world of the dead. crossing full story >>

brief look at existentialism and interactivity in nier: automata

darkwatchman|1h ago|opinion piece|0|few games this generation simultaneously take advantage of the interactive nature of the medium while using that strength to deliver potent messages in ways that could not be expressed to the same effect through other forms of entertainment. existentialism is a philosophy whereby a human’s individuality is defined by his/her own free will through the pursuit of a larger goal. life is given meaning through the pursuit of fulfilling this purpose as well as acting independently of any predetermined “fate”. how does this tie into nier: automata’s design? nier: automatapcps4bagogames.comread full story >>

review: the station is an intriguing scifi adventure | pc & video game examiner

vaikanen|1h ago|review|0|the station is an engaging, and well-written science fiction adventure. it’s shorter than it deserves to be and could stand a better poker face before revealing its final hand, but all in all, it’s an eminently satisfying experience. pcps4the stationxbox onepcgameexaminer.comread full story >>

fight through a randomly-generated world with xenon valkyrie+ on xbox one

neil363|19m ago|news|0|fin writes: "ever wanted to explore randomly generated worlds, obtain various weapons and ultimately get to the deepest area of the moon to stop the plans of a dastardly witch?" ps vitaps4xbox onexenon valkyrie+thexboxhub.comread full story >>

don't stay up all night gaming... rad rodgers the '90s inspired platformer is out on xbox one & ps4

neil363|19m ago|news|0|fin writes: "we’ve all been there: pulling an all nighter on our favourite console seemed like a great idea at the time. but 40 games of fifa or a load of destiny raids later and we are left absolutely shattered. xbox off. straight into bed. but at least our xbox’s don’t go sentient and transport us into our own video game!" pcps4rad rodgersxbox onethexboxhub.comread full story >>

mixing rpg with tower defense - defender's quest: valley of the forgotten dx is now on xbox one

neil363|18m ago|news|0|neil writes: "new tower defense experience anyone? how about if it promises a decent smattering of rpg goodness? that'll be defender's quest then." defender’s quest: valley of the forgotten dxps vitaps4xbox onethexboxhub.comread full story >>

biomutant may just be 2018's sleeper hit

madsenhayes|18m ago|opinion piece|4|twinfinite writes: with a new gameplay trailer out, biomutant from thq nordic is looking like it could be one of the best sleeper hits of 2018. biomutantpcps4xbox onetwinfinite.netread full story >>

shu (switch) review - worthplaying

rainofterror|18m ago|review|0|shu is a hand-drawn platformer that will challenge and delight players with an engrossing 2.5-d world that's filled with collectibles, obstacles and threats. pcps vitaps3ps4shuswitchworthplaying.comread full story >>

pubg update #6 live on test servers; new map, other features coming soon

rubieadams|9m ago|news|0|with the developers release a brand new update for pubg, details have come to light regarding the future of the game. a new map is coming soon. bluehole studiogame developerpcplayerunknown's battlegroundkillping.comread full story >>

the station celebrates its ps4 release with a spooky, atmospheric launch trailer

chrish1990|4h ago|trailer|0|if you’re looking for a spooky, mysterious, atmospheric game to play this week, we’ve got just the recommendation: the station by, er, the station. yes, the studio named its first game after itself. talk about ego pcps4the stationxbox onepureplaystation.comread full story >>pureplaystation.comalernative sources (1)first-person sci-fi mystery, the station is out

ten years of 'no more heroes' and it's still awesome

rickydmtl|4h ago|opinion piece|4|10 years ago, nintendo released one of the most unique titles on the wii, titled no more heroes. since its release, it has become a cult classic, and for a very good reason. no more heroeswiigoombastomp.comread full story >>

release date listed for max factory bloodborne: hunter figma action figure

gamergaming|4h ago|news|0|amazon has put up the product page for the bloodborne: hunter figma action figure, revealing what appears to be a release date. bloodborneps4gameidealist.comread full story >>gameidealist.comcredit url:

youtube channel updates also affecting nintendo creators program

kdmitchell_toh|3h ago|news|0|nintendo aligns their creators program to match the upcoming youtube channel changes. commercedevelopernintendoyoutubetheouterhaven.netread full story >>

ripped pants at work review | gamegrin

phobeb|3h ago|review|0|billy clarke from gamegrin writes, "so you’ve ripped your pants (trousers) at work. you’re in a panic. you don’t have any spares. you can’t go out and let everyone see the damage. you don’t know what to do. after a few deep breaths, inspiration hits. you whip out your smartphone and ask google to solve your problem. what did everyone else do in this situation? you click on the link and here you are. on this page. bad news, this is a game review, and not just any old game review. it is one that makes light of the dark and horrifying reality that you find yourself in. the good news, however, is that you’ve stumbled upon a fun and charming game that you can come back to later. after the therapy sessions you will inevitably need after experiencing one of the...

hyperbolic ignition review | backlogcritic

hardmankensington|3h ago|review|0|backlogcritic: "a loving-crafted take on the games of old, hyperbolic ignition draws inspiration from gaming’s past to create something that’s both sleek and compelling. the shoot-’em-up genre is challenging by its very nature, and this experience is no different. hyperbolic ignition will challenge your reflexes and your ability to think on your feet, but endure each battle and you’ll come away stronger for it. this is one you shouldn’t miss." hyperbolic ignitionpcbacklogcritic.comread full story >>

how to cheat at age of empires: definitive edition

kimblejay|3h ago|article|0|age of empires: definitive edition features built-in cheats ranging from the battle-turning to the bizarre. here’s how to use them to make mincemeat of any foe history throws at you. age of empires: definitive editionpcgamespew.comread full story >>

dynasty warriors 9 discounted to below $50 on ps4 and xbox one

gamergaming|2h ago|article|3|amazon has discounted the recently released dynasty warriors 9 to 49.49 on ps4 and xbox one. dynasty warriors 9ps4xbox onegameidealist.comread full story >>

new mega man legacy collection 2 screens

jazzking2001|2h ago|screenshot|3|neocrisis - here are new screenshots for mega man legacy collection 2. the game will be coming to switch on may 22 and is already out for xo, ps4 and pc. mega man legacy collection 2pcps4switchxbox oneneocrisis.comread full story >>

red embrace review | hardcore gamer

masteroftheclaw|22m ago|review|0|hardcore gamer: vampires intrigue people regardless of the decade. over time we’ve seen hundreds of different takes on these beings, from hideous monsters to suave gentlemen. red embrace is a visual novel which places its vampires somewhere in between. pcred embracehardcoregamer.comread full story >>