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rudy giuliani says canceling of kim jong un meeting gives trump team more time to 'scope out' mueller sitdown

the former new york city mayor had backpedaled a day earlier on whether the president should sit down for an interview with mueller, saying he was suddenly open to the prospect after dismissing it only 24 hours earlier.

morgan freeman accused of trying to lift production assistant’s skirt, sexually harassing 7 other women

eight women have accused actor morgan freeman of sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct, including one who claims the iconic oscar-winner tried to lift her skirt and asked if she was wearing underwear, according to a new report.speaking to cnn, the women said the 80-year-old critically acclaimed star of "driving miss daisy," "shawshank redemption" and "million dollar baby" had a habit of addressing women with sexually charged comments and leering at their bodies to the point some of them formed a "survivors club."advertisementthe 20-something production assistant involved in the alleged skirt-lifting incident said it took place during the summer of 2015, when she started work on "going in style," a crime comedy starring freeman, michael caine and alan arkin."(he) kept trying...

owners of dog who died after being stuffed in overhead bin reach confidential settlement with united airlines

"we are encouraged that united has taken steps to provide better pet travel policies," oshan said. "we hope that all airlines will promote pet policies which show understanding, compassion and empathy for the passengers."

manhattan lawyer keith wofford wins state gop nod for attorney general

"this is a historic moment for the republican party to have two african american candidates, both harvard law school graduates, both attorneys in new york city, who were presented to the republican party leadership as candidates for attorney general," said holland, who initially was running for governor but switched to attorney general after party leaders united behind dutchess county executive marcus molinaro for that race.

voters turn out for ireland's abortion referendum

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trayvon martin killer george zimmerman claims he’s $2.5m in debt as he fights stalking charge

dennis warren, who is accusing zimmerman of stalking, had contacted him about a documentary series on the slain trayvon martin that’s being produced by rapper jay z. (anonymous/ap)

gym owner threatened with fine for sign that says: ‘tired of being fat and ugly? just be ugly!’

a gym owner's sign was meant to inspire more people to workout."tired of being fat and ugly?" the sign read. "just be ugly!"advertisementpell city fitness owner scott campbell hoped the billboard would encourage a healthy lifestyle and drum up business, but instead, it drew the attention of a local sign enforcement officer, who threatened a fine.campbell installed the sign outside his workout facility in in pell city, ala., on may 15, according to the washington post.two days later, the city official said he had to take down the sign within 24 hours or else be fined, without citing a specific violation. campbell took to social media to draw community support for the eye-catching advertisement."i'm here because of this amazing sign behind me and the city of pell city is now telling m...

trump cancels meeting with kim jong un, citing north korea’s ‘hostility’

president trump pulled out of his planned summit with north korea's kim jong un on thursday, citing the country's "tremendous anger and open hostility" — and ominously warning that the u.s. military "is ready, if necessary."trump said in a letter to kim released thursday by the white house that based on recent statements made by north korea, he felt it was "inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting."advertisement"i felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me, and ultimately, it is only that dialogue that matters," trump wrote to kim. "some day, i look very much forward to meeting you."the summit was planned for june 12 in singapore. it would have been the first meeting between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader.the fate of...

commemorative north korea summit coin selling at a discount after president trump cancels peace talks

the president pulled out of the peace talks thursday morning, citing north korea's "tremendous anger and open hostility" toward the united states — but the summit's cancellation hasn't stopped the white house from peddling the seemingly irrelevant collectible nor has it curbed potential buyers' interest.

shot fired outside pre-kindergarten graduation ceremony

a dispute regarding custody of a child led one of the parties to produce a handgun and fire it one time into the ground, the atlanta police department said.

de blasio echoes trump as he calls news media 'pitiful' in emails with political firm advisers

who said it: president trump or mayor de blasio?"first of all, the news media is pitiful and it's sad for our city and nation."advertisementthey might have wildly different politics, but hizzoner and the president share a rabid distaste for the media — and a desire to shape it, new emails released by city hall show.the emails, between de blasio and top outside advisers who work for political consulting berlinrosen, were released thursday after the city spent months trying to keep them secret, arguing the consultants served as "agents of the city."he finally reversed course after a manhattan appeals court recently ordered their release after ny1 sued.the 4,245 pages of emails make clear that from the early days of his arrival at city hall, the de blasio team was constantly seeking wa...

cynthia nixon blasts gov. cuomo’s transit rescue plan dismissal: ‘i can’t understand how he would not want to fix the subway’

cuomo, who controls the mta, gave a lukewarm response to the plan, which he said he had not fully reviewed. after mayor de blasio expressed reluctance to give more city money for the plan, instead pushing for a millionaires' tax, an mta spokesman released a statement accusing the mayor of declaring the plan dead on arrival.

bus driver charged with causing deaths of teacher and 10-year-old student in new jersey crash

he was driving one of three buses from east brook middle school in paramus to a field trip in byram sussex county when he allegedly "disregarded the marked no turn sign and turned bus #2 left in an apparent attempt to gain access to an official-use only access point located between the east and westbound lanes of route 80" in mount olive, new jersey, according to an affidavit filed by the new jersey state police.

stasi: self-proclaimed world's best deal-maker president trump got played by north korea

on the most serious side, in december a report was released by three international jurists with the support of international bar association, which called for the prosecution of kim jung un for crimes against humanity. the guardian reported that the claims included: "starving prisoners are regularly executed when caught scavenging for food; abortions being performed by injecting motor oil into the wombs of pregnant women, execution by firing squad of prisoners attempting to escape" as well as murder, infanticide, torture, christian persecution, rape, and "overwork leading to countless deaths".

trump signs bill easing post-2008 crisis restraints on banks

the law makes a fivefold increase, to $250 billion, in the level of assets at which banks are deemed to pose a major threat if they fail. the change eases regulations and oversight on more than two dozen financial institutions, including bb&t corp., suntrust banks, fifth third bancorp and american express. it was aimed at especially helping small and medium-sized banks, including community banks and credit unions.

gov. cuomo vows to make it illegal for new yorkers under 21 to buy guns as he accepts nomination for reelection

hempstead — a week after the sante fe high school shooting, gov. cuomo accepted the state democratic party's nomination for governor by promising additional gun laws, including raising the age to purchase firearms in new york to 21.cuomo ripped into president trump and congressional republicans for refusing to act again and again as the number of mass shootings in america has grown.advertisement"look how far we have sunk." cuomo said. "why can't our national leaders be as smart as our high school students? the answer is because they are a wholly owned subsidiary of the (national rifle association). they sold their souls and they sold their conscience for political contributions."cuomo touted new york's passage of his tough anti-gun control law known as the safe act in the aftermat...

harvey weinstein set to turn himself in on sex crime charges in new york

harvey weinstein is expected to surrender to authorities friday to face charges related to alleged sexual misconduct in connection to a probe by the manhattan district attorney's office and nypd, the daily news has confirmed.

see it: cops pummel, stun michigan man over turn-signal violation as he pulls into mom's driveway

a michigan driver says cops hit him with a taser and pummeled him for failing to signal while pulling into his mother's driveway.taylor, mich., police followed cody meredith as he drove home in the early morning of march 29, 2016, he told wdiv. officers claim they clocked meredith driving 35 mph in a 25-mph zone, and said he had "braked heavily in order to not run a stop sign."advertisementpolice responded by tailing meredith to the home — and moved quickly when he turned off his ignition."where you guys coming from? get up off me," dashcam footage captures meredith telling cops as they approach him aggressively."at that point, in my mind, i'm thinking, 'why did i get stopped?'" said meredith, who has filed a lawsuit over the incident. "why did i get followed home when they co...

letitia james wins dem nod to replace disgraced ag schneiderman

with enthusiastic screams of "run tish run" echoing through the hall, state democrats nominated city public advocate letitia james for attorney general.james picked up over 85% of the delegate vote to win the nomination over fordham law prof. zephyr teachout and former gov. cuomo and hillary clinton aide leecia eve.advertisementteachout and eve each failed to pick up the required 25% of the delegate vote that would have guaranteed them a spot on the ballot. the two said they will instead circulate petitions to get on the september primary accepting the nomination, james warned that constitutional rights are under attack in washington and that "the attorney general stands at the vanguard as a wall of protection, not a wall of exclusion.""i'm so proud you bestowed on me this ...

hotels owned by carolyn maloney challenger suraj patel face years of labor complaints

hotels tied to the hospitality executive challenging rep. carolyn maloney in an upcoming democratic primary have had a roomful of labor complaints in the past few years, records show.the u.s. labor department has lodged dozens of unpaid wage and overtime violations against hotels that congressional contender suraj patel and his family operate and partly own, records show.advertisementmeanwhile, some of their hotels have been slapped with lawsuits by former employees who say they were unfairly kicked to the curb for taking time off under the federal family and medical leave act.patel's father founded the hospitality company sun development & management corp. in indiana in 1989 and it has since amassed a portfolio of 32 hotels it manages around the country.patel, who will square off against...