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thieves make withdrawals of — not from — atms in maryland suburbs

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thieves make withdrawals of — not from — atms in maryland suburbs

maybe they wanted some cash for valentine’s day gifts. but rather than taking out some cash from an atm, the thieves decided to take the whole machine.

in two incidents tuesday morning, an atm was stolen from a laurel area store while thieves tried to take another from a store in another maryland suburbs of washington. police are trying to determine if the crimes are related.

the first incident happened just after 4 a.m. in the 3300 block of fort meade road, anne arundel county police said. a clerk at a convenience store said a white ford work-style van backed into the side of the building, breaking a window. two men got out of the van, while a third man remained in the vehicle.

the men then picked up the atm, put it in the van and drove off along route 198 toward route 295, police said.

the thieves said nothing to the clerk, police said. the suspects in that incident are said to be black men who were all wearing dark clothing at the time.

about an hour later, thieves tried to take an atm from a store in the 7700 block of annapolis road in lanham.

new carrollton police chief david rice said his officers saw a white van — similar to the one in the incident in the prince george’s case — backed up to the store.

a chain was tied to the atm just inside the store and the thieves were “trying to yank it out,” using the van, rice said. the store’s clerks were behind a bulletproof glass inside the store during the attempted robbery, and no one was injured.

the thieves were nearly successful, as two bolts were later found by police on the floor of the store, rice said. but as the thieves became aware that they were being watched, they jumped in the van, leaving the atm behind.

“they took off,” rice said, noting that his officers followed them down part of route 50 where they allegedly threw part of another atm out of the van.

at one point, the suspects bailed out of the vehicle at southern and pennsylvania avenues, police said. officers searched the area, but no one was apprehended. rice said at that point his officers pulled back and officers from other agencies, including prince george’s county police, took over.