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browns reportedly interested in trading for patriots qb jimmy garoppolo

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browns reportedly interested in trading for patriots qb jimmy garoppolo

jimmy garoppolo (10) has spent three seasons learning from tom brady (12). (maddie meyer/getty images)

the browns have notoriously used 26 starting quarterbacks since returning to the nfl in 1999. the team’s latest plan to fill that position could involve the team with the league’s most stable quarterback situation since 2001.

that’s when tom brady took over for the patriots, leading the team to its first super bowl win, and no, new england won’t be trading him to cleveland, or anywhere else, anytime soon. but brady’s backup, jimmy garoppolo, is available — for the right price, of course.

the browns could be armed with suitable compen ion for the third-year player, and according to mary kay cabot of, the team likes what it has seen. “sources say the browns’ interest in garoppolo is real and that they’ll try to trade for him depending on how their draft evaluations go over the next five weeks or so,” cabot wrote tuesday.

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cleveland has plenty of evaluating to do, because at the moment, the team is armed with two picks in the first round, two in the second and five in the top 65 of april’s nfl draft. by virtue of posting a league-worst 1-15 record this season, it holds the first overall selection, and it received what be e the 12th overall pick in a trade that brought the eagles last year’s no. 2 overall pick and the right to select quarterback carson wentz.

that matches up nicely with reported price for which the patriots would be willing to part with garoppolo: at least a first-round pick. the browns won’t be giving away their no. 1 overall selection, but if they decide not to take a quarterback with it, they could opt to deal the 12th pick for the eastern illinois product.

garoppolo was a second-round pick by the patriots in 2014 who was pressed into service this season because of brady’s four-game deflategate suspension. the 25-year-old only lasted two games before suffering a shoulder injury, but he played well in that short stretch, completing 42 of 59 p es for 496 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions in a pair of new england wins.

garoppolo will be going into the final year of his rookie contract, and with the 39-year-old brady showing remarkably few signs of deterioration, it makes sense for the patriots to get as much as they can, which figures to be considerable, for his backup. acquiring garoppolo could also make plenty of sense for the browns, for several reasons.

start with the aforementioned 26 quarterbacks, a reflection of the browns’ ongoing inability to properly evaluate the position, including drafting first-round busts in 2014 (johnny manziel) and 2012 (brandon weeden). the team brought in a new brain trust last season, including coach hue jackson, but why not get a signal-caller groomed in the organization widely regarded as the smartest in the nfl and who spent three seasons apprenticing under brady, himself regarded by many as the best quarterback of all time?

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it’s worth pointing out that other quarterbacks the patriots have traded away in the brady era, such as matt c el and ryan mallett, haven’t exactly panned out for their new teams, but garoppolo was a better-rated draft prospect and, as mentioned, looked very good in september. in addition, the browns are hardly the only team with long-standing quarterback problems, and the league-wide desperation for young talent at that position was never more evident than when the texans lured brock osweiler away from the broncos last year with a four-year, $72 million contract.

as cabot noted, the browns won’t want garoppolo if they decide to go with a quarterback at no. 1, but the top prospects at that position — north carolina’s mitch trubisky, clemson’s deshaun watson and notre dame’s deshone kizer — are not generally viewed as being quite worth a pick that high. the issue for cleveland could be the possibility that, by the time the team picks again at 12, all three may be off the board.

in theory, the browns could stand pat and simply bring back robert griffin iii, cody kessler and josh mccown, giving them a mixed bag from which to potentially pull out serviceable play. but griffin, in his first year with the team, proved to be as brittle and ineffective as he was with the redskins, mccown is a 37-year-old journeyman and kessler, while he performed fairly well for a rookie taken in the third round, showed limited upside.

“i’ll put a quarterback on this football team that can win,” jackson said tuesday, and that quarterback has yet to be determined. if it turns out to be garoppolo, and he arrives in exchange for the 12th pick, the browns can only hope he’s even half as good as the patriots’ no. 12.