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beat the game 4k gameplay

bunt-custardly|3h ago|video|0|take a look at some beat the game gameplay from developers worm. this is an interesting looking adventure game where you collect sounds and then mix them together to create a unique gaming soundtrack. coming to steam in 2017. beat the gamepcxbox onecramgaming.comread full story >>

beat the game 4k gameplay

bunt-custardly|1h ago|video|0|take a look at some beat the game gameplay from developers worm. this is an interesting looking adventure game where you collect sounds and then mix them together to create a unique gaming soundtrack. coming to steam in 2017. beat the gamepcxbox onecramgaming.comread full story >>

hands-on demo of bloody zombies offers great mix of vr and standard gameplay | e

hamm3rofbuddha|1m ago|preview|0|eb: like i mentioned the gameplay is simple but frenetic, and it definitely reminded me of the good old days at an arcade playing either the classic tmnt arcade game, or even the 4-player the simpsons arcade game. if you like that style of beat ’em up, you’ll appreciate what bloody zombies has to offer. plus, if you own the psvr, oculus, or vive, you can play it in vr to get a whole new perspective on the game and almost bring it to life thanks to the way the visuals are presented in virtual reality. bloody zombieshtc viveoculus riftpcps4psvrxbox oneentertainmentbuddha.comread full story >>

new nintendo switch exclusive yoshi game looks super-colorful in extensive gamep

abriael|34m ago|video|0|yoshi looks as cute as ever in about thirty minutes of raw gameplay of the still unnamed game. switchyoshidualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

watch: gameplay of canceled die hard 64 game surfaces online

pozzle|1h ago|video|7|john mcclane almost joined james bond as an iconic fps hero on the nintendo 64 before the game was canceled. watch early gameplay footage here. die hardps2retronowloading.coread full story >>

tekken 7 release date, characters, gameplay

poststupid|1h ago|article|0|tekken 7 release date, characters, gameplay: the tekken 7 game is ultimate fighting game, game is coming to xbox playstation 4 (ps4) microsoft windows (pc). casual gamespcps3ps4tekken 7xbox 360xbox onerhinogamer.comread full story >>

second opinion: spec ops the line had perfect gameplay

icoleman|43m ago|opinion piece|1|spec ops: the line may be beloved for its story, but its gameplay was almost universally panned. which doesn't make sense, because as "doctor" i coleman is here to explain, the line's gameplay was absolutely perfect. got a game you think needs a second opinion? let us know in the comments and it'll be covered just like joe's was. pcps3spec ops: the linexbox 360heypoorplayer.comread full story >>

an hour of soldam: blooming declaration gameplay

jinymos|1h ago|news|0|city connection debuted an hour of gameplay from its switch puzzle game soldam: blooming declaration. game developerswitchgematsu.comread full story >>

little nightmares 4k gameplay pc

bunt-custardly|1h ago|video|2|little nightmares just released and features a combination of puzzle solving, stealth and platforming. however, it’s the incredible lighting effects and dark themes which give the game it nightmarish flavour. take a look at the little nightmares 4k gameplay video showing the game on pc using maximum settings. little nightmare'spcps4xboxxbox onecramgaming.comread full story >>

prey ps4 pro demo gameplay

garethvk|1h ago|video|1|skewed and reviewed have posted some ps4 pro gameplay from the prey demo which shows off the creepy game to the fullest. pcpreyps4xbox onesknr.netread full story >>

new prey gameplay trailer | n4g

garethvk|1m ago|trailer|0|here is a new gameplay trailer for prey which shows off more of this incredible looking game. pcpreyps4xbox onesknr.netread full story >>

here is 12 minutes of leaked gameplay footage from star wars: battlefront 2

john2|19m ago|video|4|while electronic arts aims to officially reveal some new gameplay footage for star wars: battlefront 2 during its ea play event, it appears that someone has already leaked 12 minutes of gameplay footage from it. pcps4star wars battlefront iixbox onedsogaming.comread full story >>dsogaming.comalernative sources (2)star wars battlefront 2 gameplay footage leaksswtorstrategies.comlottastar wars battlefront ii: another pre-e3 2017 gameplay trailer leaked onlineneptunegames.itneptunegames

gdc 17: creating narrative through gameplay in oxenfree

rinkydinkydan|22m ago|article|0|in his gdc talk, sean krankel, discussed the methods night school studio used to combine gameplay and narrative in their hit 2016 game, oxenfree. commercegdc 2017oxenfreeps4thumbsticks.comread full story >>

total war: warhammer ii gameplay, impressions and more | monstervine

monstervine|1h ago|preview|1|monstervine: "i could tell immediately that i’d enjoy the second entry in the total war: warhammer trilogy more than it’s predecessor, a game which i’d deemed quite good last year. the core gameplay loop and mechanics of total war are still present, but some details of the game have been tweaked just enough to excite me." pctotal war: warhammer iimonstervine.comread full story >>

climax studio releases first gameplay footage for arcade surfer

bfrye26|34m ago|news|0|climax studio releases first gameplay footage for upcoming arcade style game, surf world series for xbox one, playstation 4 and steam pc. pcps4surf world seriesxbox onecgmagonline.comread full story >>cgmagonline.comalernative sources (1)surf world series rides the crest of a wave to get its first ever gameplay videothexboxhub.comneil363

gwent: the witcher card game – official gameplay trailer

annoyedgamer|34m ago|trailer|0|"from the creators of the witcher series of games, developer cd projekt red, comes a different type of collectible card game. based on skill rather than luck, gwent encourages use of strategy and deception to defeat your opponents. " gwent: the witcher card gamepcps4xboxxbox oneyoutube.comread full story >>youtube.comalernative sources (1)gwent: the witcher card game – gameplay traileritechheads.comgamerfanboi

watch 16 action-packed minutes of 'middle-earth: shadow of war' gameplay

dynisty|1h ago|trailer|0|a new gameplay video for middle-earth: shadow of war gives us extended look at the highly anticipated game. pcps4shadow of warxbox full story >>

rare's sea of thieves gets new trailer showing charming gameplay and talking res

abriael|1h ago|trailer|9|rare shows off more gameplay of its upcoming online game sea of thieves. pcsea of thievesxbox onedualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

mr. shifty review | nintendo switch network

nintendoswitchnet|15m ago|review|0|mr. shifty is an action packed top down 2d beat’em up style of game, which keeps you engaged through hours of gameplay. is mr. shifty worth the $15 price tag though? mr. shiftyswitchnintendoswitchnetwork.comread full story >>

mr. shifty review | nintendo switch network

nintendoswitchnet|2h ago|review|0|mr. shifty is an action packed top down 2d beat’em up style of game, which keeps you engaged through hours of gameplay. is mr. shifty worth the $15 price tag though? mr. shiftyswitchnintendoswitchnetwork.comread full story >>

ghost recon: wildlands: full release 4k gameplay from a ps4 pro

garethvk|8m ago|video|0|while they usually play shooters on the pc mainly and have played the early access versions only on the pc, skewed and reviewed have posted some ps 4 pro gameplay video of the full release of the game. the video starts a bit rough but clears up and really shows off the game. pcps4tom clancy's ghost recon: wildlandsxbox onesknr.netread full story >>

darksiders 3 gameplay reveal | n4g

geobros|1h ago|video|23|see gunfire games' new protagonist fury in action in this awesome, action packed 12 minute chunk of gameplay you won't find anywhere else. darksiders 3pcps4xbox oneign.comread full story >>ign.comalernative sources (1)darksiders iii 12 minutes of gameplay video revealedgametransfers.comrobertdsouza

rare's sea of thieves looks gorgeous and funny in five minutes of new gameplay

abriael|55m ago|video|6|rare released today a new gameplay video of its upcoming shared world adventure game sea of thieves. pcsea of thievesxbox onedualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

hironobu sakaguchi's terra battle 2 shows its gameplay in new video

abriael|18m ago|video|1|mistwalker showcases some more gameplay of its upcoming mobile game terra battle 2. androidipadiphonepcterra battle 2dualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

el shaddai creator’s new game the lost child for ps4 and ps vita gets first look

abriael|20m ago|video|1|kadokawa games introduces the first gameplay of takeyasu sawaki's the lost child for ps4 and ps vita. ps vitaps4the lost childdualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

newly-announced multiplayer jrpg atelier online gets first gameplay trailer

abriael|1h ago|trailer|0|following the announcement of atelier online, gust released the first trailer of the game, showing gameplay. androidatelier onlineipadiphonepcdualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

dragon quest xi gets spectacular ps4 and 3ds gameplay: turn-based battles, bosse

abriael|27m ago|video|1|today square enix showcased a sizable bunch of gameplay of dragon quest xi during a broadcast dedicated to the game. 3dsdragon quest xips4switchdualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

new game review – the walking dead: a new frontier episode 1 (xbox one) | waytoo

lptmg|25m ago|review|0|grandpa’s not dead "gameplay is the same ‘ol button prompt pressing, button smash, click adventure we have grown accustomed to from telltale. they don’t try and do anything new here with the gameplay portion. visually this is the best game i have seen from telltale, but with that said the game still looks like it could be played on a ps2. textures are muddy and young faces look porcelain, problems that would be easier to overlook if the game didn’t stutter, fail to load textures, or slow down in some areas. while season 3 is, overall, performing better than most telltale games, the fact that it faces these graphical problems while being such a non-taxing game is just unacceptable." the walking dead: the telltale series – a new frontierxbox onewaytooman...

robo recall gameplay first mission

bunt-custardly|54m ago|video|1|epic games released their oculus rift exclusive shooter robo recall yesterday as a free game for those who have purchased touch controllers. you shoot robots, upgrade weapons and even mod the game with epic’s free mod tools. take a look at the robo recall gameplay showcasing the first tutorial style mission. it’s a blast…literally. pcrobo recallcramgaming.comread full story >>

culdcept revolt unveils gameplay trailer

aerohayl|12m ago|trailer|1|kenny mckee writes "nis america has released a new trailer for upcoming 3ds game culdcept revolt, featuring gameplay basics and helpful strategies for players". 3dsculdcept revoltheypoorplayer.comread full story >>heypoorplayer.comcredit url:

gunjack: psvr gameplay video | n4g

garethvk|1h ago|video|4|skewed and reviewed has posted some gameplay of their first time playing gunjack on psvr. the upload stream had some issues, but you can get an idea of the action filled gameplay of the game. gunjackps4psvrsknr.netread full story >>

die young: first alpha gameplay footage unveiled

behindibrocken|25m ago|video|0|check out the first alpha gameplay video from die young, an open world, dynamic exploration-survival horror game - powerd by unreal engine 4. pcunreal engine full story >>

lost region: release date confirmed, new gameplay screenshots released

behindibrocken|58m ago|screenshot|0|the upcoming unreal engine 4 open world survival game lost region looks gorgeous in this new gameplay screenshots. pcps4unreal engine 4xbox full story >>

new god of war trailer was running on standard ps4; director gives details on wo

abriael|2h ago|news|20|following sony interactive entertainment's press conference at e3 2017, god of war director cory barlog talked more about the game. cory barlogdevelopergod of warps4dualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url: sources (1)god of war e3 2017 gameplay was captured with base ps4geekculturepodcast.comnew-breed

minna de waiwai! spelunker for nintendo switch gets new gameplay trailer and com

abriael|24m ago|trailer|0|the nintendo switch version of the latest spelunker game shows its gameplay in new videos. minna de waiwai! spelunkerswitchdualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

monster hunter world gets glorious gameplay; capcom talks perks of current-gen c

abriael|34m ago|videocast|2|monster hunter world looks lovely in new gameplay, as the producer explains the advantages of releasing the game on current generation consoles. monster hunter worldpcps4xbox onedualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

high school boys basketball super 10, rankings: through jan. 28

basha senior austin picarello (3) drives past hamilton senior kc kedem (12) and junior rashad smith (10) in the second half at hamilton high school in chandler on friday, jan. 27, 2017.(p o: ben moffat/azcentral sports)here are the azcentral sports boys basketball rankings through january 28.super 10 (all conferences)no. 1 phoenix shadow mountain (20-0): has won 44 consecutive games against arizona teams and there doesn’t appear to be a 4a team in sight that can challenge the state’s fastest 2 chandler basha (25-0): unbeaten in 6a, but it could be as wide-open as any 3 glendale apollo (20-3): holland woods, dre marin and company will face a hungry sunnyslope team tuesday looking to avenge that three-ot 5a loss earlier this 4 tempe corona del sol (21-2): b