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brexit briefing: trainspotting, white papers and empty dance floors

“you’ll be aware of the article in january in the huffington post quoting trade groups and businesses saying your department was hiring third rate people, and people were running around like headless chickens trying to get civil servants into place”, perkins said.“i thought that particular article was ill informed and i thought rather insulting to our staff,” fox replied, before adding: “i don’t like when articles like that talk about the skilled staff we have already working in whitehall as ‘second rate’.”“third rate actually,” perkins helpfully interjected.“yes, third rate, giving huffington post the benefit of the doubt, which is not something i would usually do,” replied fox.

halfway through heartbreak | the huffington post

grafvision via getty images 'i'm fine!' - my automated response when someone asks me how i am and even that is a massive overstatement. rewind two months and i would have said 'amazing!' or 'really good!' with enough gusto to ensure that whoever was asking knew that i meant it, because it was true. now i am filled with so much emotional pain that i physically ache, my mind is churning over different things i could have done and said but didn't and crying has become a daily ritual - 'fine' is the mask i wear to pretend that i am okay because it is much easier than explaining to people why i'm not, or what i'm going through. no, i haven't been diagnosed with a killer disease or lost my sight - i got dumped.according to a study published in the journal of positive psychology it takes around

كيف سيتعامل ترامب مع لبنان؟.. مخاوف من أن يدفع اللبنانيون ثمن تقاربهم مع إيران

***ما نوع هذا الخطأ؟تحديد خيارحقيقي أم مطبعيمشكلة الإشراف على التعليقاتالحقوق والأذوناتأخرى* ما التصحيح؟0 count* اكتب الكلمات أدناه لنتأكد من أنك لست نصف آلي قم بتسجيلي في موجز huffington post اليومي

دبلوماسي كبير بين المشتبه بهم في مقتل شقيق زعيم كوريا الشمالية

***ما نوع هذا الخطأ؟تحديد خيارحقيقي أم مطبعيمشكلة الإشراف على التعليقاتالحقوق والأذوناتأخرى* ما التصحيح؟0 count* اكتب الكلمات أدناه لنتأكد من أنك لست نصف آلي قم بتسجيلي في موجز huffington post اليومي

شاهد واحكُم.. فتاة على كرسي متحرك تنافس لأول مرة على لقب ملكة الجمال

***ما نوع هذا الخطأ؟تحديد خيارحقيقي أم مطبعيمشكلة الإشراف على التعليقاتالحقوق والأذوناتأخرى* ما التصحيح؟0 count* اكتب الكلمات أدناه لنتأكد من أنك لست نصف آلي قم بتسجيلي في موجز huffington post اليومي

postnatal ocd | the huffington post

shutterstock i never really thought of myself as someone who suffers from ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder). i mean, i do weird things like never walk on the pavement cracks, run back to the kettle before it boils and clicks off and always have to beat the person walking behind me to the next lamp-post, but everyone does that right?it was only after a recent conversation with a close friend that i realised i had ocd thoughts surrounding my baby but had never actually vocalised them. we were chatting about our children when she randomly said, "do you ever think about how easy it would be to accidentally hurt them?" now, i am well aware at just how odd that sounds but before you reach for the number of social services hear me out. never ever in our wildest dreams would it ever occ...

heartbreak | the huffington post

p o: pk289so you're heartbroken. because he or she left. or because you realised that you had to end it. the reasons don't much matter because it hurts the same! we know that time heals all wounds but we'd just like for time to move a bit faster for the foreseeable future because what earthly use is that to you? now?what you could do is let yourself cry your heart out! lie down on your bed and empty yourself of tears. get really angry, shout, stamp your feet, smash things, call your friends to complain, hurl insults at the universe and everybody else... please do that, but remember to set your timer ;-)of course you're hurt, of course you're angry so get it out of your system but don't let those feelings take over. this is where your timer comes in useful. if you give yourself 15 minutes o

valentine's day 2017: kanhaiya kumar gets talking about love, tinder and consent

“if you love someone passionately, you would never suffer the pain of heartbreak. you can love the moon, but don’t expect it to be your possession. it’s only when you want ownership of the person you love that you suffer the pain of heartbreak”these lines weren’t spoken by some love guru, or aren’t picked up from some romantic film or novel. this was what ex jnusu president kanhaiya kumar, who spent a little more than a fortnight in jail on charges of sedition last year said about love and heartbreak.our intention wasn’t to get the love guru out of the proven ‘anti-national’ of jnu. we caught up with him on several important issues, about his book and his journey since the fateful day of february 9 that changed course of his life and brought him to the limelight. we spoke to him about  his

the washington post's new slogan is a stark warning to donald trump

the washington post has reminded donald trump of the importance of a free press by unveiling a new masthead underlining what’s at stake if he talks down the industry.the newspaper’s slogan, “democracy dies in darkness”, has emerged as the us president has been railling against the media as an “enemy of the american people” who are purveyors of “fake news”. washington post although the slogan isn’t explicitly aimed at trump, the new catchphrase was emblazoned on the august organ’s website and snapchat discover stories last week as the furore over the media dominated his astonishing press conference. shani george, communications director at the paper, told the huffington post us on wednesday that it was something the long-standing newspaper - which was behind the ...

the morning after: friday, february 24 2017

50m ago in business huffington and holder are too "inside" to investigate susan fowler's complaints, says mitch s. dent,  50m agosavesaveshare

teaching at crisis point | the huffington post

image: pixabaythis is going to be a difficult post for me to write as its' subject matter lies close to my heart, but here goes.this morning, i woke to read another set of warnings in the mainstream media about the state of teacher shortages in england. now, in 2017, the number of teachers working in the core subject areas is at a "crisis point", and with no clear strategy as to how to address this by government, the situation is looking truly critical. this is the morning headline, across the educational's deeply upsetting that this state of affairs continues, but i'm not that surprised.teaching (core subjects or otherwise) is a true skill. the ability to teach is so much more than just knowing your subject area. it's a skill of it's own to be able to communicate your kno...

choose life | the huffington post

i recently chanced upon this photograph and instead of giving me a warm, fuzzy feeling that old photographs of your kids are supposed to do, it made me cry like the world was running out of red wine. you would be forgiven for thinking that my daughter elin was relatively newborn here. she was actually four months old. she should have been starting to try solid foods. rolling over. smiling . exploring textures. putting anything and everything in her mouth. babbling. teething on time. laughing.of course, she wasn't doing any of those things.she was about to go with us to alder hey children's hospital, for open surgery that would take hours. her brain had been so damaged during her birth that she could not swallow and was fed by a tube we had to learn to feed through her nose and into her s..

nottingham university hospitals terminates £200m carillion contract after hygien

on its website, carillion boasts: “over the past 15 years we have developed a significant presence in the healthcare market.“in the uk we are a leading provider to the national health service and we are ociated with some of the country’s largest and most prestigious nhs trusts who rely on us to deliver services that are critical for the safe care of over three million patients each year.”the firm, which also runs construction and financial services in britain, had a revenue of £3.3bn in the uk in 2015.the huffington post uk has contacted carillion for further comment.

kindness conquers all! | the huffington post

when i ask new clients what they want in a partner, most of them say they want someone who's loyal, romantic, intelligent and cultured. these are all worthy attributes that are great to have - but actually, the key to a happy, long lasting relationship is kindness. a study by elite singles shows that 81% of women and 62% of men consider kindness to be the number one personality trait - ahead of emotional connection, moral values and even sexual compatibility! their in-house relationship psychologist explains, ""after couples have been together for a while, they can begin to lose respect for each other. they tend to become careless with how they speak to one another and this can seriously harm the relationship."this is a pattern i've noticed myself. a male friend of mine (i'll call hi...

helen bailey wrote intimate blog about her love for ian stewart just weeks befor

just two months before children’s author helen bailey went missing she revealed intimate details about how deeply she had fallen in love with the man who would murder a blog for the huffington post uk in february last year, bailey recalled how six months after losing her husband john in 2011, she found herself falling for a widower she had met via an online bereavement group.standing in the women’s underwear department in marks and spencer, bailey confessed to having “a seriously x-rated thought” about ian stewart.“i stood amongst the lace-trimmed bras, horrified, sweating with guilt,” she wrote in the blog post. swns helen bailey with ian stewart, who has been convicted of murdering her in a plot to get hold of her £4million fortune.on thursday, stewart was sent...

attachment anxiety | the huffington post

until i started therapy recently, i had no idea that this was even a thing. i explained my situation and various bits and bobs and my therapist told me she thinks i could be suffering from attachment anxiety. i'm like: 'what?'. often you hear people talking about attachment and becoming easily attached to people and i think it's become something that's seen as quite 'normal'. we get attached to people, they leave us and it breaks our hearts. but for me, attachment anxiety is something altogether different.let me explain. for me, attachment anxiety isn't about thinking that people are going to leave me, forget about me, reject me - although in my personal circumstances, this would make more sense - it's more about people's wellbeing. have you ever thought to yourself that you real...

the emotion led world | the huffington post

for the last 18 months, the business world has predominantly echoed with the sound of one word... disruption. if your business is not disrupting the traditional models of your sector or the established status quo, then you and your business are living on borrowed time.historically, one of the key conversations around the subjects of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity was that even companies, who are known for being the greatest innovators do not continually create 'new' products. the typical example is apple. many commentators have rightfully remarked that the ipod, which revolutionised the music industry, was a derivative of an mp3 player, a product which already existed! breakthroughs usually come in the form of incremental improvements of existing products or processes. it is..

the finishing stretch | the huffington post

your definitive guide to using yoga as the extra edge for an injury free marathonby matt miller founder broga® fitness yogai will never forget working with two olympic running coaches on one of our training camps. they started off their run workshop with this lightbulb moment saying ,"no one ever taught you to run"."wow. you are right!", i thought.and the truth is simply, no, we are never taught to run (save for those who have had competition/team coaching as a youth ) and completely take for granted that something which is actually incredibly technical is left to chance. moving forward in life our amazing bodies adapt to the faults we have created and does the best it can to account for them. this would probably be fine, but what if you love running and really get into it! a 10k here...

beyoncé voices support for lgbtq students

beyoncé made a rare post to voice her support for lgbtq youth. the pop star — who hasn't posted on social media since announcing she was pregnant with twins on feb. 2 — urged her followers to share their support for the community following the trump administration's decision to roll back protections for transgender youth. "#lgbtq students need to know we support them. share your support to #protecttransyouth at & put #kindnessinaction glsen," she shared on facebook. the queen bey included a link to the donation page for the gay, lesbian and straight education network, which focuses on lgbtq issues in k-12 education.caitlyn jenner calls trump’s transgender policy a ‘disaster' director of glsen, dr. eliza byard, told the huffington post th...

husband and wife | the huffington post

"to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to god's holy ordinance; and to it, i plight thee my troth."statics revealed that here in finland, 50% of marriages come to an end in the first three years. finland is rated number one in the world when it comes to education. it is also number one on the list of best countries to raise a family (according to expats). finland is overall one of the best countries to live in, in the top five of many categories such as quality of life, rights, freedom, etc.). knowing as the fact that the quality of life is one of the best in the world and then being confronted with the divorce rates i must ask myself; "where the **** do ...

ant and dec tease 'sm:tv live' reunion for 20th anniversary

children of the 90s and 00s, listen up because we have some exciting news - ant and dec have confirmed they are discussing bringing back ‘sm:tv live’. the geordie duo revealed they are hoping to mark the saturday morning kids’ show’s 20th anniversary next year with a one-off special.  rex/shutterstock/ken mckay ant and dec with cat deeley on 'sm:tv live'speaking to the huffington post uk and other journalists, the pair admitted they have been very excited about about potentially getting back together with cat deeley and resurrecting some of the show’s famous sketches. ant said: “we were talking about this recently because it’s been 20 years since the launch of ‘sm:tv’ next year, so we were saying whether there was an appetite to do an anniversary special or som...

trump's tremendous vocabulary | the huffington post

efe i read a tremendous piece the other day entitled "the emperor has no vocabulary", but i tongue-in-cheekily beg to differ. while trump may ramble incoherently and speak in sentences usually associated with kindergarten, his vocabulary is the subject of much global discussion. consider the newly popular words (including "tremendous") we're all throwing about with abandon:bigly - ok, so he's saying "big league" which sounds even more ridiculous when stuck in the middle of a sentence and used as an adjective or an adverb. it sounds like "bigly" though, so everyone is going with that one when they want to make fun of trump. which is all the time. bigly is actually a real word. oh yes. the oxford english dictionary classifies it as an adverb meaning "with great force" or ...

the breakdown of gen-y | the huffington post

knape via getty images look outside. it's probably grey. if you're inside your bunched-up terrace on a busy road; or huddled with strangers with their steaming coffee in a station waiting room; or sat on a worn-in chair well past its sell-by-date in your office block, there's a high probability it's going to be grey outside.unless you're reading this from california. in which case; why?grey probably isn't your aesthetic, unless you're a gen-y twenty-something who hangs out in coffee shops gilded with marble and avocado. and even then, an overcast and begrudgingly british backdrop is not synonymous with your instagram theme. no.hike up the contrast; toothbrush the dark areas; make it bright, brighter, brighter still until you have to turn down the brightness on your phone disp...

ant and dec reveal scarlett moffatt is already calling the shots on 'saturday ni

scarlett moffatt has wasted no time in getting comfortable on ‘ant and dec’s saturday night takeaway’, with the duo admitting she is already calling the shots behind the scenes. the former ‘gogglebox’ star and ‘i’m a celebrity’ winner has joined the team of the hit itv show for the new series, and has certainly poured her enthusiasm into her new role.speaking to the huffington post uk and other journalists, ant and dec predicted she will end up taking over itv, despite the fact she is currently behaving “like a competition winner”.  itv/rex/shutterstock ant and decant explained: “we had the first script read today, and bless her, she wants to be involved in every part of it. she doesn’t just rock up and do her bits. she loves to learn and she loves telly....

usa today best-sellers - the washington post

inpackage:enthd penthd; ap_fixture:books best sellers;ap_fixtureid:02d15ec54f0842c2b352f1bfd432ee20; ap_subject:entertainment; topic:ap_topic:general entertainment;subtopic:other; language:en-us;1. “heartbreak hotel” by jonathan kellerman (ballantine)2. “burn” by helen hardt (waterhouse)3. “the shack” by william paul young (windblown media)4. “the secret wife” by gill paul (avon)5. “a dog’s purpose” by w. bruce cameron (forge)6. “big little lies” by liane moriarity (amy einhorn books/putnam)7. “hidden figures” by margot lee shetterly (william morrow paperbacks)8. “echoes in death” by j.d. robb (st. martin’s press)9. “lincoln in the bardo” by george saunders (random house)10. “a man called ove” by fredrik backman (washington square press)11. “hi...

katherine ryan blasts piers morgan, but has a lot of time for kim kardashian

anyone who’s seen katherine ryan’s comedy will know that she’s not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to pop culture, and in a new appearance on ‘build’, she voiced her opinions about a plethora of celebrities.during her interview with the huffington post uk’s ashley percival, the canadian stand-up was given a variety of famous names to reveal her thoughts on, and it seems she doesn’t have a lot of time for piers morgan, or his controversial newspaper columns. tim p. whitby via getty images katherine ryanafter admitting she “didn’t despise him” solely because he’s an “enemy of jeremy clarkson”, she explained: “he illuminates this trend of people making money from trolling. and [these people], they’re not silly, they look at the world and they go, ‘...

the 'sliding doors' moment... | the huffington post

ron galella via getty images last night i indulged in a bit of nostalgia and watched 'sliding doors' with gwyneth paltrow and john hannah. i can't believe it was released in 1998 and if you haven't seen this film, where have you been for the last nineteen years?for those of you who haven't seen this classic romantic comedy/drama, the film alternates between two parallel universes, based on the two paths the central character's life (helen) could take depending on whether or not she catches a train, causing different outcomes in her life.when i first saw this film, i was only 18 and it was just another rom-com, it bared no resemblance to my life or my relationship at the time. i wanted gwyneth's hair-cut, i dreamed of setting up my own pr agency in london and i wanted to marry...

mosque congregation in victoria, texas offered use of synagogue after fire destr

a spokesman for the city of victoria told the huffington post that all evidence has been collected from the site and the mosque has been handed back to the congregation for demolition and rebuilding.police and the fbi are involved in the investigation.“typically, it takes a minimum of weeks, and sometimes months, before we get the results back from a fire like this,” the city spokesman said.hashmi has been part of the community since 1984. in the early years, members would meet in each others’ houses to pray. then, they prayed in rental buildings. the most recent structure was built in 2000 and serves a congregation of about 140 people. 

wall street journal-best sellers - the washington post

best-selling books week ended february 19th.fiction1. “lincoln in the bardo” by george saunders (random house)2. “norse mythology” by neil gaiman (w.w. norton)3. “green eggs and ham” by dr. seuss (random house children’s books)4. “echoes in death” by j.d. robb (st. martin’s)5. “double down: diary of a wimpy kid” by jeff kinney (amulet)6. “one fish two fish red fish blue fish” by dr. seuss (random house children’s books)7. “love from the very hungry caterpillar” by eric carle (grosset & dunlap)8. “oh, the places you’ll go” by dr. seuss (random house children’s books)9. “fantastic beasts” by j.k. rowling (arthur a. levine books)10. “heartbreak hotel” by jonathan kellerman (ballantine books)nonfiction1. “this life i live” by rory feek (tho...

‘star wars’ han solo spin-off film: here’s who’s who in the new cast photo

‘star wars’ fans have finally been given their first glimpse at the cast of the han solo spin-off film, who have assembled in london to start filming. the cast are shown in the cockpit of the millennium falcon in the snap, and while there’s very little known about the film, the actors themselves aren’t quite so elusive. alden ehrenreich is leading the gang, taking on the role of han himself, while donald glover will play a young lando calrissian, and phoebe waller-bridge has landed a mystery role. so what do we know about them? get to know the cast a little better below… pa/huffington post uk 1. woody harrelson screen veteran woody - who is reportedly playing han’s mentor - barely needs an introduction, thanks to his roles in ‘the people vs. larry flynt’ and ‘the me...

#hurtbae is the latest way the internet is going to break your heart

a viral video showing a former couple speaking candidly about infidelity in their relationship is currently giving the internet all of the feels. the video was created for website the scene, part of conde naste entertainment which makes video content for publishers such as buzzfeed, vogue and the onion. it shows a woman called kourtney jorge and leonard facing each other and jorge asking leonard why he cheated on her, and for how long and how many times, and why he stomped all over her the time she asks him how many times he cheated on her and leonard replies,  "i don't know...i wasn't counting." oof.  the couple's frank discussion about infidelity in their relationship sparked heartbreak for people on twitter.  photo: thescene.comit is, of course, heartbreaking. especially for

uncle shares hilarious nsfw drawing of 5-year-old's 'rocket' he drew in receptio

when your kid brings home a drawing from school, you know it’s going to be hilarious or absolutely adorable. or both.luke bohanna, 30, from sussex, had popped round his sister karrie’s house for a takeaway and managed to get a peek at what his five-year-old nephew freddie had been working on. “being the proud mum that she is, my sister got onto the conversation of freddie’s school work and how he seems to be doing well at school with his reading and writing,” bohanna told the huffington post uk.“she pulled out his book bag and showed me his latest drawings and it put me into an instant fit of laughter when i saw his ‘rocket’.” luke bohanna bohanna added: “i couldn’t believe she hadn’t already shared this! too funny to ignore, i took a photo.”in fact, fredd...

where did steve bannon get his worldview? from my book.

neil howe is the author, along with william strauss, of “generations,” “the fourth turning” and “millennials rising.” the headlines this month have been alarming. “steve bannon’s obsession with a dark theory of history should be worrisome” (business insider). “steve bannon believes the apocalypse is coming and war is inevitable” (the huffington post). “steve bannon wants to start world war iii” (the nation). a common thread in these media reports is that president trump’s chief strategist is an avid reader and that the book that most inspires his worldview is “the fourth turning: an american prophecy.”i wrote that book with william strauss back in 1997. it is true that bannon is enthralled by it. in 2010, he released a documentary, “generation zero,” tha...

where did steve bannon get his worldview? from my book.

neil howe is the author, along with william strauss, of “generations,” “the fourth turning” and “millennials rising.” the headlines this month have been alarming. “steve bannon’s obsession with a dark theory of history should be worrisome” (business insider). “steve bannon believes the apocalypse is coming and war is inevitable” (the huffington post). “steve bannon wants to start world war iii” (the nation). a common thread in these media reports is that president trump’s chief strategist is an avid reader and that the one book that most inspires his worldview is “the fourth turning: an american prophecy.”i wrote that book with william strauss back in 1997. it is true that bannon is enthralled by it. in 2010, he released a documentary, “generation zero,”...

national autistic society responds to 'vaxxed' film after andrew wakefield atten

the national autistic society has said it is “deeply concerning” that discredited claims about a link between vaccination and autism have resurfaced in a film.andrew wakefield, 60, a former doctor known for linking vaccines with autism, reignited the claims after appearing in london for the british premiere of ‘vaxxed’, a documentary he directed, on 14 february. “it’s deeply concerning to see this comprehensively disproved claim cropping up again in this film,” carol povey, director of the national autistic society’s centre for autism told the huffington post uk.“it’s important to make sure that the film and publicity around it does not divert attention and resources from efforts that could actually improve the lives of autistic people and their families.”  anthony devlin/pa archive andre

5 things that have made white house staff uneasy about donald trump

by: express web desk | new delhi | updated: february 8, 2017 9:11 pm us president donald trump. (reuters file p o)us president donald trump’s ‘volatile’ behaviour has created an environment suited for leaks from his executive agencies and even within the white house itself. although leaks from white house are not uncommon, the sources who leak information suggest the president might be unfit to occupy such a powerful position. while leaks usually involve executives trying to sabotage each other’s plans or attempting to scuttle policy decisions they find problematic, trump’s new administration has apparently given birth to a third category: leaks from within the white house and his officials alarmed by his conduct, says an explosive report in the huffington are five instances tha

the next american girl doll will be a boy

for american girl dolls, the future is male.on thursday, the 31-year-old brand will begin selling its first boy doll, a drummer named logan everett. the 18-inch-tall figure has side-swept hair, a plaid button-up and jeans.“adding a boy to our lineup has been a no. 1 request for a very, very, very long time,” julie parks, a rep at american girl, told the huffington post.this release is part of the brand’s initiative to diversify its dolls to appeal to a wider audience. besides logan, the 2017 collection includes z yang, a korean-american youtube star, and gabriela mcbride, a black poet.“for a long time, we’ve been hearing, ‘we want more,’ ” parks said.share this:

donald trump to hold agencies head accountable on cyber security

by: pti | washington | published:february 1, 2017 11:54 am president donald trump (source: ap p o/file)us president donald trump on wednesday vowed to protect government computer networks and hold agency heads accountable on cybersecurity, amid allegations of russian interference in the presidential election to influence its outcome. the president also blamed the democratic party for its failure to defend against alleged russian government-backed ing ahead of the crucial elections that brought him to power. “we must defend and protect federal networks and data. we operate these networks on behalf of the american people and they are very important and very sacred,” trump said at a meeting with cybersecurity what else is making news:“i will hold my cabinet secretaries and agen