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sylvanara|38m ago|news|0|a new indie title from the small company eastfall has the aesthetic of old text-based rpgs, but with promised roguelike gameplay. journey boxpcthegamerholics.comread full story >>

boy scouts saluted for decision to admit transgender boys

transgender rights activists hailed the decision by the boy scouts of america to admit transgender boys into all their programs. lee schubert, a champion of transgender rights, said the announcement was part of a postive shift toward public awareness of gender identity. “while this trend is very encouraging, take heed — it is also likely to bring up outrage, resentment and fear," said schubert, author of the book “woman incognito.” “but parents, don’t give up. you are your child’s prime advocate, and you can help them as they begin this journey.”boy scouts will allow transgender boys in boys-only programs the decision e after 8-year-old joe maldonado was told “only boys allowed” and sued the texas-based boy scouts of america. maldonado, who legally changed his name from jodi two years ago

reality show comparisons in trump announcement inescapable

new york — president donald trump’s past life as a television showman provided an irresistible comparison for the media covering his nomination of neil gorsuch to the u.s. supreme court.trump’s announcement from the white house on tuesday had a prime-time slot with broadcast and cable news networks all on hand, genuine suspense over the choice and, finally, the big reveal when gorsuch and his wife, louise, emerged from a doorway at the host’s — make that the president’s — request. “was that a surprise?” trump asked audience members and television viewers.supreme court nominations are usually not prime-time affairs and usually not surprises; a president’s selection typically leaks to the news media before the two people make it to the podium. throughout tuesday, however, anticipation built,

jaitley just announced the biggest electoral reform ever. but what is electoral

the narendra modi government’s demoneti ion move banning rs 500 and rs 1000 notes invited praise and brickbats in equal measure. one of the sticking points that critics of demoneti ion used to target the pm’s policy was that the same parameters used to crackdown on tax evaders weren’t being used for funding of political parties. the biggest loophole in the electoral funding procedure is that parties are not obliged to reveal the donations up to rs 20,000 which helped black money to seep in political funding anonymously. however, the government seems to have taken the criticism seriously and decided to crack down on unaccounted electoral corporate funds. his big announcement is that political parties cannot accept more than rs 2000 as cash donation. the next part of the announcement, howeve

jaitley just announced the biggest electoral reform ever. but what is an elector

the central government’s demoneti ion move banning rs 500 and rs 1000 notes has invited praise and brickbats in equal measure. one of the sticking points that the critics of demoneti ion used to target the pm’s policy was that the same parameters used to crackdown on tax evaders weren’t being used for funding of political parties. the biggest loophole in the electoral funding procedure is that parties are not obliged to reveal the donations up to rs 20,000 which helped black money to seep into political funding anonymously.however, the government seems to have taken the criticism seriously and decided to crack down on unaccounted electoral corporate funds. his big announcement is that political parties cannot accept more than rs 2000 as a cash donation. the next part of the announcement, h

donald trump’s supreme court ‘survivor’ reaches a dramatic conclusion

if the suspense building ahead of president trump's supreme court announcement seemed familiar, then you might be a fan of reality television. (gillian brockell/the washington post)the season finale of "supreme court: donald trump edition" was — if i'm being honest — a little anticlimactic.trump announced tuesday night that he had selected colorado appeals court judge neil gorsuch to fill the seat left vacant by the death of antonin scalia 11 months ago. in the run-up to trump's prime-time announcement, which was carried live by every network, most of the reporting pointed to gorsuch as the pick — with most people hedging their bets only because trump is, well, trump.but, if trump's pick for the court wound up being predictable and traditional, the path that led to the gorsuch pick was any

budweiser’s super bowl ad shows founder’s journey to u.s.

this year’s budweiser super bowl ad tells the story o erman immigrant who co-founded the famous all-american beer company and his journey to the u.s. “we created the budweiser commercial to highlight the ambition of our founder, adolphus busch, and his unrelenting pursuit of the american dream,” marcel marcondes, vice president of marketing at anheuser-busch, said in a statement to the daily news.(budweiser) marcondes added that the commercial highlights the company’s 141-year history and that the idea had been in the works for nearly a year. the unveiling of the new ad comes after president trump signed an executive order prohibiting citizens of seven muslim-majority countries from entering the u.s. but budweiser insists the timing is merely a coincidence.  new york officially joins lega

mallikarjun kharge accuses govt of delaying e ahamed’s death announcement, terms

by: express web desk | new delhi | updated: february 1, 2017 1:45 pm congress leader mallikarjun kharge.congress leader mallikarjun kharge wednesday accused the ruling dispen ion of deliberately trying to delay senior parliamentarian e ahamed’s death announcement, suggesting that the nda administration did not want to postpone the union budget. the lok sabha opposition leader also described these allegations as an “inhuman act”.“in our opinion, including jdu leaders and former pm deve gowda, the budget should be postponed,” kharge told reporters ahead of the presentation of union budget. “government already knew that he had p ed away but they were trying to maybe delay announcement,” he alleged.“it is not march 31, there is a lot of time to present the budget. government can postpone it,”

trump to announce his scotus pick tonight via facebook live

donald trump will announce his nominee for the vacant supreme court justice seat tonight via facebook live. the stream begins at 8pm eastern via the potus facebook channel. as cnn reports, both candidates (neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman) have apparently been told they're trump's favorite for the lifetime seat. apparently, there will be apprentice-style staging for the announcement: one prospect will walk away without the job while the world watches. political theater like this is nothing new for trump, but turning the presidency into a reality show is sure to ruffle some feathers.

stunning youtube video shows weather balloon soaring into the stratosphere

this incredible youtube video follows the journey of a weather balloon as it soars to the borders of space.over three hours, the era climbs to a staggering 35,000 metres, propelled only by helium.astrop og her julian weßel uploaded an edited version of the video last autumn, but today (31 jan) is the first time you can watch it from start to finish.announcing the project early last year, weßel said: “since i was a small child i wanted to be an astronaut, observing our beautiful planet from above and reaching for the stars in outer space.”you can read more about how he built the structure, which includes a weather balloon, era, gps tracker and parachute, on his website. give the clip a watch – you won’t regret it. uk scienceyoutubesuggest a correctionadvertisement

acting after illness #7 imperfection

it's been 2 years, almost to the day, since i had stereotactic radiosurgery on the avm in my brain. as planned, i had an mri scan at st georges hospital this week and now i have to wait for the results to see where we go from here. to mark this milestone in my journey of recovery i went to the cinema.i saw la la land. like many, i am not the al type. and yet. and yet. and my surprise, i thought it was delightful. i hear the critics and cynics are saying the singing is better on x-factor and the dancing is better on strictly (come dancing).maybe, that's true. what do they know?but for me, that's where the charm of la la land lies. in the imperfections.the japanese have a tradition called wabi sabi. wabi sabi is all about finding beauty in the humble, the imperfect and in the easily o

how the immigrant experience shapes what i teach my children

(sarah l. voisin/the washington post)every morning, on our way to my daughter’s school, i purposely drive past the same intersection. there, flying majestic and tall, is the american flag. and every morning without fail, my 3-year-old daughter squeals, “that’s our flag! the united states of america.”to my daughter, the flag represents the only country she has ever known, one that she already feels deeply connected to. to me, hearing her say, “that’s our flag,” fills my heart with tremendous pride and gratitude. it brings forth memories of the struggle and sacrifice endured by my family on our journey to the west. a journey that is permanently etched into the fabric of my of my father’s greatest dreams was to come to america. he told me that in this land of opportunity, people fro

israel announces plan to build 3,000 homes in west bank settlements, report says

israel announced plans tuesday to build 3,000 more settlement homes in the west bank settlements, reuters reported, marking the third time the country announced similar plans since president trump was sworn in.while trump has signaled that he will be far more tolerant of israeli settlement construction than his predecessors, he also has expressed a desire to broker a peace accord between israel and the palestinians, and siding closely with israel on such a contentious matter could hurt u.s. credibility.israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu repeatedly clashed with president obama over settlement construction.obama, like the rest of the international community, considered the building of settlements on occupied lands claimed by the palestinians to be an obstacle to peace. those tensions

3,300 visit sharjah children’s biennial

sharjah: sharjah children’s biennial (scb) has revealed that the event has attracted over 3,360 visitors since january 15.the current edition, themed ‘a world as big as your imagination’, runs until february 15 at the sharjah art museum, and is a showcase of 376 artworks by children of 27 arab and foreign nationalities.commenting on the announcement, reem binkaram, president of scb, said, “in the two weeks since scb’s opening, we have received overwhelming footfall representing various nationalities and age groups. most visitors have expressed special appreciation for our efforts in involving children from za’atari refugee p in jordan and dar zayed orphanage in maldives, whose artworks helped them gain real insights into the innermost thoughts and aspirations of these children growing up a

super bowl live ride aims to inspire astronauts of the future

that first sen ion is erflies for an impending 90-foot drop. but then riders don a virtual reality headset and become immersed in a journey to mars. they watch their spacecraft lift off. earth becomes smaller, and they approach the red planet.when wearing the headset, it's not clear how high riders have climbed on this drop-tower ride. instead of the downtown skyline, they see pictures from the surface of mars. they start to remember the upcoming free fall portion when, suddenly, they're falling. the virtual reality headset shows them rushing back to nrg stadium for super bowl li.this ride, called future flight, is part of the free fan festival called super bowl live that officially begins urday and continues through super bowl sunday, feb. 5. the goal is to entertain people, educate them

introducing topics · github

discover networks of similar repositories in a completely new way with topics. topics are labels that create subject-based connections between github repositories and let you explore projects by type, technology, and on a topic that interests you to find related repositories. adding topics to your repositories will help other users discover your projects, may see suggested topics when adding a topic to a public repository. these suggestions are the result of machine learning and natural language processing applied to repository content. we're at the start of this new journey and rejecting suggestions that don't fit well will help us train our model for more meaningful results.our help documentation will show you how topics works today, and there's more to come. topics wi

how trump kept gorsuch nomination a secret until the clock struck 8

tuesday night’s presidential announcement of a supreme court nomination had all the makings of a donald j. trump production — except for this: the secret held.when president trump strode down the red-carpeted hallway of the white house to take the lectern beneath the crystal chandeliers of the east room and face a bank of live eras — in prime time, at 8:02 p.m. sharp — his viewers did not know for certain which of the finalists might step forward to claim a lifetime seat on the nation’s highest was judge neil gorsuch who did so, walking from a side room with his wife, louise, to join the president at center stage.“so was it a surprise?” trump asked in his was.president trump, right, shakes the hand of judge neil gorsuch during a supreme court nominee announcement in the

budweiser's 2017 super bowl ad shows founder's immigrant journey

where are the clydesdales? budweiser released its 2017 super bowl ad "born the hard way" on tuesday, january 31. the 60-second commercial, which you can watch above, highlights cofounder adolphus busch's 1876 emigration from hamburg, germany, to the united states.after busch leaves his homeland and arrives in america, a stranger shouts at him, "you're not wanted here. go back home!" he is then seen getting his paperwork stamped before traveling to st. louis, missouri, where he meets the man who would later become his business partner, eberhard anheuser.the ad concludes with the tagline "when nothing stops your dream, this is the beer we drink.""this commercial shows the start of budweiser's journey, and while it is set in the 1800s, it's a story we believe will resonate with today's entrep

funniest twitter reactions on budget 2017

the budget 2017 was quite an event.while the unfortunate demise of veteran parliamentarian e ahamed was deeply saddening, the budget was announced as per its scheduled time despite protests from the opposition. total expenditure of this year’s budget is 21 lakh 47 thousand crore rupees. rs 2.44 was trending as ‘the pradhan mantri mudra yojana’ lending target has been doubled at rs 2.44 lakh crore for 2017.right from the somewhat shaky beginning to the announcement of target of agricultural loans to farmers being set at a record rs 10 lakh crore in 2017, we all were glued to our tv sets as it unfolded. you know who else was watching it closely? yes, twitterati.our ‘twitter journos’ were closely watching and ready with their ammunition of ‘budget jokes’ and they began well before 11 am.its i

fm arun jaitley presents union budget 2017 despite congress protests

as union budget 2017 is tabled by the finance minister arun jaitley, congress leader mallikarjur kharge lashed out at the govt and made remarks on the death of former union minister and indian union muslim league leader e. ahamed.kharge said, “i think govt already knew that he had p ed away, but they were trying to maybe delay announcement.”he also added, “its not march 31, there is a lot of time to present budget. govt can postpone it. in our opinion, including jdu leaders and former pm deve gowda, the budget should be postponed.”you may also likethe former union minister and indian union muslim league leader e. ahamed died of heart attack on 1st february, 2017.

oxygen atoms from earth bombard the moon

life on earth may have made its mark on the moon billions of years before neil armstrong’s famous first step.observations by japan’s moon-orbiting kaguya spacecraft suggest that oxygen atoms from earth’s upper atmosphere bombard the moon’s surface for a few days each month. this oxygen onslaught began in earnest around 2.4 billion years ago when p osynthetic microbes first flourished (sn online: 9/8/15), planetary scientist kentaro terada of osaka university in japan and colleagues propose january 30 in nature astronomy.the oxygen atoms begin their incredible journey in the upper atmosphere, where they are ionized by ultraviolet radiation, the researchers suggest. electric fields or plasma waves accelerate the oxygen ions into the magnetic cocoon that envelops earth. one side of that magne

trump milks primetime spot for splashy supreme court nomination

the donald returned to primetime television tuesday — just in time for february sweeps — and bearing a rose, er, gavel for his new supreme court pick. and it was 10th circuit court of appeals judge neil gorsuch, 49, who survived the “apprentice” and “bachelor”-style elimination round to earn president trump's undying love: a nomination to join the nation's highest court. all that was missing were the evening gowns. despite what is expected to be a bitter vetting process in congress, gorsuch — a former harvard law cl mate of barack obama — is almost all but ured a spot in the honeymoon suite, aka, lifetime appointment.president trump nominates neil gorsuch to supreme court he will likely have the support of millions of viewers, or at least congressional republicans too afraid to challenge

trump steps up on lgbt rights

we interrupt coverage of tumult in congress and the administration with two pieces of good news. both reflect progress american society has made in recognizing the dignity of lesbian, gay, bi ual and transgender people. the white house announced tuesday that, contrary to anonymous reports, the president will not reverse executive orders extending workplace protections to lgbt federal workers. the administration statement accurately and encouragingly recalled that mr. trump made a point of standing up for lgbt rights in his speech to the republican national convention last july, noting that he was “proud” to have done so. if so, we hope and expect mr. trump will resist diluting existing protections, not simply decline to rip them up. he could even seek to a nce the cause of lgbt civil right

jammu and kashmir embly adjourned following clashes in the house

written by arun sharma | jammu | published:february 1, 2017 12:04 pm j-k forest minister chaudhary lal singh.jammu and kashmir house was adjourned today following pandemonium in the house, a week before the scheduled break. opposition national conference members clashed with forest minister chaudhary lal singh and threw papers and chairs in the air forcing embly speaker kavinder gupta to adjourn the house for ten minutes soon after it embled on wednesday morning. as soon as the speaker occupied his chair, the opposition, including former chief minister omar abdullah, was on their feet asking him what decision has been taken on chief minister mehbooba mufti’s “anti-national” remark against those opposed to article 370 and article 35-a of the indian constitution. “you had on your own told

battlefront 2' will have a proper story mode

interestingly, dice is no longer solely in charge of the series, with battlefront 2's grander scale seeing burnout creator criterion and ea's recently founded motive studios isting on the game's development. while criterion isted with some of the vehicles and december'sbattlefront psvr mission, ea's early announcement of three-way development suggests even greater involvement from the opposed to the original-trilogy focused original, battlefront 2 will take place across multiple eras of star wars, with ea promising a wealth of new playable heroes and characters. the report also acknowledges that simplicity was one of the biggest complaints about the original. ea states that, for the sequel, players can expect far more depth and progression when it comes to the game's multiplayer

top hits and misses for auto industry, auto news, et auto

new delhi: all eyes today were on finance minister arun jaitley’s budget 2017 speech looking for announcements which will provide a boost to the sluggish automotive industry.even though, finance minister did not have much to offer for the automotive industry, however some announcement related to infrastructure and agri-economy will help in increasing the demand.we are listing here some of the hits and misses for the automotive industry in budget the full budget 2017 speech herehits1.focus on farm credit positive for tractor and two-wheeler: allocation for rural sector for fiscal year 2018 is record rs 1,87,200 crore, and represents an increase of 24%. this will help improve the much needed sentiment in the rural market.the farm credit target has been raised by rs 1 lakh crore to

rep. dave brat: ‘the women are in my grill no matter where i go.’

facing pressure from constituent groups who say he has been avoiding them, rep. dave brat on tuesday afternoon announced that he would hold a facebook town hall that same evening.the announcement e as brat (r-va.) was criticized by residents in his district who say he has refused to hold an in-person town hall meeting to hear their concerns about president trump’s a video taken urday at a meeting in the richmond suburbs in his safely republican district, brat said, “since obamacare and these issues have come up, the women are in my grill no matter where i go.”he added: “they come up — ‘when is your next town hall?’ and believe me, it’s not to give positive input.”the comments, first reported by the richmond times-dispatch, contrast starkly with brat’s message of the 2014

allocation of 10k crore for bharat net welcome step: bsnl md

mumbai: welcoming the announcement of allocation of rs 10,000 crore for bharat net by finance minister arun jaitley in his budget speech, chairman and managing director of state-run telco bharat sanchar nigam limited, anupam shrivastava, said that it will expedite the mission of a digitally connected india. "bsnl takes pride in being an execution partner for the bharat net project and will work cohesively towards its success. it will expedite the mission of a digitally connected bharat," shrivastava said in a tweet. jaitley, while presenting the budget said that by 2017 -end high speed broadband will be more 150,000 gram panchayats via wifi spots. bharat net was rebranded from its name national optic fibre network (nofn) project in april 2015. it aims to cover a total of 2.5 lakh gram pan

cleveland indians will host 2019 all-star game

p o: gene j. puskar, ap image 1of/3captioncloseimage 1 of 3file - in this oct. 25, 2016, file p o, fireworks are seen over progressive field before game 1 of the major league baseball world series between the cleveland indians and the chicago cubs, in cleveland. a person familiar with the decision says the cleveland indians will host the 2019 all-star game at progressive field. the team will hold a news conference on friday, jan. 27, 2017, to formally announce the event last held in cleveland in 1997, the person told the ociated press on thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity because the announcement had not been made. lessfile - in this oct. 25, 2016, file p o, fireworks are seen over progressive field before game 1 of the major league baseball world series between the cleveland in

talktalk chief dido harding is stepping down

unsurprisingly, the bulletin doesn't acknowledge the difficult circumstances that the company has faced over the past 15 months. with clearer operating strategies and a recent rebrand behind her, harding says she will leave talktalk having "laid the foundations for long term growth," to concentrate on her career in public service. she is a non-executive member of the court of the bank of england, a member of the house of lords and a trustee of doteveryone.since the in 2015, which affected around 170,000 customers, talktalk has worked hard to rebuild its reputation. free upgrades were offered to customers to stop them leaving, but that didn't stop 100,000 subscribers from jumping ship. in december, a teenage er that played a key role in the breach was sentenced to a 12-month youth rehabilit

trump update: trump cybersecurity order announcement canceled

p o: ron sachs, bloomberg image 1of/1captioncloseimage 1 of 1president trump is expected to issue an executive order on cybersecurity tuesday. as a businessman, trump was known for eschewing use of computers.president trump is expected to issue an executive order on cybersecurity tuesday. as a businessman, trump was known for eschewing use of computers. p o: ron sachs, bloomberg trump update: trump cybersecurity order announcement canceled1 / 1back to gallerylatestthe signing of the executive order has been canceled, according to politico’s eric geller, citing a white house pool news reported that the planned signing was delayed in part because of san francisco’s lawsuit against president trump over its sanctuary-city status. the legal response to that case as well as cha

israel approves 3,000 new colony homes

netanyahu says his regime is building on occupied territory and will continue doing sooccupied jerusalem: israel has unveiled plans for 3,000 new homes for jewish colonists in the occupied west bank, the fourth such announcement in the less than two weeks since us president donald trump took office.the late tuesday announcement e as security forces were preparing to evict the hardline occupants of a wildcat colony outpost in line with a high court ruling that determined the homes were built on private palestinian land.the planned eviction has been deeply unpopular with hardliners within the government, widely regarded as israel’s most right-wing ever, and the new building plans were widely seen as a sop to their supporters.dozens of security personnel were seen approaching the amona outpos

2016 nissan titan xd long-term road test

2016 nissan titan xd: l.a. to detroitby travis langness, automotive editor on january 26, 2017every year, we send a team to cover the detroit auto show, but instead of sending everyone out on a plane, we've cultivated an annual tradition of sending at least one editor behind the wheel of a long-term test car. driving from los angeles to detroit is certainly less practical, it takes up quite a bit of time, and it requires navigating around weather for several days in both directions, but we absolutely love it (or at least i do). the basic structure is that one editor drives to detroit and then, after the show, flies home. another editor flies there, picks up the car and drives it back to l.a. routes and stops vary, but the idea is the same: get the car out of california where the weather is

coverage of trump inauguration botches subtitles, leads to hilarious result

p o: @kaytality on twitter image 1of/50captioncloseimage 1 of 50twitter user @kaytality captured the 's bungled close captioning during the inauguration of donald trump on friday, jan. 20, 2017. her tweet went viral. twitter user @kaytality captured the 's bungled close captioning during the inauguration of donald trump on friday, jan. 20, 2017. her tweet went viral.  p o: @kaytality on twitter image 2 of 50twitter user @kaytality captured the 's bungled close captioning during the inauguration of donald trump on friday, jan. 20, 2017. her tweet went viral. twitter user @kaytality captured the 's bungled close captioning during the inauguration of donald trump on friday, jan. 20, 2017. her tweet went viral.  p o: @kaytality on twitter image 3 of 50twitter user @kaytality captured the 's b

blaming ‘fake news,’ former u.n. chief ban ki-moon drops presidential bid in sou

tokyo — former u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon said wednesday he would not run for president of south korea, a surprise announcement after weeks of laying political groundwork but then watching his plans erode over what he dubbed “fake news.” his decision leaves south korea’s conservatives without an obvious successor to park geun-hye, the beleaguered incumbent, and gives progressives an unexpected boost. upon his return last month, ban, a 72-year-old career bureaucrat, quickly found himself being buffeted around in south korea’s famously tumultuous political sphere. he was mocked on the internet for being out-of-touch with his home society after a decade in new york and corruption allegations were leveled at members of his family, dimming much of his star power.ban called the attacks p

economic survey, real estate news, et realestate

new delhi: the economic survey 2016-17 on tuesday noted that the weighted average price of real estate in eight major cities, which was already on a decline, fell further after november 8, 2016 with the announcement of demoneti ion minister narendra modi in november banned higher denomination currency notes of rs 1,000 and rs 500 to curb black money.according to the survey, real estate prices could fall further, as investing undeclared income in real estate gets more difficult. however, tax component could rise, especially if gst imposed on real goes on to add that an equilibrium reduction in real estate prices is desirable, as it will lead to affordable housing for the middle cl and facilitate labour mobility across india, currently impeded by high and unaffordabl

this is why we have working managers at base p (and why microsoft and apple stum

he knew how to work up a sweat for developers, i’ll give him that. but…harvard business review studied what makes 35,000 employees from the us and britain tick and found:the benefit of having a highly competent boss is easily the largest positive influence on a typical worker’s level of job isfaction.not the pay. not the perks. not even coworkers. managers competent in the work of the worker. bam.i hadn’t thought about it in such clear terms before, but the vague hunch is why we designed base p to be managed by people who do the actual work, and are very good at it. we don’t have any managers at base p who just manage. everyone with managerial responsibilities also do the work, and then they manage on the side.i explored this approach to mana ent in moonlighting managers ain’t got no time

bob murphy confirms he will remain western bulldogs captain in 2017

bob murphy has confirmed that he will remain captain of the western bulldogs as the club follows up its inspirational premiership of last season.murphy missed the bulldogs' fairytale run to the flag, with easton wood his stand-in, after he suffered a knee injury against hawthorn in round three. western bulldogs coach luke beveridge and murphy embrace. p o: damian traynorbut murphy remained an integral member of the off-field support group and he was involved in some of the most emotional scenes among the bulldogs players after their 22-point win over sydney.the 34-year-old told sen that an announcement had yet to be made but "i will be captain".murphy said he wasn't ready to give up the captaincy after only two years, one of which was lost because of the knee injury. he said he could still

makemytrip completes ibibo merger; combined entity to receive $82.8m from ibibo

ibibo group parent has contributed around $82.8 million cash to makemytrip as the latter completes the merger of its indian travel business with naspers-owned ibibo group, nearly three months after the initial announcement.the deal which marked the coming together of two of india’s largest travel booking portals was first announced in october last year and had received the approval of competition commission of india last fortnight. at the time, makemytrip had said it plans to close the transaction on or around january 31, 2017.makemytrip said that as part of the transaction, it has issued 38.91 million cl b shares (38,971,539 cl b shares) to the parent of ibibo group. the entity which is jointly owned by naspers and tencent has also purchased 413,035 new ordinary shares of makemytrip at $2

sen. john mccain correct on number of arizona 'obamacare' insurers

sen. john mccain.(p o: patrick breen/the republic)the media: internet.who said it: john mccain.title: u.s. senator from republican.the comment: "14 of arizona's 15 az counties have just 1 provider offering obamacare plans in 2017."the forum: twitter.what we're looking at: whether there will be one health-insurance option for residents of 14 arizona counties enrolled in the "obamacare" marketplace in 2017.analysis: mccain has relentlessly criticized the affordable care act, or “obamacare,” as he runs for re-election against challenger and democratic u.s. rep. ann kirkpatrick.kirkpatrick voted for president barack obama's signature health-care law as a member of the u.s. house; mccain opposed its p age in the u.s. senate.obama signed it into law in 2010.mccain made this statem