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“whatever it takes” – signal v. noise

how often have you heard that one? “whatever it takes”.it’s an iceberg. steer clear.what starts out as an innocent turn of words, is actually a veiled attack on reasonable expectations. and when expectations aren’t reasonable, all bets are off. and when all bets are off, you’re usually the loser.whatever it takes means you’ll probably be working at 10pm on wednesday.whatever it takes means whenever i need you you better be available.whatever it takes means sloppy work in service of just delivering something.whatever it takes means the absence of no, and once no’s out the door you’ve given up one of the most powerful tools you have.whatever it takes means if you won’t do it, i’ll find someone else who will [endure the abuse].whatever it takes is a threat to your friends and family time.what

the matrix - is there a reason the wachowskis chose the names smith and anderson

you might find this page useful. it details even vague connections, themes and references that each name in the matrix has, including some for thomas a. anderson, those mainly being:thomas means "twin", in reference to the fact that he's been "living two lives", one as thomas and the other as neo.thomas is also the name of one of jesus' disciples, namely "doubting thomas", who did not believe jesus had died and been resurrected until he saw the holes in jesus' hands, much like thomas a. anderson never believed he was the one until he himself died and e back to life after being s full of holes.anderson means "son of man", in keeping with the whole "messiah" theme that goes on throughout the trilogy (i mean movie, just one movie, there's only one movie).as for the agents, the whole point abo

spfx - sharepoint development past and "future": how to stay calm?

my observations (answers at bottom):if this is too long then just read the headingsdeveloper => accept changeif you want to stay calm and not have your world changed all the time, then maybe a job as a software developer isn't the right for you unless you want to maintain old legacy applications.cobol hasn't changed much lately.companies/application staying on sp2007 hasn't changed much lately.a carpenters job hasn't changed much lately.but working with the latest technologies will/should always mean change.sharepoint developers has always wanted to get up to dateas long as i've been in the sharepoint area the developers have always asked why they couldn't work with the latest technologies:in sp2003 they wanted real not that strange sp fake later the wanted mvc not that

johnny depp spent $30k a month on wine: ex-manager

johnny depp spent $3 million to blast hunter thompson’s ashes out of a cannon. he spent $18 million on an 150-foot yacht. he spent $4 million on a failed record label. he spent $30,000 a month on wine, $200,000 a month on private planes, $150,000 a month on round-the-clock security, and $300,000 a month to maintain a staff of 40 people.all of these expenses — contained in a blistering countersuit filed tuesday by depp’s ex-managers — led him to the brink of financial ruin, the suit alleges.the suit comes in response to depp’s own lawsuit on jan. 13, which accused the mana ent group (tmg) of defrauding him out of tens of millions of dollars. depp alleged that tmg had mismanaged his finances, took out loans without his approval, and hidden the parlous state of his affairs from him.depp claim

visualize your project's community · github

a new g h is available in the g hs tab to visualize your repository's data. with the dependents g h, you can now explore how repositories that contain ruby s relate to other repositories on github.if you're an open source maintainer, this means you can find out more about the community connected to your project in addition to projects that depend on your repository and its forks.the page starts with a list of the latest repositories to depend on your repository, making it easier to discover the newest members of your community. it also allows you to filter by either packages, which are other repositories that are s, or applications, which are other public repositories that aren't s themselves but use your .the dependency g h works for ruby s today, and we plan to expand support to other pa

senator says army is told to approve dakota pipeline easement

bismarck, n.d. — north dakota sen. john hoeven says the acting secretary of the army has directed the army corps of engineers to proceed with an easement necessary to complete the dakota access pipeline.hoeven issued a statement tuesday after he says acting army secretary robert speer informed him of the decision. hoeven said he also spoke with vice president mike pence.a spokesman for the u.s. army did not immediately respond to requests for comment tuesday night. hoeven spokesman don canton says that speer’s move means the easement “isn’t quite issued yet, but they plan to approve it” within days.completion of the $3.8 billion project is finished except for a section under the missouri river at lake oahe in north dakota. the pipeline has been the target of months of protests.

ichi sushi now offering counter-service lunches

ichi sushi in san francisco, calif., is seen on monday, april 14th, 2014.ichi sushi might be bernal heights’ new go-to for a quick midday meal.the beloved sushi bar just started offering counter-service lunches. sushi rolls and japanese dogs (the kimchi dog, curry dog, mapo tofu dog) headline the new menu, along with a selection of rotating, seasonal side dishes.ichi sushi started the year by moving back into its original 3369 mission st. space. they reopened about two weeks ago, which means this lunch announcement marks their first concept change since settling back into the 21-seat space.and while some people might find the dog offerings surprising, co-owner erin archuleta said they were mulling this over even when they were at the bigger 3282 mission st. space. in a way, it was kind of

what to do with a controlling 7-year-old?

q: my son is 7, and basically every day we argue with him about getting dressed. he often asks us to dress him, which of course we don’t do. every night when he brushes his teeth and goes to the bathroom, he asks for or demands company in the four minutes it takes to complete those tasks. when he takes a bath, he wants “company.” finally, at night, when we leave the room after putting him to bed, he tells us that he’s lonely. he is an only child. we have play dates, and he is social and independent at school and happy in and out of school. we play with him when we’re home as well. he also plays well by himself. the problem is that we don’t always have time to keep him company in the bathroom, and we’re tired of arguing with him about getting dressed every single day. please help!a: what a

why salmonella doesn’t want you to out

salmonella bacteria don’t want your body to starve on their account. the microbes’ motives, though, are (probably) purely -related.the body sometimes sacrifices appetite to fight off infection: less energy for the host also means less energy for the pathogen. understanding how bacteria cope with this tactic can inform treatments.when it reaches the gut, salmonella enterica bacteria can trigger this type of anorexic response in their host, making it a good model for how microbes deal with less food. researchers at the salk institute in california investigated salmonella fallout in mice. in lab tests, they found that the bacteria aren't as virulent when a mouse isn’t eating, and they use the vagus nerve, a superhighway connecting gut to brain, to encourage eating. the bacteria make a protein

'donkey g 64' player finds rare collectible 17 years later

turns out the collectible was hidden underground in the game's fifth level, fungi forest, but the telltale patch of dirt indicating buried treasure in the game was hidden by a patch of tall gr . isotarge was examining save data for that stage and discovered that the information for a particular pickup, rainbow coins, was incomplete. using analysis tools, they pinpointed its location and unearthed it. while isotarge is no stranger to using glitches to find out-of-bounds items likely leftover by developers, this particular coin is in fair territory and can be plucked from the ground using an ordinary character move. as noted above, this means the leaderboards for complete runs of donkey g 64 will likely have to be reset. but as kotaku points out, this new factor could shift player strategy i

new theme chooser for github pages · github

you can now build a github pages website with a jekyll theme in just a few clicks.create a new github repository or go to an existing the theme chooser in the github pages section of your repository a theme.using a jekyll theme means that your website content lives in markdown files, which you can edit as needed and manage using your favorite git soon as you apply a jekyll theme to your site, you can add more pages simply by committing new markdown files.the theme chooser replaces the old automatic page generator which didn't use jekyll. rest ured, existing github pages created with the automatic page generator will automatically use a matching jekyll theme the first time you use the theme chooser.finally, the jekyll themes in the theme chooser are all

making your own chicken wings is way, way easier than you think

if you're wondering, "why the hell would i make my own wings?" that means you probably live in a city with easy chicken wing delivery options or you like to go to sports bars. so, the answer is you wouldn't, duh. but for those of us who aren't lucky enough to live near an atomic wings or who hate even the idea of sports bars (looking at you, bro), i.e. most of us, it's diy or nothing. here's the good news: you absolutely do not have to stand over a pan of boiling oil, laboring over batch after batch, trying not to splatter self or surroundings. yes, the pros deep fry their buffalo wings, but that's why they're pros. you know what else they have? deep-fryers - and someone else to clean up (seriously - it's so messy). you, on the other hand, have an oven. use it. "making wings is definitely

donald trump's muslim ban has barred syrian stars of 'the white helmets' documen

the british-born director of the oscar-nominated documentary depicting the actions of syrian refugee crisis first-responders has urged the us government to lift its travel ban for the subjects of the film.orlando von einsiedel told the huffington post uk he and his team were overjoyed to discover the white helmets, a netflix original, had been nominated for an academy award.he immediately started making travel arran ents for raed saleh, the leader of the white helmets, and khaled katib, cinematog her and white helmet volunteer himself, to join them at the ceremony in los angeles in february.but their joy was short-lived after donald trump issued a “muslim ban” on anyone from syria, libya, iraq, iran, somalia, yemen and sudan entering the united states, which means saleh and katib can’t eve

pm update: clouds dominate through wednesday

leaf fight during a rally in front of the white house. (shamila chaudhary via flickr)we ended the month much like we spent it, on the warm side. final tallies still need to be made, but it looks like d.c. finishes right around six degrees above average for january. that might explain the lack of meaningful snow. and while we’ve got plenty of clouds in the forecast, there are also above-normal temperatures to kick off february, as well.through tonight: clouds are generally on the increase through the night. they may remain mostly high-level, though. low temperatures range across the 30s, with many outlying spots near freezing and temperatures flirting with 40 in the warmest locations downtown. breezes blow out of the southwest around 5 to 10 mph.view the current weather conditions at the wa

fake facts aside, it turns out trump means what he says

this is what happens when a troll, a "malignant narcissist" according to some in the mental health fraternity, seizes the most powerful job on earth. the troll does not metamorphose into a statesman with respect for institutional norms just because he swears an oath one rainy inauguration day. (allegedly, donald trump fully appreciates that some showers cannot be faked.)trump promised, in his pared-back style, a revolution from the grubbiest of gr roots. he's delivering. for all the talk about alternative facts, on some frightening level, the man says what he means and means what he says. illustration: joe benke so it's excruciating to watch the handful of politicians, journalists, experts and bureaucrats trying to business-as-usual their way through trump's first fortnight, pretending we'

your dreams: lauren lawrence analyzes news readers' dreams

a belated homage to he who had a dream on jan. 15, 1968, at his 39th birthday party, martin luther king jr. told his aide, dorothy cotton, a dream he had the night before: “i dreamt i had died and no one was there. i yelled to ralph (abernathy), ‘ralph, bring those people standing there over here.’” less than three months before his tragic murder, martin luther king jr. dreamt a prophetic dream that prophesied his death and revealed his great humility. having no one at his funeral reflects the humbleness of this great leader, and the wish that his people do not grieve. perhaps there was an inner understanding that his death would help promote racial equality. the dream’s sense of lonliness comes from king’s leadership—to lead means that thousands are behind you but not necessarily with you

why this mom only breastfeeds in public from evan waite

there’s a real stigma in this country against women that prefer to breastfeed when lots of people are watching. it’s 2017, and we need to stop judging women who get off on many mothers, i’ve had insults and nasty looks hurled at me when breastfeeding my son in public. fortunately, that’s the part i like the best. a lot of women say they don’t particularly enjoy breastfeeding in front of other people, but do it because they don’t have a better option at that particular moment. with all due respect, that is messed up. if feeding your child at the bus station and paying people to record it isn’t the highlight of your day, then honey, you’ve got issues. women have had to fight for everything they’ve gotten in this country, and i refuse to go back to a time when i didn’t tandem breast

new brain-computer interface breaks through locked-in syndrome

there are degrees to locked-in syndrome. the lesser variety only allows those suffering from it to raise or lower their eyes and blink, they're fully paralyzed otherwise. fully locked-in syndrome prohibits even that degree of movement. so rather than rely on optical keyboards as previous studies have, the wyss team developed a means of reading patient's minds directly by measuring the flow of oxygenated blood flowing through their brains. the study was published tuesday on the journal plos.the team relied on the help of four patients who suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als aka lou gehrig's disease), a motor neuron disorder that progressively destroys the nervous system's ability to control the body's muscles. the wyss researchers first used near-infrared spectroscopy and electro

this ‘rogue’ potus staff twitter account is going viral

a twitter account with the handle @roguepotusstaff has gone viral after tweeting alleged inside information on donald trump from the white house. the account, which isn’t verified by any means, claims to be “the unofficial resistance team inside the white house” and is encouraging followers to resist as it claims to leak incriminating information on the newly elected president of the united states. the account accuses trump of making racist remarks about muslims, of “getting payments from foreign governments,” and claims he was overheard yelling “don’t they know i’m the f--king president!?” the ‘rogue’ account also claims the real estate mogul was “asking around about people's p oshop skills. says inauguration p os need to be ‘touched up.’”donald trumpisaac brekken/getty [email protected]

q&a: chef philip tessier reflects on team usa’s bocuse d’or win

mathew peters of usa, center, celebrates on the podium with his teammates after winning the “bocuse d’or” (golden bocuse) trophy, with christopher william davidsen of norway, far left, who finished second, and third placed viktor andresson of iceland, far right, in lyon, central france, wednesday, jan. 25, 2017. the contest, a sort of world cup of the cuisine, was started in 1987 by lyon chef paul bocuse to reward young international culinary talents. (ap p o/laurent cipriani)team usa is still basking in the glory of their bocuse d’or victory and rightfully so. but with the americans having come so far in the competition over the years, it’s only right we look back at the journey and the people who helped get the program to this point.2017 marked the 30th anniversary for bocuse d’or, widel

fc pune city ashique kuruniyan to return home from villareal due to injury

by: pti | pune | published:february 1, 2017 3:29 pm after being monitored by their medical staff during the last week, villarreal have now confirmed that the youngster has been sent home to continue his rehabilitation. (source: file)villarreal youngster ashique kuruniyan, signed on loan from indian super league club fc pune city, has suffered an injury and is set for a spell on the sidelines after picking up an injury.ashique picked up an injury during training last week and ultrasound reports confirmed a grade-2 injury detecting a muscle tear in the middle third of the hamstrings. further mri reports confirmed the same, which means that the player will be completely rested from all sporting activities for about four to six weeks.after being monitored by their medical staff during the las

sketchy adoption app adoptly is a hoax after all

becker and gl used almost the same strategy with adoptly as they did with er. news releases were sent out to various media organizations, including engadget, and a "spokesperson" did his best silicon valley ceo impression and sold reporters (including this one) on the app. we tried but ultimately failed to discern whether adoptly was a hoax, and we regret the error.but this time, becker and gl roped in innocent people that may have actually been looking for help with adoption via a kickstarter paign. in doing so, they blurred the lines between ire and hoax, and not in a good way. it might be easy in retrospect to see how adoptly was just a joke, asking for real money from unsuspecting, would-be parents is a pretty cruel prank. even if you're not looking to adopt, using fake news as a joke

ivette delgado eyes fourth golden gloves title

ivette delgado is a three-time golden gloves champion, but she wasn’t expecting to have the opportunity to go for a fourth crown. after spending the last few grueling months at basic military training in the u.s. reserves, delgado was told she was getting a break that coincided with the tournament. “as soon as i found out that break was the same time as the gloves, i told my coach to sign me up,” delgado said. “this tournament has watched me grow since day 1.” she has been through it all with golden gloves − the disappointment of failing to defend her title in 2014, then the high of fighting in her own backyard in last year’s finals at empire city casino − but somehow she feels more is at stake this time around. since delgado has to return to military training for tech school in may, it’s

tv highlights: bet tells nelson mandela’s story in ‘madiba’

arrow (cw at 8) oliver finds an unexpected ally in his quest to take down kovar, but her help could come at an impossible cost.criminal minds (cbs at 9) the bau is called in to investigate the source of a bizarre hieroglyph it has encountered in previous cases.the magicians (syfy at 9) quentin and the group search for a new weapon in their fight against the beast.premieresthe quad (bet at 10) anika noni-rose plays the new president of a historically black college in this new drama. jasmine guy (“a different world”) also stars.spy in the wild (weta and mpt at 8) this five-part “nature” miniseries observes animals using remote-controlled eras installed inside lifelike animal “robots.” the first installment explores how animals love and display their emotions.documentaryaurora: fire in the sk

revenge is a dish best served cold : thechive

my ex cheated with a married man. he now lives with her. he is a pos.. but anyway, i still have the login for her dvr. i logged in, erased all her shows, then recorded only the show “cheaters.” petty, but it makes me laugh.redman2532____i had a guy in school who would always skip cl and then ask for my notes. we had a group project worth almost 40% of our grade and he did zero work, and the prof told me tough luck. instead of just saying no the next time he asked for notes, i took the low road and began giving him edited versions.i would leave items out of lists, incorrectly define things or just straight up write stuff that makes no example of the i would put in: to calculate return on investment, subtract your yearly earnings from your current bank balance, then multiply by eche

jb hi-fi store manager nabbed more than $22,500 from tills in canberra fraud

a former jb hi-fi store manager who used fake receipts to pocket more than $22,500 from two of the business's canberra stores has been ordered to complete 150 hours of community service.achoe malarone, 41, fleeced stores at phillip and belconnen of the cash through 15 fraudulent transactions involving false receipts and customers for amounts between $800 and $2500 between october 2014 and may 2015. achoe malarone, 41, was a store manager when he took more than $22,500 from tills at phillip and belconnen jb hi-fi stores. p o: glenn hunthe was charged after the ruse was uncovered by a loss prevention officer and he resigned.malarone pleaded guilty to obtaining financial a ntage by deception and faced the act supreme court for sentencing on wednesday.the court heard mounting debts, an inters

key decisions from supreme court nominee neil gorsuch

neil gorsuch, currently a judge on the u.s. court of appeals for the 10th circuit in denver, would be the youngest supreme court justice since justice clarence thomas was confirmed in 1991.he is a proponent of originalism--meaning that judges should attempt to interpret the words of the constitution as they were understood at the time they were written--and a textualist who considers only the words of the law being reviewed, not legislators’ intent or the consequences of the are some of his key decisions:hobby lobby stores v. sebelius and little sisters of the poor home for the aged v. burwellboth cases had to do with the obamacare mandate that employee insurance coverage provide all approved contraceptives. gorsuch’s rulings seemed instructive; he noted that would require th

everything you need to know about the iphone's first 'super mario' game

p o: jim wilson, nyt image 1of/9captioncloseimage 1 of 9a super mario figure is projected during apple's unveiling of new products, at the bill graham civic auditorium in san francisco, sept. 7, 2016. a super mario figure is projected during apple's unveiling of new products, at the bill graham civic auditorium in san francisco, sept. 7, 2016.  p o: jim wilson, nyt image 2 of 9screens s of super mario run on the iphone 6 plusscreens s of super mario run on the iphone 6 plus p o: nintendo image 3 of 9screens s of super mario run on the iphone 6 plusscreens s of super mario run on the iphone 6 plus p o: nintendo image 4 of 9screens s of super mario run on the iphone 6 plusscreens s of super mario run on the iphone 6 plus p o: nintendo image 5 of 9screens s of super mario run on the iphone 6

all or something – signal v. noise

you can win on your own terms even if you’re not all of the most pervasive myths of startup life is that it has to be all consuming. that unless you can give your business all your thoughts and hours, you don’t deserve success. you are unworthy of the startup call.this myth neatly identifies those fit for mission: young, without obligations, and few if any extra-curricular interests. the perfect cannon fodder for 10:1 vc long s s.they’re also easier to rile up with tales of milk and honey at the end of the rainbow, or the modern equivalents, “compressing your working life into a few years” and “billon-dollar waves”.but running your life in perpetual crunch mode until the buy-out or bull -ipo fairy stops by your door is not surprisingly unappealing to lots of people.the problem is th

mr. america wants to be alone - let him be

scarletsails via getty images during the early period of the obama presidency, there was a prevalent word that went around news cycles and administration officials; the word "unprecedented". the same word cannot mean the same today as it did in 2008. we cannot define this new america as simply unprecedented. this is a dangerously unprecedented america.from the outside, what we have seen is a country that has gotten reluctant to lead and is weary with the onslaught of obligations it has on its head. if america was a human being, it would probably be dead from the obligations placed on its head; not to mention the daunting task of leading the planet into the future. this is just too much for one nation that put a man on the moon, brought us alexander hamilton and michael jackson. much of ev

will gender pay reporting work?

we are getting on for 50 years since the introduction of the equal pay act and yet the uk gender pay gap remains stubbornly wide.analysts have calculated that it will take 50-60 years to close the gap at the current rate.the government has introduced new gender pay reporting regulations to help bring women's pay closer to men's.on 5 april, businesses with more than 250 employees will have to take a snaps of their employees' pay so they can publish a gender pay report the following year.this report will include the business's gender pay gap, which is the difference between men's and women's average hourly earnings across the organi is hoped that this kind of reporting each year will help to reduce the gender pay gap. however, a report will only indicate that there is a gap and not te

nyc teacher busted for raising roosters for illegal fights

a new york city public school teacher was busted in the bronx on tuesday and charged with raising roosters in his backyard, which he then sold for illegal fights.hector cruz, who recently worked at p.s. 211 in the bronx, “maintained a rooster farm at a location in the bronx, where he bred, raised, and trained roosters for fighting,” manhattan federal prosecutors said on tuesday.cruz, 59, used his facebook page to sell his roosters to people all over the country — knowing that the birds were intended for bloody death battles, prosecutors said. fighters attach knives and other sharp instruments to the legs of roosters and let them go at each other until one of them dies to refuses to continue is a felony to make animals fight for fun — or to own animals for the purpose of fightin

'yen' with lucas hedges gets under your skin: theater review

theater reminds that if you’ve got it, flaunt it. “yen,” a new off-broadway play by london-based author anna jordan, heeds that advice. ads for this drama about undercl brits on the edge of the abyss are a shout-out to castmember lucas hedges and his oscar nomination for “manchester by the sea.” hedges, so good in that film, impresses in his stage debut in this mcc production at the lucille lortel. he nails a roller coaster of emotions as hench, a haunted 16-year-old bed-wetter with a future as grim as the dreary flat he shares with his disturbed 14-year-old half-brother, bobbie (a fully committed justice smith). when the sibs aren’t glued to and violent video games, they deal with their trainwreck of a mother, maggie (ari graynor), who’s alcoholic, diabetic and thoroughly unreliable. jen

carolyn hax: allergic to certain foods and naked hostility

dear carolyn: my mom is big on having holiday dinner gatherings. i have food allergies that can make eating out or eating food made by others a very stressful endeavor. added to that, there are a couple of traditional holiday foods that were forced on me as a kid and still make me gag at the smell. some years have been better than others, but a recent holiday gathering included my off-limits ingredients in every dish save the bagged bread rolls, plus a surprise appearance of a traditional dish at the last minute with the usual family joke about how it is ridiculous for me to be sensitive about it. between the stress of sitting at a table with an empty plate, not wanting to interrogate people about ingredients and the traditional dish after mom said she wanted me to be comfortable and would

2017 chrysler pacifica long-term road test

2017 chrysler pacifica: monthly update for december 2016jonathan elfalan, senior road test editorwhere did we drive it?the month of december slipped quickly into holidays as it always does, which means vacations were underway and people were traveling to various locations to spend time with family. edmunds chief revenue officer george kang was able to spend some quality time and log miles in our 2017 chrysler pacifica, which included a trip up to the snowy peaks of mammoth mountain in mammoth lakes, california. during his round-trip drive spanning 12 or so hours, he e away impressed with the ride quality and handling (he owns a 2007 honda odyssey touring). he also lauded the pacifica's stowaway middle row for its uncanny ability to swallow, with ease, four pairs of rental skis and a snowbo

mission to increase digital transactions to 2,500 crore; 20 lakh aadhaar pay mac

new delhi: in what will give a further impetus to digital transactions modules such as aadhaar pay and unified payment interface (upi), finance minister arun jaitley announced setting up of a mission to promote cashless transactions with a target of touching 2,500 crore transactions in the year 2017 . “this will be done through upi, ussd (unstructured supplementary service data), aadhaar pay, credit/debit cards, imps immediate payment service etc.,” said jaitley while presenting the union budget for the 2017 in the parliament on wednesday. he said that the government’s early work on the jam trinity (jan dhan accounts, aadhaar and mobile) has helped the current push for dig transactions. “the launch of the bhim (bharat interface for mobile) app has unleashed the power of mobile phone for d

suit accuses wells fargo of denying student loans to immigrants

a federal lawsuit on monday accused wells fargo of illegally denying student loans to young immigrants who are protected from deportation and allowed to work and study in the u.s. under a program created by former president barack obama.wells fargo said it was disappointed the plaintiffs sued instead of working with the bank on a solution.the young immigrants have social security numbers and documents that meet bank requirements for identification, but wells fargo refuses to give them loans based on their citizenship status, according to the lawsuit from the mexican american legal defense and educational fund, based in los angeles.the loans, meanwhile, are available to u.s. citizens and permanent residents, the suit seeks a court order declaring the policy discriminatory and forcin

deeper meaning hides within '20th century women'

p o: merrick morton, hons image 1of/3captioncloseimage 1 of 3this image released by a24 shows greta gerwig in a scene from "20th century women." (merrick morton/a24 via ap)this image released by a24 shows greta gerwig in a scene from "20th century women." (merrick morton/a24 via ap) p o: merrick morton, hons image 2 of 3annette bening stars in "20th century women."annette bening stars in "20th century women." p o: a24, ho image 3 of 3this image released by a24 shows annette bening and billy crudup in a scene from "20th century women." bening is getting some of the best marks of her career for her portrayal of a 55-year-old single mother in 1979 santa barbara in mike mills⒠â“20th century women.┠it marks a new stage for the actress who, even as an ingã©nue, conveyed a maturity and pre

act brumbies first then wallabies for new super rugby captain sam carter

forgotten wallaby sam carter will put his test recall mission on the backburner to focus on chasing a super rugby title, declaring the act brumbies can be a contender this year.carter will caps his rise from country kid to brumbies captain when the team starts its season against the canterbury crusaders on february 25. brumbies coach stephen larkham (left) and 2017 co-captain sam carter at the hyatt for the 2017 season launch. p o by karleen minney. p o: karleen minneythe hard-working big man will share the captaincy role with christian lealiifano, but lealiifano is unlikely to play this year as he continues treatment for means carter will be given the brumbies' reins as the club's sixth captain in seven seasons and he's ready to step up his game to rise to the challenge.carte

acting after illness #7 imperfection

it's been 2 years, almost to the day, since i had stereotactic radiosurgery on the avm in my brain. as planned, i had an mri scan at st georges hospital this week and now i have to wait for the results to see where we go from here. to mark this milestone in my journey of recovery i went to the cinema.i saw la la land. like many, i am not the al type. and yet. and yet. and my surprise, i thought it was delightful. i hear the critics and cynics are saying the singing is better on x-factor and the dancing is better on strictly (come dancing).maybe, that's true. what do they know?but for me, that's where the charm of la la land lies. in the imperfections.the japanese have a tradition called wabi sabi. wabi sabi is all about finding beauty in the humble, the imperfect and in the easily o