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tales of berseria - ps4 review | chalgyr's game room

chalgyr|46m ago|review|3|chalgyr's game room writes: tales of berseria is the long-awaited pseudo-prequel to 2015's tales of zestiria (which we loved). set in the same world, berseria takes place many centuries prior to the events of tales of zestiria, where the world is torn asunder by daemons during a scarlet night (which is also, occasionally referred to as the crimson moon) and the young protagonist velvet is on a crusade of revenge and hatred. velvet and her merry band of misfits will embark on a journey that tries to be something that it is not. a poor script, struggling combat mechanics, and a world full of contradictions, tales of berseria is one of the weakest in the long-running franchises. ps4tales of berseriachalgyr.comread full story >>

tales of berseria - ps4 review | chalgyr's game room

chalgyr|2h ago|review|8|chalgyr's game room writes: tales of berseria is the long-awaited pseudo-prequel to 2015's tales of zestiria (which we loved). set in the same world, berseria takes place many centuries prior to the events of tales of zestiria, where the world is torn asunder by daemons during a scarlet night (which is also, occasionally referred to as the crimson moon) and the young protagonist velvet is on a crusade of revenge and hatred. velvet and her merry band of misfits will embark on a journey that tries to be something that it is not. a poor script, struggling combat mechanics, and a world full of contradictions, tales of berseria is one of the weakest in the long-running franchises. ps4tales of berseriachalgyr.comread full story >>

tales of berseria review [capsule computers]

koga88|20m ago|review|0|travis bruno of capsule computers writes: "for the most part, fans of the tales games generally know what they can expect when bandai namco brings another one of these rpgs to the west and with tales of berseria they have given us one of the quickest turnarounds for the franchise so far. that isn’t the only thing that sets tales of berseria apart from the rest of the franchise, despite it being set in the same world as tales of zestiria, albeit centuries beforehand, is the fact that this the darkest game in the series so far." pcps4tales of full story >>

review: tales of berseria – it’s good to be bad in this tales game - knowtechie

knowtechie|18m ago|review|0|think you know all about the tales franchise? tales of berseria would like a word. pcps3ps4tales of berseriaknowtechie.comread full story >>

review: tales of berseria is a step in the right direction

gamecrateed|30m ago|review|2|tales of berseria isn’t perfect by any means, but it is a marked improvement over other recent tales titles. with a couple friends along for the ride, you can squeeze quite a bit of enjoyment out of this game, despite its flaws. pcps3ps4tales of berseriagamecrate.comread full story >>

tales of berseria review - gamerknights

gamerknights|21m ago|review|0|full in depth review of the new jrpg "tales of berseria" on ps4. more: "this daemonblight, which causes her arm to shift into a dark monstrosity that can rip and tear pretty much anything apart, fuels her bloodthirsty need for revenge, and the game is centered almost entirely on that. it’s an angst ridden tale, sometimes pushing a little too insistently to get its point across, but compared to what has come before berseria is genuinely refreshing, interesting and actually quite sad. there are still plenty of upbeat moments and funny skits to keep the title from getting too harrowing, mostly thanks to a character who joins your party early on and never shuts up." pcps4tales of berseriagamerknights.comread full story >>

nioh - ps4 review | chalgyr's game room

chalgyr|4m ago|review|0|chalgyr's game room writes: as of yesterday nioh will have been out for two weeks. we've played, we've cried and we've been both entertained and frustrated as we've figured out how to move forward. the following is our full review in which i have both mulled over on my own as well as with the thoughts of both robert and my brother marc. we have all gone through our own sets of trials and kept tabs on each other pretty much since we started. nioh, like other releases this year, has been a long time in coming from its original announcement over a decade ago. having gone through multiple revisions we finally saw a near final form through an alpha demo designed to take in players feedback for the final version. it was brutal. it was hard. it was amazing short...

tales of berseria is the rare game that makes its predecessor better

heartnet13|4m ago|opinion piece|2|twinfinite writes: tales of berseria has some interesting story links with the previous title, zestiria, and retroactively makes the entire experience better. pcps3ps4tales of berseriatales of zestiriatwinfinite.netread full story >>

double dragon iv - ps4 review | chalgyr's game room

chalgyr|33m ago|review|0|chalgyr's game room writes: double dragon iv clings to its retro inspirations just a little too tightly. fans of the old 8-bit titles will likely enjoy their romp here for what it is, but arc system works could have taken some more chances and delivered a brawler that had more to offer. instead we get a fighting game that is simply average, despite my deep nostalgia for the series. double dragon ivps4chalgyr.comread full story >>

review: tales of berseria - destructoid

overload|5m ago|review|0|'magikazam!', . when i first wrote about tales of berseria, i held the belief that while the game wasn't particularly groundbreaking or innovative, it nonetheless provided a highly polished and consistently excellent experience. pcps4tales of berseriadestructoid.comread full story >>

dynasty warriors: godseekers - ps4 review | chalgyr's game room

chalgyr|40m ago|review|1|chalgyr's game room writes: dynasty warriors: godseekers is a guilty pleasure for me, but one i have not been able to get enough of. this is a great twist on the traditional dynasty warriors formula, and while the game is not flawless, it is the most fun i have had with a title so far in 2017. dynasty warriors: godseekersps4chalgyr.comread full story >>

tales of berseria review | gamecloud

tiberusx87|38m ago|review|0|mary west at gamecloud writes: "tales of berseria is an excellent addition to the tales franchise and one of the best i’ve played by far. with a darker story than most of the others in the series, i feel it is more accessible to those who have never played any of the games because the story is alluring from the beginning. while it is a distant prequel to zestiria, it is not required to have played it. there will be moments where you’re obviously missing something if you haven’t, such as some characters crossing over both games and names you would have heard in zestiria (but weren’t explained at the time and are elaborated on in berseria), but it’s still enjoyable regardless. this is a game i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who enjoys jrpgs, as its one o

zen pinball 2: marvel's women of power - ps4 review | chalgyr's game room

chalgyr|26m ago|review|0|chalgyr's game room writes: zen pinball is frequently releasing new tables for their core game, and while some fare better than others, all of them are of high quality. in the end whether you like a particular table probably comes down to a matter of preference. for me, these are both good but not great tables that continue to use the marvel license in an enjoyable way. marvel’s women of power – pinball fx2ps4chalgyr.comread full story >>

nights of azure - pc review | chalgyr's game room

chalgyr|18m ago|review|0|chalgyr's game room writes: nights of azure originally released for ps4 in north america in early 2016, and now it has received a pc port to bless, or torment, the non-console gamers. featuring a beautiful art style and soundtrack, nights of azure, while incredibly niche, is a soulful tale of love and friendship. nights of azurepcchalgyr.comread full story >>

tales of berseria review - the gamers lounge

jcmeadows|14m ago|review|0|are you ready to hit the seas with a daemon seeking revenge? find out if you should set sail with velvet and her companions or if this game should stay docked in this review of tales of berseria! pcps4tales of berseriathe-gamers-lounge.comread full story >>

tales of berseria review - level down games

leveldowngames|1h ago|review|0|level down games says, "there’s something about the tales of games that speak to my soul. it is undeniably one of my favorite roleplaying game franchises on the market. sure, there have been some misses here and there with a few of the games, but for the most part, i always enjoy my time with each new entry. that can absolutely be said about the latest release from bandai namco, tales of berseria. in fact, it may just be the most fun i’ve had with the franchise in a long, long time. ..." pcps4tales of berserialeveldowngames.comread full story >>

angels with scaly wings - pc review | chalgyr's game room

chalgyr|13m ago|review|0|chalgyr's game room writes: the planet earth has gone to hell with solarwinds having fried just about everything that had brought humanity into its golden age. having discovered a portal, a part of humanity views it as their last chance to save a city that has walled itself off from the outside chaos. the city is running out of power and whatever can be found on the other side of the gate is all that stands between the cities survival and it being torn to pieces by those living outside its walls. angels with scaly wingspcchalgyr.comread full story >>

tales of berseria review | hey poor player

dead_pixels|1h ago|review|1|hey poor player: tales of berseria provides an incredible story and excellent experience overall, so long as you can overlook its odd combat mechanics. pcps4tales of berseriaheypoorplayer.comread full story >>

tales of berseria review - pc invasion

maticus|1h ago|review|0|after a long, long time, pc invasion have finished playing through tales of berseria. but is it a tale worth telling? pctales of berseriapcinvasion.comread full story >>

zen pinball 2: bethesda pinball - ps4 review | chalgyr's game room

chalgyr|26m ago|review|0|chalgyr's game room writes: doom. skyrim. fallout. some of my favorite gaming series ever. zen studios has really done a spectacular job creating creative and varied tables for these popular properties. this is an ambitious undertaking and while the end result is not flawless, it is incredibly difficult for me to put down. i mean seriously - skyrim pinball? sign me up. comic books, movies, cartoons and more have served as ample inspiration for the devs at zen studios in the past, but some of their most interesting tables are the ones based on video games. ninja gaiden, street fighter ii, plants vs. zombies and more have been staples that i pick up and play multiple times a year. this new suite of three tables based on bethesda games is among my favorites yet, despi

tales of berseria review - "a wonderful tale to grace this series" | mgl

rosscoffx|9m ago|review|0|david reviews the story of velvet crowe and describes it as a roller-coaster of emotions and tales of games are o his good list following the quality of story and gameplay in this latest title. pcps4tales of berseriamygameslounge.comread full story >>

burnout 3: takedown - retro reflections

chalgyr|57m ago|opinion piece|2|chalgyr's game room writes: i am not a big fan of racing games. on the arcades i used to play shooters, fighters and beat’em ups; i never bought a racer for my pc either. nevertheless, i thought burnout 3 could offer me some variety; indeed, it proved to be surprisingly entertaining. burnout 3: takedownps2chalgyr.comread full story >>

tales of berseria - review - player 2

hewso|1h ago|review|1|how does the latest in the long-running "tales of" franchise hold up? player 2 sits down to find out. pcps4tales of full story >>

tales of berseria moves series in new-ish direction : review

on the surface, it seems like just another tales game, another japanese role-playing game from namco that’s about a diverse band of characters using their artes to real-time combat their way to a better tomorrow. and in so many ways, that’s how this tales game actually is. except the more time you spend with tales of berseria, the more you realize how it’s different. developer bandai namco isn’t quite ready to take the venerable rpg franchise in a wholly new direction yet (even though we’re getting close to that time), but for the first time in years, it is willing to experiment and diversify a little. and the result is the best tales title in years, a game that doesn’t fully reinvent but does feel fresh throughout its duration. tales of berseria is the series at its most polished, cinema

brightrock games' managing director josh bishop on war for the overworld - inter

chalgyr|22m ago|interview|0|chalgyr's game room writes: we recently had the chance to sit down to both war for the overworld and the new survival mode content known as the crucible. curious on how things e to be we reached out to brightrock games to see what they had to say about their adventure and this is what the managing director josh bishop had to say! 1- thanks you for taking the time to answer our questions. starting at the beginning, what made you set out to develop war for the overworld? there were a couple of things that set us on the path to developing wfto, but if i had to narrow it down i'd say that for over a decade the industry hadn't delivered a great dungeon mana ent game. there was a huge hole in the market and an eager fanbase waiting for something to come along and fill

memorable music in gaming #33

chalgyr|53m ago|opinion piece|0|chalgyr's game room writes: friday is upon us, and that usually means either a beeps and beers or a memorable music. in this case, it is the latter. i decided to go with a very heavy rpg theme with this edition, most of them a generation back in terms of console hardware. persona 4 golden (ps vita) - aria of the soul this is just an absolutely haunting tune, and while there was a lot of great music in this game - for me aria of the soul is the most memorable. a few notes play and i immediately recognize it and think of the velvet room, with its mysterious caretakers. with persona 5 right around the corner, the most recent iteration in the series has been on my mind a lot lately. lost odysseylunar: silver star storymass effectni no kuni: wrath of the white wi

ps4 gets free nioh theme for playstation plus members, free tales of berseria th

abriael|57m ago|news|0|those who like to decorate their ps4 for free are getting a few more treats in the form of a total of six ps4 themes across the north american and european playstation stores. ni-ohps4tales of berseriadualshockers.comread full story >>

ps4 gets free nioh and tales of berseria themes; screenshots inside

abriael|2h ago|news|3|if you like to decorate your ps4 with new themes for free, two new treats were released today. ni-ohps4tales of berseriadualshockers.comread full story >>

ps4 gets free nioh and tales of berseria themes; screenshots inside

abriael|25m ago|news|0|if you like to decorate your ps4 with new themes for free, two new treats were released today. ni-ohps4tales of berseriadualshockers.comread full story >>

studio roqovan to use snk library for future vr projects

top30°pgraham81|26m ago|news|0|metal slug in vr anyone? game developersnkstudio roqovanvrfocus.comread full story >>vrfocus.com60°fresh1miyamoto, takahashi and takeda on switch's third-party support, ease of porting, more25m agointerviewnintendoeverything.com90°3the golf club 2 details major improvements in first look trailer2h agonewscontrollercrusade.com90°3game to watch for: little nightmares7h agoopinionwtfgamersonly.comthe biggest game releases of february 2017ad°8could netflix’s castlevania tv series lead to a connected video game universe?7h agoopinionapptrigger.com160°6developer ports valve's award-winning game 'portal' to the real world, using microsoft's hololens10h agonewsthetechportal.com30°freshhorizon zero dawn - the machine

tales of the rays gets new trailer showing past characters of the series and gam

azariosays|5m ago|trailer|1|bandai namco shares animated footage from their upcoming 3d smartphone game tales of the rays. androidiphonetales of the raysdualshockers.comread full story >>dualshockers.comcredit url:

pax south: blossom tales: the sleeping king members zelda | hardcore gamer

jasonbohn|1h ago|preview|0|there have been many developers accused of wearing their influences on their sleeve. saint’s row’s volition loves them some grand theft auto, visceral took handfuls of god of war and dropped it into dante’s inferno, and so on and so on. developer castle pixel is showing the same type of loving homage to zelda in their upcoming action-rpg blossom tales: the sleeping king. instead of wearing it on their sleeve, their zelda worship could more accurately be described as a shirt made of lit roman candles and colored smoke. blossom tales: the sleeping kingpcps vitawii uhardcoregamer.comread full story >>

jack sparrow returns in the new pirates of the caribbean 5 trailer

after six years of the release of pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides, the fifth instalment in the pirates of the caribbean film series dropped its trailer. the trailer, which was released during the super bowl, followed after the movie’s official trailer where we didn’t get to lay our eyes on jack sparrow.the new trailer of pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales (also the revenge of salazar and salazar’s revenge in some countries) gives goosebumps as scenes of dead men walking on water and seas parting in the middle screen as ‘ain’t no grave’ by johnny cash comes on. finally, we get to see johnny depp portray the pirate that we all seem to love, jack sparrow. the trailer makes us wait right till the end to reveal him. it’s not until a mud-laden sparrow utters two words,

hitman: the complete first season is killer good: review

for anyone who still has doubts about the episodic era of video games, we present to you hitman: the complete first season. meet the first successful high-level title to get the episodic treatment. it was early last year that square enix and io interactive released the first of six episodes of hitman, a venerable assassination franchise rebuilt into a series of venues, each released a month or two a part. and at the time, the approach still had its skeptics.  but the first season all came together in fluid, fun fashion, and the piecemeal approach worked flawlessly. and now, a year later, the entire first season episodic package is available in a one-disc compilation, a perfect entry point for the old-school gaming crowd. because it still plays spectacularly, just like that first season of

mervils: a vr adventure review - the gamers lounge

jcmeadows|1h ago|review|2|have you been itching to play a new vr game? find out if mervils: a vr adventure is the game you've been looking for in this review! mervils: a vr adventurepcps4the-gamers-lounge.comread full story >>

nioh proves team ninja still has chops: video game review

what happens when you marry the electric combat of the xbox-era ninja gaiden to the nuanced feel of a dark souls game and throw in a touch of diablo-style loot-dropping?  embattled developer team ninja makes a comeback, and gamers get nioh, the dream samurai video game capable of taking over your entire life and never giving it back. the playstation 4 exclusive, an action role-playing game, earns its wealth of dark souls comparisons, too, delivering a deep experience that challenges the gamer but always feels fair, a fulfilling and addictive samurai adventure.  the comparisons to dark souls are fully warranted, but this is no clone. team ninja layers so many combat bits upon the dark souls formula that nioh eventually bares little resemblance to its classic inspiration, save the “ki” stam

io review (xbox one) - xboxaddict

blue_stripes|5m ago|review|0|xba says: momentum, size, and speed is what matters in io, a game that you shouldn't judge by its visuals. ioxbox onexboxaddict.comread full story >>

anupam kher's first short film 'kheer' is on it's way to make your v-day a lot m

we are barely a day away from valentine’s day and anupam kher has dropped some very sweet news to make it even happier for us. the veteran actor has announced that he is part of a short film named ‘kheer’ which is all set for release. kher has been part of several excellent movies but this is his first short film.the actor shared this news with a picture on instagram. the film is in collaboration with terribly tiny talkies which is a branch of the popular facebook page ‘terribly tiny tales’. the film is named ‘kheer’ after the most popular indian dessert and reports suggest that it would be around ten minutes 1st short film.:) #avalentinedayshortfilm #tomorrow #kheerisanindiansweetdish #loveyou may also likea photo posted by anupam kher (@anupampkher) on feb 12, 2017 at 2:23am pstt

ep review: drive! drive! drive! (ps4) - gameenthus

ind1fference|21m ago|review|0|ep review: drive! drive! drive! (ps4) + fun racing mechanics + multiple track racing is a welcome and challenging change + nice variety of tracks, modes and cars to unlock + did i mention the multiple track racing – ai that takes over for you can sometimes be brain dead choice provisionsdrive!drive!drive!game developergame publisherpcps4gameenthus.comread full story >>

io review: a momentous momentum | entertainment buddha

zbennett|1h ago|review|0|eb: io is not a complicated game. if anything, you (as the player) are the most complicated element in the equation as the protagonist, a wheel left to the merciless truth of physics, gravity, and momentum. iops4entertainmentbuddha.comread full story >>