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february political cartoons from the usa today network


punchlines: did james comey throw the super bowl?

the late-night comics talk about that astonishing win and halftime show.         

montini: trump fills the swamp with another billionaire

ej montini: betsy devos's qualification? writing checks.         

allhands: calm down, 287(g) isn't that bad

joanna allhands: if police perform some immigration enforcement duties, will that lead to m deportations? hardly.         

montini: a refugee's lesson for trump (and us) on being american

ej montini: i’ve heard a lot in the last week from americans who e here as immigrants or refugees.         

roberts: a(nother) subsidy for the coyotes? oh come on...

the legislature has no business subsidizing a new hockey arena for the arizona coyotes.         

mayors: obamacare repeal must also restore medicare funding

our turn: cutting medicare years ago hurt hospitals. not restoring that funding now would be disastrous.         

conspiring to stifle free speech is a crime: glenn reynolds

it is time for new laws that will make higher education leaders take the 1st amendment seriously.         

letter: defense industry isn't just about death

letter to the editor: if you use gps, like moon exploration and electric cars, that's all thanks to military technology.         

our view: how many chances does the leader of the free world get?

editorial: donald trump was sent to nix the status quo. but there are lines even his supporters know he shouldn't cross.         

roberts: sos, arizona. you're about to lose a basic constitutional right

arizona leaders don’t have much faith in you. why else would they try to nix your ability to make laws at the ballot box?         

bannon is a welcome change: opposing view

critics paint him as an intolerant boogeyman, when it’s the intolerance of sharia that concerns him.         

montini: trump’s secret to success: facts you don’t like are not facts

ej montini: did you know “denialism” is an actual word?         

roberts: gov. ducey, this is your tom brady moment

sunday’s super bowl gives me a flicker of hope for arizona’s ultimate underdogs: our kids.         

montini: speaking hate at the state capitol

ej montini: hate has always had a voice at the arizona capitol.         

letter: someone tell benson to get over it

letter to the editor: cartoonist steve benson can't let it go that donald trump won the presidency.         

montini: steph curry values free speech over $4 million in free cash

ej montini: not many athletes would do this. and not any politicians.         

montini: time for trump to do things the right way

columnist e.j. montini's grandparents e to america "the right way" and still were treated like enemy combatants. so it is with those stuck in trump's travel ban.         

ask clay: 'mexico' just sounds better than 'belly on of the moon'

if you're looking for the origins of the name 'mexico,' you'll have plenty to consider.         

letter: vouchers steal money from public schools

letter to the editor: i'm surprised it took republicans his long to introduce a bill expanding vouchers.         

former redskins istant coach aubrey pleasant to join rams coaching staff

master tesfatsion covers the washington redskins for the washington post. he previously covered the minnesota vikings for the star tribune for two seasons before joining the post in 2015. when he’s not writing or tweeting about the redskins, he loves to discuss , fashion and his alma mater – arizona state. follow @mastertes

mike lupica to blame for espn canceling ‘the sports reporters’

mike lupica is being blamed for the cancellation of “the sports reporters” after the show’s run of nearly 30 years on espn.the daily news columnist was a panelist for many years on the sunday morning show, on which he and other print reporters such as the boston globe’s bob ryan and the detroit free press’ mitch albom discussed the week’s hot-button issues in sports.when longtime host john saunders unexpectedly died at 61 in august, lupica jumped at the chance to replace him.“he was a total diva,” one insider said. “he was abusive to people, and mean to the staff.”but the biggest problem was that lupica talked too much.“when you’re a panelist, you are there to give your opinions. when you’re the host, you’re supposed to elicit other people’s opinions. he could never shut up,” said my sourc

the news of the day, in trump-friendly format

the new york times reports on a shift in how the white house national security council staff are preparing for meetings under the new president.“[w]hile mr. obama liked policy option papers that were three to six single-spaced pages, council staff members are now being told to keep papers to a single page, with lots of graphics and maps.‘the president likes maps,’ one official said.”with that in mind — and since president trump has started taking the local paper now that he lives in washington — we decided to take five news stories from monday’s washington post and present them in trump-friendly you see: the washington post wants to make sure all of our subscribers are happy, including the one who lives at 1600 pennsylvania ave. n.w.

nation split on whether trump moving ahead too quickly with plans

about half of americans think president trump is moving too fast in his aggressive overhaul of america, a new poll found. a survey by gallup found that 47% of americans said trump’s actions were “too fast,” while only 10% said they were “not fast enough.” roughly four in 10 said they approved of trump’s executive orders. the most controversial of trump’s orders was his travel ban targeting seven muslim-majority countries. the poll found that 42% approved of the ban — which is within the margin of error of his overall job approval rating of 43%.yemeni bodega owners in nyc close in protest of trump travel ban36 p os view gallery donald trump in the white house gallup also found that democrats had much harsher opinions about trump at this point of presidency compared to republicans’ opinions

tucker to washington post media reporter: 'i see you as a political hack'

tucker carlson confronted washington post media critic erik wemple over his coverage of his employer, asking "why don't you cover your own paper's shortcomings?""in case after case," carlson charged, "you’ve failed to cover your own paper running fake or misleading things."the "tucker carlson tonight" host took issue with a december story in which the post claimed that russian hackers had infiltrated the u.s. power grid via a vermont utility company. the paper later retracted that portion of the story."i wrote a very hard-hitting piece about that situation," said wemple. "you never bothered to talk to your own reporters, [who are] presumably in the same newsroom that you’re in," carlson responded. "look, the story was very critical of the washington post and i would know," said wemple, who

japan’s abe heads to washington this week bearing pledges of jobs and investment

anna fifield is the post’s bureau chief in tokyo, focusing on japan and the koreas. she previously reported for the financial times from washington dc, seoul, sydney, london and from across the middle east. follow @annafifield

desean jackson calls out redskins for forgetting him in instagram post

after tom brady and the patriots capped off the greatest comeback in super bowl history on sunday night, the redskins announced in an instagram post that the “2017 season starts now.” patriots coach bill belichick would probably argue that the redskins’ 2017 season should’ve started five weeks ago, when washington was eliminated from playoff contention, but that’s not what’s notable about the post, which caught the eye of redskins receiver desean jackson.2017 season begins now. we are all 0-0. #httra p o posted by washington redskins (@redskins) on feb 5, 2017 at 7:28pm pstnote the players featured in the image: josh norman, trent williams, kirk cousins, jordan reed and ryan kerrigan. they’re all among the redskins’ biggest stars, but one of these players is not like the others. (perhaps y

automated testing - should i offer my client free code maintenance?

i am working for a small testing consultation firm. we are trying to compete against other testing consultation companies. soon, i will finish my deployment at a client site; the nature of my work here is to deploy automated test scripts to test website. given a website will surely undergo update, so my scripts need maintenance as well. my client does not understand why scripts need maintenance, she said: "we want to run your tests for years to come." her expectation is completely unrealistic. what i have in mind is: i offer my client free code maintenance in the future. this way, we can build a good relationship with this client. but before putting my offer forward, i want to know your opinions here.

redskins add division ii coordinator james rowe as istant defensive backs coach

mike jones covers the washington redskins for the washington post. when not writing about a redskins development of some kind – which is rare – he can be found screaming and cheering at one of his kids’ softball, baseball, soccer or basketball games. follow @mikejoneswapo

more democrats are familiar with stephen bannon than charles schumer

senate minority leader charles schumer (d-n.y.), left, and white house chief strategist stephen k. bannon. (bill o’leary/the washington post; evan vucci/ap)stephen k. bannon, former head of breitbart and now senior aide to president trump — it’s been quite a year — has emerged as a favorite target of liberal frustration. bannon has been depicted as the power-behind-the-oval-office in popular and social media, the svengali driving trump’s hard-right positions on immigration and everything else.when quinnipiac university surveyed americans to gauge their opinions of public figures, then, it’s not a surprise that democrats had a broadly unfavorable view of bannon. the surprises lay elsewhere.let us begin with quinnipiac’s findings on the president himself. as elsewhere, opinions of trump’s jo

publications - will i destroy my career if i published a paper with a serious mi

i'm an undergrad and kind of new to this whole research thing. i've been doing research for the past ~9 months as a requirement to graduate with my bachelor's (there's the research track and software development track, i chose research).i was told to try and submit my paper to conferences/journals (depends on their deadlines) to see if it gets accepted. but, one thing my professor said really stressed me out. if my paper gets accepted, and people find a serious mistake in it (ones that could cause your conclusion to be wrong, etc), it would destroy my whole career before it even began.can anyone with more experience go into detail about what could really happen? assume, that the paper really gets accepted. on one hand, i'm not entirely confident of myself, and on the other, i have found a

michael flynn did talk to russia about sanctions: report

president trump’s ­now-national security adviser had a private discussion in december about lifting sanctions against russia with its amb ador to the united states, despite repeated denials that he had broached the delicate subject, it was reported thursday.before trump took office and named michael flynn to the post, the former general spoke with amb ador sergey kislyak about the sanctions imposed by barack obama because of moscow’s cyber- ing efforts to influence the us presidential election, according to the washington post.after the discussions, flynn left the russian with “the impression that the sanctions would be revisited at a later time,” the paper said.a spokesman for flynn told the washington post thursday that, although his boss had indicated having no recollection of discussin

washington, d.c., is about to break a 117-year old high temperature record

enjoying this weather? (john sonderman/flickr)washington, d.c., is on its way to another record. at 11 a.m., the temperature at national airport — d.c.’s official reporting station — was an unbelievably pleasant 67 degrees. downtown at the washington post, it was already 69 degrees.the record at national, originally set in 1900, is 68 degrees. it was tied in 2015, but has never been fully surp ed. that’ll [edit: probably] change today.feb. 8 recordswashington, d.c. — 68 degrees (1900)bwi — 70 degrees (1965)dulles airport — 70 degrees (1965)brace for a change, though. at 10 a.m. tomorrow, the temperature will have dropped 30 degrees in the d.c. metro. by friday morning, it will be 40 degrees cooler.forecast temperature change between 10 a.m. wednesday and 10 a.m. thursday. (washington post/

republicans a nce mnuchin for treasury, despite democrats’ boycott of the vote

max ehrenfreund writes for wonkblog and compiles wonkbook, a daily policy newsletter. you can subscribe here. before joining the washington post, ehrenfreund wrote for the washington monthly and the sacramento bee.

michael flynn resigns as national security adviser

philip rucker is the white house bureau chief for the washington post. he previously has covered congress, the obama white house, and the 2012 and 2016 presidential campaigns. he joined the post in 2005 as a local news reporter. follow @philiprucker

clouds, beyond control of astronomical laws, block view of eclipse

neither the expected full moon, nor the predicted lunar eclipse could readily be seen at the appointed time friday night from a prominent washington-area intersection.clouds covered the sky at 9 p.m. above 14th and k streets nw, a busy crossroads in the heart of appeared likely that many people in the washington area would be deprived o limpse of the full moon p ing into and then out of the shadow of the earth.the moon will remain close to full for a while. but it seems unlikely that it will live up to its name, the full “snow” moon. washington has seen little more than a few flakes of the tyson’s corner area someone had a similar experience to that obtainable at 14th and k streets. “be it a lunar eclipse, rare meteor shower, an extra-terrestrial fly-by, one thing is gu

defense department seeks space in trump tower

a pentagon spokesman said tuesday the defense department is looking to rent some space in trump tower for the “personnel and equipment who will support potus at this residence in the building.”lt. col. j.b. brindle told the washington post the dod is “working through appropriate channels … to acquire a limited amount of leased space in trump tower.”according to the newspaper, the space would be separate from the secret service detail that is already based at trump tower in new york city. melania trump and their son barron still call trump tower home.the possible move could raise ethical questions about a government agency paying rent to a company owned by trump. the asking price for the department’s space hasn’t been released, but renting a floor at trump tower could reportedly cost nearly

should president trump be spending weekends at mar-a-lago?

this is part of the washington post's new podcast series. episodes of “can he do that?” come out every friday. listen here.when former president george w. bush was in office, he retreated to the prairie chapel ranch in texas. john f. kennedy spent time at the kennedy compound in m achusetts during his tenure. preferring warmer weather, harry s. truman often stayed at a place that e to be known as the little white house in florida. throughout history, u.s. presidents have found ways to get away from washington — that’s nothing new.what is new, though, is scale: president trump frequents his mar-a-lago resort in florida, has a triplex penthouse in trump tower in downtown manhattan and has his last name emblazoned on dozens of properties around the world.what does it take to secure these prop

9 cooking projects that will please a crowd — or just you

super bowl and valentine’s day recipes are at their peak, but we at wapo food like to dabble in alternatives. not alternative facts, mind you, but alternatives to the chocolate-filled and football-themed. so if you couldn’t care less about the big game or you're not in the lovey-dovey mood, great! what better way to stage a culinary protest than to invest some time in a baking or cooking project from the recipe finder? the recipes aren’t complicated, but they do require time or repetitive (and hopefully, meditative) motion. and if you end up making something for a football-watching crowd or your valentine, that’s okay, too. (deb lindsey /for the washington post)old-fashioned cinnamon babka(deb lindsey/for the washington post)best-of bagels(deb lindsey/for the washington post)peppermint mar

republicans have finally fallen in love with their leaders in congress

house speaker paul d. ryan (r-wis.), left, sen. roy blunt (r-mo.), center, and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell (r-ky.). (susan walsh/ ociated press)congress, as you know, is unpopular.the country’s legislative body has done a lot to foster that attitude, of course, with cynical hypocrisies and partisan nonsense. some of our attitudes toward congress are steeped in tradition; like airline food, congress is something that we’re just supposed to dislike.but something interesting happened recently, according to new polling from cnn and its pollster, orc. congressional leaders — the faces of congress that people are more likely to know beyond their own senators and representative — are slightly more popular than they used to be. or, at least, republican ones are.job-approval ratings for